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Why do so few people know about PE??

Another factor to throw into the argument is rigidity when erect. My wife greatly appreciated the increase in “hardness” after jelqing improved it. Similar to a man’s appreciation of a drippy wet pussy!

I do agree with much you say. You point out the big picture, and there’s no doubt you speak wise words; but since this is a PE forum naturally we are going to analyze just where size places in the picture. I think women tend to simply blend factors together into one mental blend on the right side of their brain, while men tend to rank the factors on the left side.. However, as Dino points out, when women do think on their left side they do usually point blank say size matters. I’ve got good hearing and have also overheard women that didn’t realise they were being listened to. It can hurt to hear them.

Oh, I wasn’t saying married women don’t look , just it seems to me that when around them they don’t zoom in quite as often. :)

HI guys, this is my first post. In my own experiences I have found that it is ME thats most worried about my dick size, not my girl friends, I know I’m well below average (12cm on a good day) whatever that is in inches and i know deep down they wish that i was bigger, but I also know that its no where near as important to them as it is to me. Why? because they all love having sex with me, most time i don’t even have to initiate it, even my disgrace of a penis can give them multiple orgasms, and lastly they all want to be with me forever and its only ever me that has to break up a relationship after its been too long for me (2 yrs). Man I know I have a tiny cock, but if it was really that important to them I’m sure things wouldn’t have turn out the way it has for me. The people who are most concerned with size are us guys, for me it has been the result of me rejecting plenty of one night stands at clubs and uni for the fear of them laughing at my dick as soon as i drop my pants, totally petrified at the idea of showing a stranger (female) my dick, or even my male friends. I’ve lost count how many times I couldn’t get it up when I’m in bed with a women that I’m not close to, all I can think about is what she thinks about my small dick, is she going to burst out laughing any time soon? It plays a big big part in a man’s confidence and the way he sees himself, but i really don’t think dick size matters to girls any where near as bad as it has effected me and my life. For them I think its something much less important. I think they would be quite shocked it they knew there are so many guys in so many forums writing about dick size and PE.

Thank the LORD i have found this site, hopefully with your help I can live life without all those fears.

Welcome to the forum Centerpoint,

Great first post. Its informative and its a situation that is not uncommon for many here but it takes someone with great courage to speak up and share your situation to a forum of other men and it seems you spoke from the heart. In that post you have re-affirmed where you are and where you plan on going and thats a very important step for any PE’er thats starting out. Please know that you have our support and we are behind you 100% in reaching your goals but the rest will be up to you. Learn as much as you can and find what works for you. 12 cm is equal to about 4.729 inches. I believe Y Guy (A Moderator) started at about your size and is now somewhere in the 8 + range—so don’t despair—he is an inspiration to many of the guys (small, average and big) so…

If there is a will there is a way. There are great examples of success on this forum and we all learn from that. PE is a journey but it is not just a journey of trying to reach a physical dimension but it is one of personal growth and conviction. As long as you are here at Thunders—-you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your journey. You have an excellent attitude and with a little focus and commitment— that will take you a long way in life—not just in PE but in all other areas in life. I don’t have the perspective of having started out below 5 but I have to say that I admire you and respect you for taking up PE as a challenge to yourself and being proactive about a solution to your problem. Its been my observation in the 1 + year that I have been on this forum that the smaller guys have the incentive to grow faster and that they therefore— usually do!!! Once again- its great to have you on board and we look forward to assisting you in your goals.


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Welcome to Thunder’s centerpoint. I don’t know how much about PE you know but the main thing is to learn it well before starting, be patient and never forget to be careful. The newbie basic PE exercises are important to start with. Starting too advanced will increase the chance of injury.

I hear what you’re saying about battling with yourself over your fears. I can remember a point in my life where I convinced myself that every woman preferred a monster dick and that they all looked down on less. It consumed my thoughts for a brief period of time ,and since this occurred way back in my party days, when drinking I would become very down about it. During this time , if I overheard a woman say something positive about a hung guy, it was complete proof to me that I had it all figured out. I slowly reasoned myself out of this frame of mind, and developed a considerably healthier attitude and more reasonable understanding of women’s needs. From the viewpoint of the women here at Thunder’s, I still overrate size somewhat perhaps in certain instances.

Getting back on thread track, concerning why so few people know about PE—-I was brainwashed by the mainstream public view that nothing can be done to increase size. I just happen to stumble across jelqing and then this place because thankfully there was still some part of my mind still open about it.I’ve always been an open minded person, yet my open mindness concerning ithe possibility of increasing size was almost nonexistent. The so called sex authorities—-doctors, and advice columns are the main cause for people not seeking any further for information. Afterall, they are the “experts”. They not only say there isn’t a way to increase size (except they do mention surgery and then rightfully so point out the documented problems involved with it), they then back it up by saying size doesn’t matter ever and that 3 inches is plenty for almost all women.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing some of yourself. Set some short and long term goals read and ask questions. You might want to do a search for posts from yguy they should really motivate you he has his story posted some where.

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Originally Posted by horsehung
Nothing in my life that I’ve truly valued has come easyl—at least that I’ve had to work for. I went to the gym tonight to swim my mile. The pool was empty. There were a half dozen men ten to twenty years my junior sitting in the whirlpool, sauna, or steamroom, “getting fit.” They were huffing and puffing away. I have the same waist line I did when I was in my mid-twenties.

I’m with you, HH. My thread on sweating was inspired by well, my efforts at the gym. I don’t thumb through a magazine or daydream. On the aerobic training I dig in and give it every thing I’ve got until I feel like I’m going to puke, and when I lift my weights, it’s slow, controlled, and at max effort. I want results. I don’t have the time to fuck around dawdling at it.

When I sit in the sauna or steam room, I use that time to stretch my regular muscles. I work up quite a sweat just by the combined heat and effort. Very refreshing.

I’ve gotten my waistline back to where I was in my early 20’s as well. Even though I smoke, I can out-wind guys 10 years younger than me on a bike ride.

For the first time in my life, I’m setting goals and focusing on them. I’m confident that the determination to get back in shape will carry over well into my PE. I’m feeling better about it already.

I also pay attention to the trends. The guys at the gym for the next couple of months trying to look good for the barbecue, and then as soon as they break out the fall jackets, it’s back to the chips and couch. What a pity.

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Centerpoint, I know exactly what you’re going through. Numerous times I would avoid being alone with a girl, because of my dick size. I’m pretty sure my high school years would have been alot different if I had the size I have now, back then.

There was one time back in high school, I was taking a computer class, sitting next to this girl. She looked pretty cute too. Some guy come up behind her during class and hit on her while I was sitting there. She had turned him down, and sent him away. She turned to me, and made a comment “I wouldn’t mind being alone with you though.” Referring to the sexual comment the other guy had previously said. I heard exactly what she said, but I pretended I didn’t hear her correctly “What was that?” I said. Feeling embarrassed for throwing herself out there towards me, she said “nevermind”. The topic changed, with me knowing exactly what she said the first time, but staying quiet about it, because I had a fear of being alone with this girl or with any girl for that matter. Many, many opportunities missed like this, because of penis size.

I had a certain confidence about me. I felt alot of the girls liked me, but once it came to being alone/intimate with a girl, I would shy away from it. All because I was worried about my size, my reputation, and my self esteem.

The great thing about it, is that you can change what you have if you really want to. You may have to make some sacrifices to make it work. Pe is not easy, especially with being consistent, but it just depends how bad you want it. The last 4 years of PE has defined how I am now. Socially, intimately, and especially physically, its made positive changes in how I interact with other people, and how I feel about myself. Maybe I wouldn’t have the gf that I have now if I never found PE? Who knows.

Well you’re in the right place. The support here is awesome. Good luck with your PE efforts, and we’re here to help.

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I wish I had your courage centerpoint

Hey all, it won’t let me create a new thread for some reason, so PLEASE forgive me for posting this here, just want a reply and we can get back on topic, thanks very much.

Well, I have been doing PE for just over a year but have been on a break for about 2 months, I stopped cos I started to feel a hard bonelike feeling in my penis, mainly just below the head, but the rest of it by the base is still A LOT harder than normal, its NOT hard in a pleasent more erect way, it has always been more erect than most guys can get, it is almost verticle. It’s just that now it feels VERY uncomfortable to grip when masturbating, and there is no pain whatsoever when I ejaculate or after I ejaculate, But if I try to masturbate again on the same day there is a very blatent ache near the head of my penis and it forces me to stop touching. I just need to know urgently if this will be the same for the rest of my life? It happened after PE, and I have had it for 2 or 3 months, will it get better after a long time? Thank you so much in advance for all replies!

Wow, this thread is amazing, everyone’s thoughts on how important penis size is to the average woman has been very informative.

My 2 cents would be along the lines of what many have already stated, no decent woman would dump a guy for being too small but almost every woman given the option would want to add another 2” x 1” to their man’s unit if he’s sporting the standard issue 6 x 5.

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I for one hope that PE remains a secret as possible. I have struggled and strained just get an “average” sized trouser trout. If everyone was into PE then I’d be small again. No fair!

GEE! IS THAT ALL?? :) After seeing my size in inches, I have to admit I think i liked it a tad bit better in cm, and it seems the journey is going to be…very long. But I’m not afraid, why? Because I want it, I need it, not for the women but for myself, I don’t want to be the small guy anymore, I want to be the AVERAGE guy! (I am realistic). I know I will do whatever it takes to succeed on the journey of PE. If it is physically possible then the results are mine. The only thing that was stopping me was that I never knew PE without surgery was possible. You guys have given me a map, and its up to me now to make my journey. Thank you for your replies, the support here IS awesome, from what I have seen, I can’t think of a better bunch to share this journey with. For you guys that didn’t have to start out below 5, please go thank your parents and say your prayers now! For you PE maybe a hobby, it may be to impress others or for self satisfaction. But for me it is a life and death situation, PE is a NEED, a MUST, it could change my whole life. YGuy should understand what I mean, it seems we are (were) of similar circumstances.

The night I stumbled onto this forum I stayed up reading it for 6 hours straight and couldn’t wake up next day to go to uni. You never know, that night may be one of the most important nights of my life yet! Thank you everyone for your support, I’m going to need it, just the LOT theory has got me all boggled up, but there is hope, when I have an erection it points to the sky, apparently thats a good thing :) You guys have been great, and its cool to know I’m not alone. Keep up the great work!

Same here, when I relized this whole PE thing was legit I probably spent 6 hours reading over and trying to absorb all the information here. I can’t remember who said it but it really applied/applies to me, that I wake up every day thinking “Today I have another chance to make my dick bigger.”

Start Date - March 15, 2004 BPEL: 6.0" EG (midshaft): 5.0" EG (bottomshaft): 5.5" FL: 3.0" x 3.5"

Go for it and get your gains mate!! Good luck on your PE journey!

I think in the last 6 months I spent more time here reading threads than i spent time reading books in my whole life.I am still reading about an hour every day. Just can not stop to search for more information.


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