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Why do so few people know about PE??

I beg to differ. Don’t you know that millions of Arab men - especially living in the Sudan - have passed down these ancient secrets, enabling so many of them to develop 12-18” penii?

Some even have a royal train of maidens, following in tow, carrying their enormous anaconda-like members. Over many years, the length of their ancient-Sudanese-Arab-jelqed members can exceed that of their height.

Well as a fairly ‘newbie’ here I haven’t had time to sort out any gains yet. But I have a lot of faith in what I hope I shall achieve.

On the point of telling others, In the Gym I go to there are several who probably would want to have the information on this site, but How can I tell them? To open up a conversation on the subject would probably cause them acute embarrassment and would offend them. To tell them I was jelqing, I would have to explain it! So how do you explain jelqing to someone in public - or even worse, in private?!!

Perhaps the only way is to make a joke of it, telling them I was surfing and came across this site etc. etc. laughing merrily the while.
Perhaps Not!

On a slightly different topic My web provider has a men’s room. One of the rooms has been entirely taken over by women whose conversations is all about mens size and what they want. ‘Filled out’ seems to be the favourite with of course length the second.

‘Keep right on to the end of the road!!


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