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what pain or injuries do you guys PE with

what pain or injuries do you guys PE with

I just read a post that DLD wrote explaining how he injured himself streching so bad one time that he actually ripped the skin under his head (OUCH!).

my question is that maybe im just a baby when it comes to my little aching feeling that i get under the head (which im hoping is just an over stressed tissue and not nerve damage, cause it is alittle cronic:( )

so do you guys PE with pain at all? and ignore shooting pain because maybe its not that bad and hoping it will go away soon which it usually does?

with my mild shooting pain that i get under the head of my penis, im just doing mild jelqs (60-70% erect) and staying away from the erect jelqing for awhile which does not help.

You didnt mention it, but I PE with red spots. In fact, on one occasion that I remember I started a jelq session and instantly had hundreds of red spots. I was like “oh no” maybe I should stop. But I decided to continue and by the time my PE session was over, all most all of the dots were gone.

Hope this helps a little.



No one should PE with pain really, because pain is like a warning of injury and stuff. If its just a bit of discomfort or soreness I can put up with it, but not full on pain.

How long have you been doing PE for? Was it jelqing that caused it?

If your new to it then it might take a while for you to adapt to the stress, the longer you have been PE’ing for the tougher your tissues are and the more ‘punishment’ (up to a point) they can take before injury. If you are new then I might wait on the erect jelqing for a while.

Good Luck

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