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Wet vs Dry Jelqing


Wet vs Dry Jelqing

One person already told me he preferred dry jelqing over wet jelqing. I was wondering what the general consensus was over this topic. Do you have a preference?

Dry jelqing hurts me.

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I’m all about some wet-jelqing. Not enough skin to work with to do dry-jelqing.

I don’t feel I get much out of dry jelqing. But with wet jelqing I get a really good pump to the shaft and head.

Dry Jelqing is what I did from the start, and it gave me always a good pump. I need to add that I’m uncircumcised, so I have some skin to shift around. I guess you already tried both methods, so you can decide yourself. In the end it’s important to move the blood around, with sufficient pressure to break up the cell structure. SQUEEZE HIM, HARD !!! Oh no, I forgot the general provision: Start out SLOWLY (and don’t apply that much pressure to prevent your dick head to pop off).

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Dry jelqing!!! I love dry jelqing. There’s no mess, and as some people say, it works the penis from the inside, as opposed to wet jelqing which works more on the outer layers of the penis. I think dry jelqing has made all the little veins on my penis stand out more.

I prefer a nice “tacky” jelq. You know, when the lube starts to wear thin so there’s some friction, but you’re still able to glide. The best of both worlds.

Becoming.... Godsize

I believe that a combination of both is the most effective.

Dry jelq is the only thing that actually termporarily increases my girth (which can be useful as a pre-sex pump). However, during the time that I made my 1/8” girth gain I was performing only wet jelq.

I perform the dry jelq similar to a Uli #3.


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I agree about a Tacky jelq. I use just enough “lube” to prevent chafing. there is some sliding over the skin but not much.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Ive had more success w/the dry method. I think for me its a matter of less mess and more time spent jelqing.

But I would have to say that it is really a matter of trying both methods out for yourself and seeing what works best for you.


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How about this: I recently got back to PE with dry jelqing, and got a thrombosed vein fast. I found all the info I needed to heal, and when I was OK again, I resumed - with more caution this time.

I got the thrombosed vein again..

This time, as soon as it is gone, and a week or so passes, I think I will try it wet, because I don’t remember such trouble the first time ever I tried (wet) jelqing, a long time ago.

Apart from this, I think I prefer dry jelqing, just because it’s a lot less trouble. Note that I’m not circumcised.

Morning Talcum jelq

I think I have had some good “dry” jelq sessions when I wake up with morning wood. However, the friction is not all that pleasant. My solution is to put some talcum powder next to my bed. This dry lube is helpful. However, I can still only do short sessions.


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I think dry jelging gives you more of a stretch and pull but I can’t handle it, I like to go wet it feels a lot better.

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Thanks for the replies. Dry jelqing is much easier, but I think wet jelqing works the penis a little better. I’ll probably continue with a combination of both.

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