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What is your true goal?

One thing I love about PE is while I’m active with it I just get a GREAT hang. When I’m in gym shorts I’ll walk up to a girl and be talkin’ to her and I’ll see her eyes glance down real fast and I’ll know exactly what she’s lookin at :) . I can see my flaccid hanging in my gym shorts quite easilly.

So my goal is to reach 8.5 BPEL, 8 NPEL, 6EG at that line thing, but also to have a flaccid that is very obvious in pants and shorts.

I just SOOO wanna impress a girl and have her tell her friends how big I am!

Edit: Oh, by the way, is that line the scar from my circumcision?

March 2006: 6.875" x 4.500" x 5.00" (BPEL x MLG x BG)

April 2007-.: 7.81" x 4.81" x 5.1" - 'And it just keeps getting bigger!'

I will have..: 8.500" x 5.750" x 6.00" My Pics My Progress

Originally Posted by Bird2
My true goal would be reached when after sex, a girl looks at the ceiling and internally knows she will never get a better feeling than I just gave her.

That’s what I think talking about goals!

Sorry for my english, I´m from Brazil

All life : 12.5cm"

Restarted PE Feb/2006 : 15cm / Today : 18 cm and growing -> this year goal 19cm -> all BPFSL

Originally Posted by Jackman

I want to use it to my advantage and bet people I can wrap a twenty dollar bill around my cock and it want touch. (Most guys won’t believe you can) Make a little money and impress some women too.

I’ve thought of my goal size to just about make a bar room bet winner. Bring your twenties when going to town, Jackman :D

*Measures the length of a $20 bill…6.2 inches roughly.*

See signature.

Long Term Goal

The perfect 8x6 cock aka the pussy destroyer (one day).

Originally Posted by Fallacy911
I think a “Reasonable size where no one can call you small” is 7x5, not 8x6

Maybe even 6.5x5

5 is still by no means an unimpressive girth, I am 7.5+ BP and still don’t have 5” girth.

I agree! I have reached 5.5” girth and 6.25” NB and women think it looks good. I know it’s not a monster but it is pleasing to see they don’t think it’s small. Once I wrap that 20 around it and it’s a .25” from touching, I’m sure it will look big to them. I think a 7X6.5EG dick will look bigger than a 8X5.25.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
You can impress the women more if you use a hundred dollar bill (taken casually from a huge wad of them in your money clip) rather than a twenty

I’m too poor for that lol! Besides being that confident will keep them from betting.

Started PEing 09/2005 Took a 2 year break. Thinking of restarting.

Originally Posted by Knochenbrecher
I’ve played with my dick for as long as I can remember. With PE I still get to play with it but I get the added benefit of making it bigger at the same time. A win/win situation :D

In my early teens I REALLY got into porn. Mark Davis (seemed huge to me when I was young ) was in nearly everything at the time, saw how the girls reacted, and I always dreamed of being as big, if not bigger, than him. Fast forward quite a few years and thanks to PE now I am bigger than him :) It does wonders for your confidence levels when you can compete with many of the top white performers in the biz.

How big was Mark Davis? Seriously though.

Originally Posted by UserName86
How big was Mark Davis? Seriously though.

Mr Davis is nothing special compared to many of today’s stars but at the time I was very young and thought that he was huge. When he first got in the industry he still had his physique from when he was a Chippendale (male stripper show that goes around the world) and looked longer than he looks today. Today when I look at him he doesn’t seem to be anything special, guessing 6.5-7NBPx 5.5.


I don’t want to release my “numbers” just yet as once I can get my hands on a digital camera I would like to do a guess my size. If I had to compare myself to performers currently in the biz check out the bull dicks that belong to the likes of Manuel Ferrara, Erik Everhard, and Billy Glide.

"At Globogym we're better than you...And we know it!"

"At Globo Gym we understand that "ugliness" and "fatness" are genetic disorders, much like baldness or necrophilia, and it's only your fault if you don't hate yourself enough to do something about it." Both quotes, White Goodman, Dodgeball

Thanks for the info Jackman. I am shooting for 7.5x5. Now at 6 1/8 x 4.5.

To be very pleasurable. :)

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

I want to be as big as any girl I’m with can handle but only just barely handle, I also want to be the biggest she has ever had.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


When you first meet any woman you are just a man in her eyes; but…
After you have done the deed with her, you are no longer seen as just a man…


However it will take more than just size to do this.
Its a whole package deal.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Goal: 7 x 7, I now sit at 6.25nbpel and base 6.7eg, circ 5.25eg, midshaft-5.8eg. My wife loves to sit and grind on the base so I figure she can handle 7in mid girth and love it.

Goal: 8” NBPEL x 6” EG - hopefully by late next year.

Something for me to sit & admire & my wife to enjoy.


My goal is to reach at least 9 inches. So far, length: 7.5 inches. Girth, don’t know how to measure. Must say though, I am a little bit heavier than before. Question, how well do those weight things work? Can I also compliment jelking with that, also add on a pump?

Speaking of which, anyone know if they are actually helpful, and if so, which ones?


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