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Hi Everyone-Question about Uli's

Hi Everyone-Question about Uli's

Hey everybody-

I’ve been lurking recently and thought I’d finally introduce myself and ask a question. I’ve read through the tutorials and have an interest in Uli’s. I’m currently seeking girth more than length. I measure about 7.5bp and 5.5eg. I’d like to get to between 6 and 6.5eg, and the description of Uli’s caught my attention. I just started PE, and currently I’m jelqing about 15 minutes a day. I’ll increase that over time, but I’d like to add Uli’s to my routine because the results sound encouraging.

From the description, I’m having a hard time understanding exactly how to perform Uli’s correctly. From what I can see, it’s something like a half-jelq motion followed by a series of squeezes. But when I do this, I’m not seeing what the others have described, such as a truly engorged head.

Can anyone offer any tips or a more complete description on how to perform this excercise?

Thanks so much for your help. I can tell that I’ll be around for quite some time. :)

Hi you just have to go on the pics and look for gandolf video

I have a feeling that everybody does the Uli a little differently but this is how I do them:

1. Get a 90% erection.
2. Kegal hard.
3. Immediately clamp off at the base with your thumb and first finger (underhand jelq grip).
4. With a very tight grip slowly slide your hand about halfway up the shaft. Your hand should not slide over your skin. Instead your skin should slide over your inner shaft. At this point your head should really swell.
5. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds.
6. Repeat.

This is done completely dry (no lube). A 5 minute warm up with heat is highly recommended.

Hope this helps.


There is no replacement for displacement

bunbuster: I have started doing ULI, and I am doing them in the way you described except that I squeeze the upper shaft while holding still 5-10 seconds…

Restarting everything.

Originally posted by mrCow
bunbuster: I have started doing ULI, and I am doing them in the way you described except that I squeeze the upper shaft while holding still 5-10 seconds…

That should increase the pressure, and possibly increase your gains. I don’t see anything wrong with using that technique as well.

the tip of my dick is really dark after I Uli. I am afraid of this. is it an injury? ive been PEing for about a month, one day on, one day off

My Uli technique and Horse440 are similar and customized by me, but they seem to work very well for me. This is what I do:

1). Try to get 80-90% erection
2). With an OVERHAND grip, I grip the base of my penis
3). I do a few strong kegels and then milk the blood upward with my overhand grip (note kegels are done with lose grip). I find it’s more natural to ‘milk’ by squeezing thumb and index, middle, ring, etc instead of doing the reverse this is why I milk with an overhand grip.
4). I alternate kegels with overhand jelks (never at the same time) until my penis is engorged with blood and the veins are sticking out.

At this point I either do my version of the Horse440 or Uli


With my jelking hand (still at the base of my penis) I clamp down with index and thumb to block the passage of any blood. Note: sometimes it’s easier to clamp with index, middle and thumb; I try to only do this if my index finger is very tired because by adding your middle finger you reduce the amount of the shaft that actually feels the effects of the exercise. Then I take my other hand and clamp it on the head forcing all the blood in the shaft area (middle) of the penis. If one’s penis is properly engorged (steps 1 -4) this is a very intense exercise. I hold this state for about 30 seconds.
I usually do 10 reps of the horse440. Jelking and lightly shaking in between each rep. I always alternate hands between reps (ie base clamp hand becomes head clamp hand and vice versa).


After engorging (steps 1-4) I slide the hand that is gripping the base of my penis in the overhand grip (but really only with index and thumb) upward. As soon as there is enough room for my other hand to replace the now vacant position at my base I do so and clamp down (usually underhand grip with second hand). The first hand, in overhand position, continues to slide up, pushing the blood upwards as it goes. When the sliding index and thumb grip reach about half way to 2/3 way up the shaft (depending on how much blood has been engorged). I slowly milk towards the head, pushing all of the blood into the head. This can be very intense depending on how hard you are pushing and how much blood you have engorged. I hold each closed jelk for a few seconds and then repeat. I never release my index thumb clamp. In other words, the only fingers that move in order to jelk are the middle, ring, and pinkie. I usually do 20 or 30 ulis in a row.

Let me know if you do a similar techinique or if this works for you.

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