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Why do so few people know about PE??

Originally Posted by eidish
Oh it´s Okay! I´ve seen the movie, a damn good one.

But we should realize that some day PE will reach out to all people. Hmm hope not.. but as I´ve read it seems like the members on this board are increasing really fast. Is there a way to stop the spreading? No, I don´t think so.

PE assassination squads.

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Personally, I think pragmatic PE is hard to find and I tend to like it that way. Who the hell wants the competition? I know I would prefer to keep the masses ignorant of PE so I come out on top (hehe) the majority of the time. The people that really want it will find it (which probably isn’t as many as you think); simple as that.

I found my way here and I’m staying. That’s all that matters to me.

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Originally Posted by Tom Foolery
PE assassination squads.

haha… good idea ;)

Bough of Flesh said it best. I mean who REALLY REALLY wants a big dick? I mean most people that even find this site are very skeptical, quit, give up, or think its a crock and we all secretly are pushing products.

Look at the member count, it’s very very small…and we have members all accross the globe.

IMHO, you have nothing worry about. I told my best friend about PE…hell I even help him buy a hanger and it collects dust…

The analogy I use is the gym. Everyone has access to a gym membership. Million of people work out each week. But how many people do you actually see in the gym with a nice physique? That are lean and muscular? One you would admire? Or how many are even strong?? Very very few…

More PE Club:
Tyler Girthen:
“We are all raised to believe that we would always be average with 6 inch dicks and 5 inch girths….but we won’t”….

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Most guys simply dont have the discipline to endure the time and effort necessary for any substantial gain. Just as BBS cited, here, in the gym, on the martial arts floor, everywhere.

Everyone wants a quick fix, I’ll just take this pill and bingo, I’m hung.

It’s the guys that quietly plod along in some Zen state,
day after day,
month after month,
year after year.

These are the one’s that realize their goals.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

This is the same as “speedsuduction” if all knew it, then it would’nt be to any use for you…

Therefor its a secret to even close friends, okey so “speedsuduction” is more secret.

But still it is the same principle.

Eidish—why do you seem so enthusiastic about increasing our competition? Its times like this that I’m glad the average guy out there is not resourceful enough to research any subjects that give him reason to doubt and choose not to try for fear of being ridiculed. Guys like that seem to have greater faith in the media or what the medical community at large is saying. Its great that you are not one of those guys and you made it here to Thunders but what I do know is that there are others like you and PE’rs can be basically broken down in to three categories.

1) Those that know it works, cannot contain their excitement and want to spread the word and tell the whole world.

2) Those that know it works but prefer to keep it as secret as possible and share the excitement and advancements only among those who already belong to the club.

3) Those that are still trying to figure out if it works or not and don’t know whether or not they should be excited even though they have actually hit the motherlode of PE! One day, these PE’rs will exclaim EUREKA!!! and then they will proceed to fall into one of the above two categories.

I guess you know already know where I stand. :) Can I convince you to come over to my side? :)

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I’m just glad that it is an elite group, otherwise, everyone would have a big one!

Recurring topics, these. My thoughts on them continue to evolve. Let me echo a few points:

1. Few guys care *that* much about their dick size, unless it’s truly small and has been a problem with women/men. I don’t think any of us would mind those guys PEing up to “adequate” size.

2. Really BIG gains in PE (e.g., going from average to 8x6) require a *lot* of time, effort, and, most important, consistency — more so than building a great physique, for the genetically average Joe.

3. Therefore, even if PE wisdom were widely disseminated, I believe that maybe 10% of the male population, tops, would ever put in sufficient effort to make substantial gains. I suspect that these guys would tend to be bodybuilders with small to average penises. These are the guys who would have the requisite desire (#1 above) and self-efficacy (#2). The overall effect of widespread PE knowledge might be to help fulfill the old stereotype that buff dudes have monster cocks.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve at least heard about PE. I’m sure anybody with an email account has at least looked into one site that promotes it.

As it’s been said in this thread a few times, there’s a difference in knowing about and actually taking the time and effort for it to show any results. Most people don’t want to do it. Just think of how many exercise machines that are sitting in people’s houses being used as towel racks.

For every hard working successful PEer, how many quitters are there?

Of all the successful PEers, how many spread the word? I don’t. And if I did, how many would disregard my claims as phony and only see me a pathetic attention seeker?
Of all the quitters, how many go away bad mouthing it or at least agree that everybody knows PE doesn’t work?
Out of everybody who knows PE doesn’t work, how many will believe the quitter’s word and how many will believe the gainer’s? What do the PhD’s tell you about PE? :sheepdo:

I was on the fence over whether I wanted to break the fightclub rule or not and decided against doing so. I figure if you can’t be bothered to search and find out, then you can’t find the gusto to pull it off anyway.

At the end of the day, everybody knows about PE and everybody knows it doesn’t work. What else do you want to know? ;)

Originally Posted by helluvastud
unless it’s truly small and has been a problem with women/men. I don’t think any of us would mind those guys PEing up to “adequate” size.

Thats me. Fighting my way to low average :)


BigBlack Stick makes a good point. How many people who join a gym or buy an exercise machine actually follow through and use them on a regular basis? We live in such a “quick fix” world. Most people would approach PE the same way they do their overall physical health. I’m a lap swimmer. I love the fact that the club pool is usually empty or half-empty when I arrive. I think I’d be really pissed off if every member took their swimming as seriously as I do. PE is no different.


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Thanx for all the good replies folks!! You´ve made me thought different about this. Don´t think that I have to worry anymore about every man getting a huge dick.

peace out/eidish

No matter how many people learn about PE, the most dedicated will always come out on top. Just like in any other situation in life.

Pretty soon everyone will know of PE, and only the most dedicated will have the monsterous cocks. Or the people who care the most about growing their Penis’.

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