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The safest PE exercises and possible injuries.

The safest PE exercises and possible injuries.

Hi again guys. I apologize about the new thread, but I wanted it to be in a separate thread, because it will definitely be interesting for other new members.

I’ve been lurking the forum for some months now, and I’ve noticed that from time to time there are injuries, some of them extremely severe, other - not so. The thing is that most of the injured aren’t 100% sure what caused the injury.
What do you guys think of making a short chart of PE exercises and the level of risk there is of causing an injury or even ED ?
For example, I’ve recently read that streching can cause the flaccid hard problem and (hardcore) jelqing can cause a venos leak. The flaccid hard problem doesn’t seem to be that common, and is linked as well to some hormone imbalance. The venous leakage isn’t common as well, but what’s sure is that jelqing causes it. BUT there is a 3rd category of injuries that causes ED but no one really knows what exactly the problem is what what caused it.
A member here had errection problems after clamping for example.

So what I’m asking is, can we classify the exercises by risk of getting injured and getting irreversable ED ?

Question - Is hanging and streching the exercise with the less risk of all that are out there ? The hard flaccid problem doesn’t seem to be that common and there are some other elements that are key there. (And I’m tihnkin this as well, because of all the penis extender companies that are offering the product. Since it’s that popular, I guess it’s safe because if there were severe problems after that there would be a s*itstorm of lawsuits agains the companies etc.)

What do you guys think ? Let’s get this thread going, because I personally need the advice (I want to do the safest routine possible, and I don’t care if my gains will be small and slow) and it will be usefull to prevent a lot of future injuries.


IMO, all PE activities have injury risk, it just depends on you. If you PE safely and carefully, you will prevent getting injury. If you overwork PE, then you are looking for injury. :)

Personally, I had been PEing for 3 years with just manual stretch and jelq, I only had red spots so far at the beginning of my PE experience(first few months of PE). I just pay lots of attention to my unit during my PE exercise. If I feel any pain, I will stop PE and rest. I think pain is never good in PE. Also, watch my PI and EQ.

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Everything involves risk which is why it is recommended to start slow and closely monitor. This is a very good place to start the journey: Before You PE: A Penis Inventory

I personally think the newbie routine should be safe for almost anyone who is in relatively good health. That’s not to say it is safe for everyone. Plus, there will always be those individuals that don’t do enough research, don’t understand or just plain overdo it.

I’ve read accounts of people that think they need a death grip on their dick to jelq and they are they ones who will injure themselves with that very simple exercise. Done properly, it would only be a risk to someone with a pre-existing condition.

Anything more advanced than the newbie routine is purely up to the individual to decide risk. I have tried O-bends and Slinky’s and swore them off the first time I tried. Why? Because I am not comfortable with the way the feel to me. Lots of other people do them safely and without injury but they are not for me.

The bottom line to me is, the newbie routine should be safe but watch for anything you feel uncomfortable with. If you see something that makes you worry, stop PE, check for others who have reported the same problem and/or ask about it. Once you have been going safely on the newbie routine for 4 months or more, you will have a much better understanding of what is safe for you.

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This is a great thread and if a consensus is reached about the relative danger of various exercises, it should be stickied.

From my personal experience, stretching is the safest exercise. I tend to use a pretty tight grip because I am uncircumcised, yet I have never injured myself from stretching. The closest was my first and only lig pop. It scared me more than anything. I did, however get a hard blood/lymph vessel from experimenting with manual clamping. Since then, jelquing has intermittently brought it back. I have never tried an actual clamp or hanging, so I can’t speak to those two. My limited experience with pumping leads me to believe that it can be very safe if low vacuum and a correct tube is used and very dangerous if you decide to do it with high levels of vacuum.

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