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Why so many big guys?

yes im a new guy and already gained a little bit in length and girth from my starting point of 7 x 6.5 a month ago :-) . Dont you just love it?

Starting Size <======> 7.1 BP x 6.5 girth

Currently<========> 7.4 BP x 6.5 girth

Well put luvdadus and estatic. The way I see it is if everyone has an 8 X 6 (which will never happen) it will just level the playing field (in terms of dick size), and selection would be made on other things that people consider important. Like how much money you make, looks, etc. :)

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Well, I’ve only been here a couple months and I was looking because of a little inadaquecy I felt for a long time. I have never been called small or rejected because of it but I think it may of came from a time during puberty when I was smaller then the rest of the gym class as I hadn’t started developing yet. That sticks with you if you don’t hear some extreme thoughts to the positive. The cool thing for me is, I have learned and believe that I don’t need any more size, however having tried some of these “exercizes” I find them to be enjoyable and a healthy workout for me, so if I don’t gain any size here, I am OK. If I gain a little, it can’t hurt.

Now, the matter of the alpha wolf syndrone, I may have to work on that. :)

You are who you allow yourself to be.

>>helluv, She was probably trying to hurt your heart when she said that.. By the way, how much is much much bigger? Johan big? Don’t make was protest this guy to <<

She indicated 9+”. Possible, but I’m a lot more skeptical now because of the experience I just relayed.

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Re: Why so many big guys?

Originally posted by jaji
What's with all these newbies in here with already monstrous units? I can see why the veterans who are huge would still be here, but what in the world is driving some of you naturally large guys to seek out pe? I stumbled onto pe because I was 6 by 4 3/4. I'm seeing new guys post here that are 7 plus inches long with 5 1/2 plus inches of girth. My goal is your starting size. Big newbies out there, please tell me why you sought out pe?

Don’t believe everything you read Jaji.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

helluv, does she know your doing PE? If so maybe shes trying to motivate you :D .

By the way, I meant to say don’t make wadzilla protest this guy to. ***Not was protest this guy.

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>I think that unless you saw the guys dick, I would not assume that the chicks report is accurate. So often I think that chix use the spector of a past hung guy to keep you in an inferior place in the relationship.

well in my case I’m sure she wasn’t trying to hurt me, she’s a sweet japanese girl and we were at the peak of our relationship when she said it.. I think it slipped out (I actually asked her) but then when she realized I was upset she was working on damage control.

anyway she’s great she doesn’t even want me to PE it’s only really for my self esteam.. I still make her scream even with only 6” by 4.7” (screaming in pleasure not pain hehe)

Hi Jaji:

I had the same question when I came to Thunder a little over a year ago. Many of these guys were starting at a meaurement I’d set as my goal. I mean I REALLY need PE, starting out at about 4.5 x 4 BPEL/G. Shit if I was 6.5 or better I’d be spendng my time doing other things, not that I don’t like the company of thre “Guys at Thunder,” but… . Obession with the size of our cocks is as built-in biologically to men as are the size of breasts to women. True, a big pecker is very spectacular but really no more effective, except as visual stimuli. Smaller dicks work equally well in most sexual positions. Excessive preoccupation with our size is an irrational anxiety, but everyone reading this post is on this PE site for the same reason. It astounds me to read where men who are 7+ feel as tho they’re small, each of us has our own hang-up about our size, so we’re trying to do somethjg about it. Irrational anxiety, yes, but my small size is very real to me and there’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I wish I were an inch bigger, but when that happends, I’ll want to be two inches bigger and so on. I’d be totally satisfied with 7 x 6



Originally posted by Glenn Delta

… I'd be totally satisfied with 7 x 6


I really hope you make it. You deserve it.


I felt small, I still do.
7,9inch bp at the start 8bp now.

If I get it to 9 then I maybe can chill, little.

Looking to be a kiwi.

Kaunua, why did you feel small? What is your story?

TGC Theory | Who Says The Penis Isn't a Muscle?

"To leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived is to succeed." - Emerson

I think is quite simple really. Everybody wants more.

- rw

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I think I have a big fixation and it may cause me to always not feel big enough. When I ate lunch today there was this black woman eating with 3 other white women and they appeared to probably be co-workers. The black woman had on jeans and her thighs and ass were kick ass big. There were pretty women in the place that I had noticed how attractive they were. But when this woman with the jeans on walked in with her co workers I forgot about all the others. You should have seen her build, it was super thick and strong looking and she had an air about her that she knew it.

I in no way thought I could handle her in bed—I always have the impression a super big build like that requires a lot. Still though, I’ve had a good hang going on today(about 5 1/2 maybe), so when I stood up to leave I looked to see if she was looking and she was. Made my day.

I’m seeing a lot of comments about 8x6 being the “perfect size,” though I have also seen other threads that have tried to steer this number to 9x7. And, to be honest, I’m perplexed why 9x7 is not the ideal (even though I don’t have that, but let me explain).

Consider the following:

1) The average woman can accommodate a 9” penis if fully aroused. That is, some may be able to comfortably accommodate say a 10” penis, but these women would clearly not be in the norm (and I’m sure we’ve all seen polls indicating that women enjoying 10” seem to be in the minority).

2) Also consider that for a woman to experience a uterine orgasm, the penis needs to be large per se (i.e. not necessarily 9”), but there is something about that extra inch or two which sends them to the moon, because a man with a 9” does not have to worry about positioning as much. That is, he can concentrate more on getting that penis past the cervix, creating that pleasure pocket at the bottom, and thereby not have to worry as much about bruising the cervix. Albeit, he still needs to be careful, of course, depending upon the woman, but once again I am talking about averages.

3) Consider that all of us are going to be less hard at times during intercourse, particularly during the more gentle lovemaking sessions such as spooning. It seems to me a man with a little bit extra, so to speak, would not have to worry as much about being so rock hard in order to perform, and simply put, not fall or be pushed out (which is definitely more a concern in certain positions like spooning).

4) As well, a man with a 9” penis, from what I understand, optimizes the clitorial and bottoming out of the pussy magical combination more consistently.

5) As a final point, what happens when the woman you are with has a baby? After her pregnancy, from what I understand, she will appreciate you having something extra because that vagina has now been enlarged. Furthermore, there is something very sensual and spiritually integrative about her being reminded of giving birth by a very large cock filling her vagina.

Admittedly, I am biased based upon my own experiences, i.e. it is clear the woman I am with now prefers a 9” penis, but it never ceases to perplex me why 8x6 is considered ideal considering all the information out there about female anatomy and the results of polls of what women prefer.

And, no I don’t have 9” cock, but that is my goal.

Start: 7.5 x 6 BPL; Current: 8.75 x 6.5 BPL; Goal: 10.5 x 7 BPL; Why we do it: "After half an hour of foreplay I was ready and although it was initially hard to get in, once it was fully in, I allowed it to rest there for a few minutes and allow my vaginal canal to relax more. The following sex was amazing, . . . it made me have multiple orgasms for about 40 mins. . . . How naive [I had been]. . . . size is everything."

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When I first joined Thunder’s I thought 8 x 6 was the magic number also. I still think that size is excellent and will rock a lot of women’s world, but I now think 6.5 G and 9 L will cover more bases and even better. There may be some women who can’t deal well with this size, but on the other hand the extra sensation for those that can take it(which should be most women) should be astounding. I can understand instances where a guy is already with a girlfriend/wife and they determine he shouldn’t become that big. Otherwise, go for it is the way I feel about it.

Oral from a woman may become a problem but that is a distant second from intercourse to me anyway.

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