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Why do so few people know about PE??


I disagree with your take on what women would choose. I don’t think penis size is that big a contributing factor for most women. Not to the degree you seem to imply by your examples.

If you had said good job,funny,great personality,intelligent,good guy (treats her well) etc etc I would agree.

I do work out, and am not small penis size wise (everyone wants to be bigger, but not because I think it will get me laid more).

But in my own experience I find the things that help me with women would go in the following order. Tall (I’m 6.5ft),good personality (fun and easy going),good career,good body and then a few spaces down maybe being a bit bigger than the average (and even that I can’t really say for certain).


I wouldn’t be caught dead in “decent” trunks. They fill with air, blow up like a balloon, slow down your speed and drag you to the bottom. So I wear speedos—always have. Why not? My bulge shrinks in the cold water, anyway. The female lifeguards are always giving it a glance, though. I lOVE IT!! He, he, he.


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A few surveys have been posted supporting what supersizeit said. I was just listening to a radio show and these women were giving points for things like personality and being funny and both them and looks got two points and so did penis size but than girls starting calling in and wanting to give penis size 5 points so it’s important to a lot of chicks a lot more than we would like to think.

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Without seeing the surveys, or the methods used, it is difficult to comment.

If “call ins” were the basis of your conclusion then I’d reconsider if I were you. People call in for shock value, and they get put at the front of callers for precisely that reason. The listeners or viewers don’t want to hear about “Give 2 points if the go to church, or 2 points if they read a lot”

I think short guys are actually screwed, that’s been demonstrated over and over again in serious studies. They might have something to complain about. But you know what, all the ones I know are married or in a relationship. My cousin is 5.4ft and his wife is gorgeous,small but gorgeous:) So at some point you have to ask yourself who cares.

So if I’m in a stadium filled with 100,000 attractive women maybe only 10,000 instead of 20,000 might be interested in me particularly. I doubt I’d get through the first 1,000, never mind the next 19,000:) Some of this is just ego with no practical effect on our lives.

I haven’t spoken about it with any of my mates because they would probably think I was a weirdo or something. They’d probably be sceptical too, saying the same things as Pedrobilau’s friend! But I am glad that no one else in my group of friends knows about it (or at least I doubt they know or think it works) because that means I can safely assume that when I am 8” long I’ll probably be bigger than all of them. Its similar to knowing that I’m the only one (with possibly one other) of my group of about 10 “main” friends who is circumcised. I’m from the UK where it used to be something like 15-20% rate, probably a lot less now. I guess I just like to be different, but its fun to think that one day, being a student, something will happen where I or most of my friends will be in a naked situation and they’ll be in awe of my 8” (or 9” maybe ;) ) circumcised cock, thinking its naturally that big! :eek:

But if I heard any of them complain about their penis’ sizes then I might be generous and give them some jelqing advice, or introduce them to Thunders! :up:

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I agree that people will believe you to be a kook if you told them about it. These same people are possibly so insecure themselves. Pe is like a Zen path that one must find and accept for themselves like martial arts or fitness. Also I believe people in general are procrastinators and quitters. Getting onto the ball is a hard thing for most.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Jersey and others,

I can hear what you are saying to some degree but be sure that you are not in any kind of self denial. Lets set aside surveys and polls for a moment because there is always someone who will try to invalidate their accuracy.

I can only speak for myself here but others may step forward after reading this. Please bear in mind that guys who are about average may never get the chance to hear the true perspectives about size from woman that want more than average and like wise…

Guys who are less than 8 may never hear the true perspectives on size from women that want more than 8 and so forth and so on. (if you know what I mean), i.e., You wont hear those female perspectives unless a woman knows its safe to make them otherwise she will keep them to herself.

An example of this is this gorgeous 47 year old women I dated who had been a former Rock n Roll singer for many years. She loved sex and when I finally saw her feet—I said what a relief that your feet are pretty!!! and when she finally felt my hard-on (she was sitting on my lap)—she breathed a sigh of relief—and said what a relief that your cock is big!!! She then proceeded to tell me stories of men she dated before and about their sizes. Why was she doing this???— because she would felt that she could mock all the others without offending me.

After-all I was big…right?

She went on with her stories and laughing even though some of her ex’s were about average size (as she measured with her hands and fingers to illustrate )

She laughed and joked about guys with smaller ones and I have to admit that her insensitivity disturbed me some. (never mind that I am big) She said whats wrong? ( I had this serious look on my face) and it was then that I decided to tell her that what she laughs about its not really a laughing matter. She said what do you mean? I then figured I had nothing to lose because she wants me so I told her about being a Senior member on Thunders and explained to her that what you take so lightly is a subject that most men take very seriously. Some men don’t know there is a solution so they justify their situations and try to minimize its impact in their lives and just try to go on and forget. I further explained to her that some men are badly traumatized by the kind of joking and comments you make and some are so depressed that they even want to commit suicide or at least are on some kind anti-depressant drugs, therapy (Thunders) or turn to alcohol. Some of these men are so desperate that they will go to extraordinary lengths to gain a 1/4, a 1/2, an inch or more.

Now one can easily label her a size queen and maybe even further justify it by saying…

“Well Supersizeit, thats just the opinion of one women”

However the dark truth is that I have discovered many women actually feel this way. I’m positively sure that there are men on this forum that can back me and tell you about comments that they would have never heard from their wives or girlfriends until they actually became big and then the wife or girlfriend became bold enough to tell him what she really thinks about size because she felt empowered to do so by his size. Only then, does she feel that it was safe to speak about the topic.

In some cases the wife or girlfriend has only one or few men in her life and never even realized how important size actually was until her boyfriend became big or she has a sexual experience with someone that was bigger and then realized how sexually satisfying it was to her. Sometimes it can mean the end of the relationship because (lets not kid ourselves here)—- Sex is important for men and women.

Its disturbing but hey— this is life and thats why we all are fortunate enough to have found our way here. We have the solution to the problem that many men only wish they had. We must count our blessings that we have the knowledge to change things that many men think is unchangeable without risky surgery but just remember that nothing comes to those who don’t want to work hard for it and those who only look for excuses.
By virtue of the fact that you are here—I assume that you are looking for change and so I encourage you to educate yourself and find what works for you.


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You and I are pretty close (7 1/8 x 6 5/8 mid shaft NBP) and so I’ve heard some of the same comments and reactions from some women. I’ve also heard a few , very few, who claim to need it really big.

But I think it’s like a guy who has a physical preference on a girl. You may like a particular thing more than others, but rarely does it become the end all and be all. More rarely still are you willing to forget about the more important things just for that one thing.

I have always been friendly with a lot of girls, talk socialize etc. The crap they bitch about is never “he was small,even when it was the case). With girls its most always he’s neglectful,selfish,unmotivated,doesn’t pay attention/respect me,always out with his friends etc etc etc. That’s what kills most relationships. I have never heard I broke up with him because of size. Even when they complain about sex, and they often do, its generally something else (no foreplay,too quick,too insensitive,expects me to go on the drop of a dime, treats me like an object etc etc).

I just think that while there are some women who may be obsessed, its far fewer than you imagine. I also think that while other women may have a preference for larger, they would not give up the rest just for that.

Hell, I’m sure most women would prefer tall,athletic men with all their hair:) How many are actually dating them? Are all the rest resigned to a life of misery?

PE is mainly unknown not because guys don’t want it, or that it’s something lots of people want kept a secret (except for some very vindictive women)…but because here in America (and in many places around the world), sex is something that is supposed to be “dirty” (or at least thought of that way), and therefore even talking about sex at all is something that makes people laugh or think that it’s only something that can be taken in a dirty sort of way…now imagine trying to tell these same people, the majority of the population, the immature peoples that can’t even think about a penis without thinking “dirty”, that they should be pulling on it for 30 minutes out of the day to lengthen it. It’s hard enough to get people to even take talking about sex seriously, so I think everyone can understand why the media won’t even begin to touch PE. Hell, it might be the pundits who are laughing so hard about it they can’t even bring themselves to talk about it.

People just don’t take it seriously, because they don’t believe it is real…and furthermore, most people really don’t want to believe in it. They don’t want to put in the time and effort to better themselves…just like they don’t want to put in the time and effort to lose 100 lbs., or go to college and get somewhere in life, or get married and have a family, or any of the other responsible things that only the top 20% of the population does at all.

Anyway, I’m on plenty of messageboards and every time I hear someone make comments about their dicks and how big/small they are, I always refer them to this page and then to Thundersplace…that way, they get a true idea of what their dicks are really like. If they still act like idiots after looking at those sites, then to hell with them, they’re too immature and irresponsible to take on something as big and life-changing as PE.

I have got remarks like I knew you would be big and my ex husband was half your size and I never had one this big to play with and my favorite was wow your blessed. The last girl I was active with told me on our first date after drinking several Cosmo’s that she needed a guy with a big one and one of the reasons she went out with me was that I was Italian and in past experiences Italians had big ones. I’m sure that many girls don’t care but I think most do to some level or another some much more than others. I think it’s fair to say guys want a tight pussy and chicks want a guy who can fill them up.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


I understand that size is not the end all and be all. That goes without saying and we also know that different women will place varying degrees of value on penis size with respect to other non-penis issues in a man. Surely you don’t think that I think these other factors don’t carry any weight in a woman’s mind.

However since we are on a PE forum… I will tend to speak in terms of size and/or its lack there of and its weight in a relationship.

To be able to reach definitive conclusions on this subject in any real true and fair way would require all men to be equal in all other areas such as looks, intelligence, personality, money, loyalty and so forth and so on, therefore we can only derive conclusions from a theoretical stand point of view because rarely (if at all) are a sampling of men equal in all other areas (if they are the same size.) We can also derive conclusions based on the aggregate response of men on this forum and their experiences with women. Granted that when a woman makes her decision—it will always be a complex combination of many factors. For purposes of size discussion— my assumptions are always that all other areas were equal otherwise we can go in circles forever because someone will always say…

Well, what about money? and what about personality? sexual technique? and so forth and so on.


If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


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My experiences with and around women throughout the years tells me that bigger matters to most women , but it only matters a lot to a small portion of these women. And then there are a fair portion of women who prefer average size. Diamond has said that it matters to women, but just not as much as we men think it does. She also has said that among the women that say size doesn’t matter, some of these women just haven’t yet had a big man that knew how to use it.

Concerning other factors that women look for in a man, I started a tread recently with that in mind. I asked if size matters more in one night stands where some factors of a relationship won’t come into play. It makes sense that if some factors, that an individual woman might consider more important than size are not in the picture, then size moves up the ladder. Probably why when around a group of married women there just doesn’t seem to be as much watching men’s crouches as when in a bar where more single women are. Eyes zoom down on men quite often when in a bar environment.

I want to add that if I were big I could trust my views better because, as supersizeit pointed out, women will open up to a bigger guy more -no pun intended :) . Naturally, women that do care are going to try and not hurt other guys’ feelings (at least not until an ugly breakup and then the floodgates open up.)


Bro I can’t tell you how many times I catch married women crotch watching. What started me on PE in the first place which I said in another thread is one night my ex wife and her girlfriends were over our house and I had made them some blender drinks and they were a little buzzed. Now these were very attractive women all but one was married with children. Not wanting to be around chatting women I went on the computer in the other room and closed the door except for a crack and was playing a computer game or something and than I heard a ton of laughing and giggling coming from the living room and I started to listen the girls were talking about dick size and that bigger was bigger they were talking about movie stars and rock stars and who had big ones. And than one of the chicks comes out of the bathroom with this can of shaving cream that is sort of dildo shaped and they all agree that this is the perfect size, it was about 8nbp and 6.5 around. I remember thinking the whole time I hope my wife don’t say anything bad about my size and she didn’t but she sure said enough to her girlfriends about that she would love a big one. So what it comes down to is that no decent women is going to leave a boyfriend or husband over dick size but the truth be told they do wish you were bigger. The next day I was searching the Internet for way to make myself bigger.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Supersizeit and been there,

I only comment because I think it would be a shame, and an extreme disservice to themselves, for guys reading this thread to believe that size is the end all,be all, or even of equal relative importance to many other factors.

Frankly, odd as it is to say here, many of the guys are way too obsessed with size. It’s unhealthy to make any one thing that important, especially when it so distorts reality.

I notice the same thing at the gym. Guys are way too hard on themselves and perhaps concentrate a bit more on the total package than just one aspect.

Intelligence for example. If I had to pick a factor, besides money, that women can’t stand in a lot of guys its stupidity. It’s hard to respect or admire someone you think is dumb. But how many of the guys are bothering to pick up a book every once in a while:)

Life is never as simple as that one thing


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