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What is your true goal?

Originally Posted by Knochenbrecher
I’ve played with my dick for as long as I can remember. With PE I still get to play with it but I get the added benefit of making it bigger at the same time. A win/win situation :D

In my early teens I REALLY got into porn. Mark Davis (seemed huge to me when I was young ) was in nearly everything at the time, saw how the girls reacted, and I always dreamed of being as big, if not bigger, than him. Fast forward quite a few years and thanks to PE now I am bigger than him :) It does wonders for your confidence levels when you can compete with many of the top white performers in the biz.

So what’s your measurements if you don’t mind me asking?

Between 7.5 and 8.5 NBP and 6.5-7 EG. I’ll give myself a year and a half for those numbers.

When I toss and turn in bed (during a restless night) the mass and momentum of my unit swinging over causes my body to be thrown out of bed and on to the floor :D

GF: Honey are you OK?
Super: Im fine baby, I just forgot to hold on to my unit that time.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout

I never really had one.


Your response is priceless. I would expect nothing less from you.

My goal: as much as I can achieve. Few months ago I didn’t even know about PE, and now, after few weeks of hard work, I can see measurable results of those “magic formulas”, every time I look in the bathroom mirror. And I just warming up.. :)

I want to see someone’s jaw drop.

I hold the fates bound fast in iron chains and with my hand turn fortune's wheel about... - Marlowe's Tamburlaine

My goal is to grab my penis and feel I’m grabbing a big rugged steel cilinder, for my calculations that must be at least 6-6.25” girth. For lenght I just stand in the bathroom and watch those squares in the floor from the up view I can cover 1.5 of them I want at least 2, in numbers that must be 8.5” NBP.


I just want to be big enough so that my size isn’t a hangup with girls. By that I mean having a size where when I look at a girl and decide whether to chat her up, the thought of my penis size doesn’t even flash into my head.

So many guys on this board have said that 8 x 6 is the magic size where no girl could reasonably call you small and have grounds to back it up. So that’s my goal. Anything more is butter.

I think a “Reasonable size where no one can call you small” is 7x5, not 8x6

Maybe even 6.5x5

5 is still by no means an unimpressive girth, I am 7.5+ BP and still don’t have 5” girth.

Start 12/1/06 _ _ _ _ 3 month 3/2/06 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 month 4/2/06 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5 month 5/2/06

6.6 X 4.75 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 7.25 x 4.90 _ _ _ _ _ _ _7.5 x 4.90 BaseGirth: 5.25 _ _ _ _ 7.75 x 4.90 10 month 9/24/06: Still 7.75 X 4.90 ---- I have focused primarily on girth and have not gained a CM in months.

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Originally Posted by Antistar
8 x 6 is the magic size…Anything more is butter.

I want the butter.

Currently: 5 NBPEL x 4.75-5 EG

Short term goal: 6 X 5

Long term goal: 7-8 x 6

Small, but growing!

The name keeps me motivated.

current cock, big on girth, short on length
EBP: 6.5 inches
ENBP: 5.5 inches
EG: 6.25 inches

Goal cock:
NBP: 7.5 inches
EG: 6.25 inches

Basically, I need to add 2 inches and figure that will take me 2-3 years…

My true goal would be reached when after sex, a girl looks at the ceiling and internally knows she will never get a better feeling than I just gave her.

I’ve never had a girl tell me I was small.I began PE at 7 inches erect length by 5-7/8” erect girth.I did have one girl tell me it was just “average”.In fact she said it twice.No wait that was the echo from that canyon she called a pussy.My goal I guess is the classic 8 x 6.My girth I know will be easy enough,but in a year of hanging I’ve barely gained an eighth inch in erect length.At this rate according to my calculations,another seven years and I should have it.:)

Plain B-I-G.

9 NBP x 6.5 Girth.

Originally Posted by Stretchin
Size matters, that's why my dick is blue and brown and has a sharp pain in the left side.

Previously known as Ben Dover.


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