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Why so many big guys?


Damn those are nice girth gains, how long that take you?

Hey Guys,

I know this is an old thread.

But fairly new to the forum, and this very question was on my mind. I was stunned at all these 7 1/2” + non bone pressed erect starting mesurements and was even suprised to find so many 6 + “ers. This is a PE site for @#$!%^ sake!
The only reasonable starting lengths (from my perspective) I saw were from Godzilla and Big Gertha.
In fact I have not even found any in the 4 1/2” to 5 1/2”
catagory which I find suprising again for a PE site.

So let freedom ring, I will fall on my sword and tell you
my starting bpe length is ………………………………………….. ..4 1/2” !!!
Yuck ! the shame of it !
The good news is I have had some pretty dam good blow jobs in my life time because they can get it in thier mouth.

So forgive me bigger starting guys but 6” + is huge by my perspective. Obviously PE is for anyone who wants it.
No judgement here, just an observation.

It is a long hard self esteem hill to climb when every dick you see is bigger or seems bigger than yours from the Gym shower in Jr. High to when your dating other guys.

If any of you straight guys are curious and I am not a big pass around, but have probably seen more real “non-porn” dick than you. A few have been my size, most have been in the
5”-6” range and then have seen a few of the what I would call
7 1/2 ” plus gifted types.

Glad to be here, I am starting the newbie routine, keep you posted.


Yes I here you loud and clear:)

The 6+ guys around here all seem to jump at the chance to post their measurements, but the “under 6” crowd seem to just read alot while concentrating on their routine so they can also one day “jump” at the chance to post.

I would just like EVERYONE to know that this is a Forum on the internet, will will never no who you are!! Every single person on this forum would benefit tremendously if everyone would pitch in around here and post stats, answer polls, and give there own “2 cents”

I guess by the standards set here I was a big starter at 7.25 x 5.25. Never thought of it as big, never thought of it as small. Always thought I was average. After 2 kids though the guns a little loose in the holster and I am her as much for my wifes pleasure as I am mine.

Start: BPEL 7-7.25 EG 5.25 11/05/04: BPEL 7.5 EG 5.5 02/22/05: BPEL 7.75 EG 5.5 "I'm sorry, I can't, something big's come up." James Bond in Goldfinger

I feel no problems posting at this thread, starting out six weeks ago at 7.0” BPEL x 5.7” EG cylindrical. I never thought of it as very small, and none of my women have ever implied anything in that direction. Rather the contrary, judging from moans and grunts, the difficulties of giving me oral due to the fact it barely fits into her mouth, etc. I was perfectly happy with the size of the gear, with my wife as well as with previous women in my life. Yet I landed at Thundersplace, wanting to get bigger.

The problem was that me and my wife had sex far too infrequently, and I thought I had tried everything possible. By coincidence I learned that you actually can make dicks grow, and that it is not very hard for most people, just takes a lot of persistence. I thought it was worth a try to see if it changed things. It did, but the small physical improvements I achieved (mainly in erection quality) have very little to do with it. The main value of PE for me is that it brought me to Thundersplace, to get the opportunity to delve into relationship matters together with other people in similar situations. It was the conductive environment I needed to focus on the problem from different angles, and I got confident enough to try out new approaches to reach my goal: making her more interested in making love with me, enough for me to feel good. It turned out we both shared the same goal.

I can’t stop hanging around here, great bunch of people, and I can’t stop doing PE either because I found out that it actually added some spice to sex life; larger loads, more reliable and firm erection, better control. Kegels is the most important PE exercise if you ask me, I will never quit doing these even if I have to stop the growth-oriented exercises at some point. My PE goal is 8 x 6, I’m sure she would not mind but I really ought to ask her somehow.

Larger guys are more inclined to post numbers is all, simple

I believe the average pecker is prob in the 5’s

Check out the pe data chart for the real facts, (mind boggling compilation btw)

Originally Posted by rngrdick
But fairly new to the forum, and this very question was on my mind. I was stunned at all these 7 1/2” + non bone pressed erect starting mesurements and was even suprised to find so many 6 + “ers. This is a PE site for @#$!%^ sake!
The only reasonable starting lengths (from my perspective) I saw were from Godzilla and Big Gertha.
In fact I have not even found any in the 4 1/2” to 5 1/2”
catagory which I find suprising again for a PE site.

There’s a couple guys off the top of my head that I know started in the 4.5 - 5.5 range. They just tend to post more once they’re bigger.

So let freedom ring, I will fall on my sword and tell you
my starting bpe length is ………………………………………….. ..4 1/2” !!!
Yuck ! the shame of it !

Could be worse right?

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Originally Posted by jaji
Big newbies out there, please tell me why you sought out pe?

One word. Greed.

All information here is from my cow Bessy. The opinions and posts are hers and not mine. I just do the typing for her because we all know cows cant type. Fieldmouse :iws:

Logically a larger percentage of small/average size guys are going to be the ones to seek and find PE. Some bigger guys are going to also, but the percentage of big men looking for PE is bound to be much less. Once here even though the bigger guys are way outnumbered they seem more because they do tend to post while many small/average guys don’t post or don’t post much, when considering how many non big guys are here. Thunder’s had had about 27,000 members I think. There are going to be quite a few above average and big guys out of that many members. What is considered truly big varies among women. It doesn’t take but one woman to act unimpressed for some big guys or above average guys to want to be bigger. Some guys may do it for themselves, to be the best they can be.

Well this thread was originally asking about large starters motivations. My perspective it was more of a power issue, or lack of. Originally when I started getting curious about how I ranked in male society, and the issue of penis size was brought to my attention, I was left to believe that I should be content with what I have. The general concession was that there was nothing that could be done about penis size short of extreme medical procedures. My only hope was that since I was still young kid in high school my full growth potential had yet to be achieved. By the time I was 18 and not noticing any real change I forced myself to believe this is what I am left to work with for the rest of my life. The idea that an extra inch might magically appear between 18 and 21 did not see worth agonizing over.

Penis size is not like breasts size. The locker room compression of flaccid phalluses is nothing compared the constant barrage of brassier bondage bosoms on TV, movies, and your casual walk down a busy street. Women are given years to learn to accept their breasts in the reality that the real world shows them. There is not a real venue where men are displayed in their maximum arousal continuously enough to allow for reasonable comparisons. The closest scenario is that of porn, which is quite possibly a contributing factor to most men’s feelings of inadequacies. Men’s penis size is something hidden in secrecy behind indecency and shame. When ever a story about a new study redefining the spectrum of penis size come out I could treat it with the same weight that of a story about a guy humiliated by a women laughing at his penis size. Having a woman judge your manhood based on her limited sample of the population seems far from legitimate.

Being at the mercy of a biased judge for criticism or praise is was not a comforting thought for me. When I did finally stumble upon PE I was initially skeptical since I was told it was not possible, but the idea was too intriguing to let go. The idea that I could control how my entire physical appearance would be viewed was just overwhelming. Weight control through diet and exercise was obvious, along with proper grooming, hygiene, dressing, all things I had learned as to not embarrass myself with a female. With PE saying I am not limited to what my genetic role of the dice left me was empowering. PE said with time and persistence I could choose to portray myself how I wished. I was given an opportunity to gain something the world had told me I could never have. The idea that any insult that I may hear about my penis would not become a life long stigma, that I had the power change what ever physical measurement of mine that was worthy of insult. This had been true of most of my body, but now it was also true of my penis as well. Much like people who grew up poor that become successful and began living rich appreciate their lives, so do guys who make gains through PE appreciate what they’ve achieved because they know what its like to have less. Weather you’re a large starter or not having the power to ended up with more then you originally had is an appealing prospect to just about anyone.

Forgive the long winded response. It just sort of came out that way.

Great feed back and comments guys. I do agree with Yguy, it could always be worse, thank You for reminding me. I am grateful for what I have and that it works.
So onward and upward, one day at a time. My initial reaction is this really is a one day at a time program, it I start to think, am I going to do this forever, I think I would be discouraged.


the initial thread starter said “I stumbled onto pe because I was 6 by 4 3/4”

Well, that would do me fine!
I actually didnt realise just under 5 by 4 1/4 was that small. Guess its my sense of humour thats been getting me by all these years. Either that or size matters more to men than it does to women (i got a feeling its the latter)

And thats an important point, No matter how big the man I guess we always feel that we can magically turn ourselves into a love god by adding an inch or two. While im sure theres more than an element of truth in the argument, after all, we can all think of a girl who we prefered if you get my drift, im also sure that the confidence factor plays alot in it.

Knowing that you are the best you can be, and you are bigger than you were, so therefore bigger than what she could have had, must give you one hell of a boosted confidence, even if theres a long list of bigger guys out there!

Theres also, AND THIS IS A BIGGY, the fact that I think we all want to see if having a bigger one will please her more.

Lets face it, theres only one way to find out, unless you fancy calling your mates round for a party :)

thats my views anyway, im small, i want to see, if i was big id still want to see.

To jaji and Tenzing:

I’m a newbie starting here with 7 x 5,1/4 ‘; it’s big ? Not for me, because I’m a tall man and I think penis size must be proportional , relatively. The concern about penis size is universal.Every man has a life history that presents episodes of inadequateness feelings about penis size.I had a puberty retardation, natural, not bad and it caused me discomfort when note the penises of my class-fellows where ever bigger than mine. After adult and mature man, a few years ago, I came to know (by my old father) some techniques of PE. This gave me 1 inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth. I’m very happy because I supposed it was impossible ! The techniques I learned are very light in comparison with the ones I found here, so, my separation is to gain a little more, specially in girth, with Thunder’s help and yours. Life offers us surprises and compensations: if one have a retarded puberty will seems as a old man much more latter and probably will live more,if have good health. Friends: make good use of life and time, they’re precious. Thanks to all of you.

I started at big: 7.75”x6.25” (midshaft; 7” at base); that size was always nice, it never disappointed me or any girl I’ve been with, far from it usually.
I’m currently at bigger: 8.5”x6.5”; this size is even better and sometimes significantly so because of cds stimulation privileges of a long dong.

I have a new lover-girl since a couple of months back, and I’ve let her completely understand that I’m not going to hang around or sit on the phone with her each and every day (but I’ll be hers and nobody else’s as long as I’m seeing her; a promise I sincerely intend to keep, btw). I’m not in love with her, I like her but I have no intention of committing myself to a serious relationship with her. She almost craves such a relationship, so of course I need to be cautious with her, not to hurt her emotionally or anything like that.
That said, the other night, while we were screwing - right in the midst of it - she said “I want to be with you, even though you cannot give me what I need”.
It took me a second to realize exactly what she was talking about: her statement is one I might have been prepared for if I had a very small dick. Yet, I didn’t actually have to look her in the eyes to figure that she was referring to my standpoint regarding sex-friends vs a steady relationship.

With a massive 8.5, I can effortlessly play my girl like a violin. 9” will be even better for a position such as spooning (actually, according to some 9” and 10” guys here, too big may not be a real issue in that position).
I could also go on and tell you other things, like it’s a great male-ego thing to have a big dick, but although that’s very true for me, the sex rewards alone is worth the PE efforts.

That’s it, bigger is better.

Being a 20 year old virgin with no expirience with girls, I thought my 7x6 dick was average. Actually I thought it was below average from watching porn. Only when I came to this site did I know otherwise…actually I still really dont know what average is! Never-the-less, I still want larger, I mean, why not?

Stats: 5/9/05 BPL:7.1x5.8

Ultimate Goal: 8.5x6.5 (ideal)


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