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What is your true goal?

My goal is to be satisfied with my perception of my cock. In the past, I’ve had women tell me it’s big, but I still didn’t see it that way. Now that I’m 8.25 bp and — I think — just under 6” around my cock is finally starting to get the look and heft that makes me think it’s good sized.

I’m just doing maintenance on length and I haven’t measured girth since I was 5.75 back in October. I’ve been clamping fairly relentlessly since then, and I intend to keep doing it for at least a few more months.

I have some body dysmorphic disorder, I guess, because I still perceive myself as not that large even though statistically I am well over average now. I’ve done therapy and personal work to try to be more accepting of my dick-size. I concluded that the only way to really deal with it is to actually get bigger. That’s why I’m here.

I have one woman friend who always tells me stories about guys she’s fucked who had big cocks (a lot of them seem to be in Ireland). We haven’t had sex since March ‘05, but it’s starting to look like we might again soon. When we’ve talked about dick size she’s always said “aw, you have nothing to worry about.” Well, next time we fuck I’d like her to talk about me like she talks about those Paddys over there.

How does the pancake fit into your routine? :confused:

I read somewhere around here that pancaking the head is supposed to increase the size of my glans. Should I be putting it on my head?

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Perhaps that innovative technique belongs in this thread: Getting Smarter!

Some have reported up to a 2 inch gain in brain volume. :)

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

My goal is to stay consistent w/my pumping and jelqing routine (I’ve been back two months and am gaining again with my flaccid stretch up to a shade over 8”). I had about a 3-4 year break(not counting about 2 months of on and off pumping in early 2005) from pe because my GF said I was too big for her @ only 7.5”-7.75” bpel and 5.75 eg. However, I decided in January 2006 to give it another go. My only real measurement goal is to keep gaining, even if the pace is slow.

Like a lot of the guys on here, I have had quite a few comments that my guy is big, but @5’11” 235 pounds and heavily muscular I never think it is proportional to my quads and upper body. I guess a typical bodybuilder’s scenario applied to my penis.

On the subject of Mark Davis, I once read a couple of female porn stars say that his cock is the perfect size in that it is thick, but not so long as to hurt when full inserted. They also said he really knows how fuck and that the love working with him. Sometimes, he looks big to me and other times average. Even Eric Everhard, who was mentioned above seems bigger in some scenes than others. Maybe it’s the viagra use in some scenes or just the particular starlet he is working with gets him hotter, but it’s obvious. I’ve noticed the same with Mike Stefano and John Strong, the latter can look average (small for porn) or slightly above average length and girthy with the right ED med or hot starlet. Everyone, for example, seems to be rock hard and maxed out when working with Taylor Rain.

Goal 1: Having her screaming, “Harder!”, and upon doing so, hearing her whimper, “whoa, slow down”

Goal 2: After we’re done, basking in her orgasmic afterglow saying, “Yup, size does matter.”

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Pulling down my pants and seeing her eyes gleam in fear and lust.

5.5 girth. Couldn’t care less about length. 1/2 inch isn’t too much to ask for - is it God?

Originally Posted by northof60
5.5 girth. Couldn’t care less about length. 1/2 inch isn’t too much to ask for - is it God?

Wait. I’ll ask…

No problem. Clamp and squeeze to your heart’s content.

(Only read the first few posts of the thread)

Yeah, I really just like playing with my cock, and PEing give the added benefits of seeing some gains. My goal is just to be as big as I can, any number goal I set is merely a benchmark.

I do like the idea of being able to wrap a $20 bill around my cock though, something kinky, powerful, and impressive about that. Hmm.

Link to my PE Stats.

Goal: 9 X 6.5

Having a woman say no she will not have sex with me, a week go by, her curiosity gets to her and she just has to try it.

Goal 8X6.25

My goal is to make my dick so big, I could use it to defend from wild animals n stuff.

From Buono, il brutto, il cattivo. Tucco after shooting a bountyhunter : "When you got to shoot, shoot, don't talk".

Originally Posted by monroe

My goal is to have my cock touch my navel when i lay down on my back :)

Me too. But still, I want 8.1NBPEL by 6.3-6.5 EG. I will have myself a big cock.

My true goal is to be master of the known universe and take all the hot pussy for myself leaving only the ugly, old, or deformed for the rest of you. I’m not greedy, I just know what I want :)


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