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Warmup Tip

Warmup Tip

When I first tried Mem’s Routine, I reported that I had a problem doing the pre-jelq hot wrap and still maintaining proper erection levels during the jelqs, but I think I found a way around it….

I’ve noticed that it’s easier (for me) to keep the optimal erection level while jelqing if I’m descending from a full erection, than if I keep flopping with a limp weinie. If I start out flaccid and work to a good level (about 75%), one of two things tends to happen. Either my wood keeps rising & creeps to 100%, or my wood keeps deflating below 75% level.

And I’ve noticed that if I hot wrap before, my unit becomes so relaxed that I dip below 50% levels - but I suspect that a pre-jelq hot wrap could be beneficial. So, I kill 2 birds with one stone….

(1) Stand above a sink or bathtub with a full 100% erection
(2) Do your hot wrap - but keep the water running and have a cup handy
(3) Before the rag gets close to “cool,” keep pouring the hot water directly onto the rag (wrapped around your weinie) - hence the need to be standing over a sink or a tub.
(4) Monitor your erection levels - don’t hot wrap too long
(5) Have a towel handy and your lube right there (preferably, with the lid off)
(6) When your wood drops to about 75%, kill the water, remove the rag, do a quick dry with the towel, then quickly lube up.

You’ve got a good pre-jelq hot wrap, dried off quickly, and you’re right to jelqing - at a good erection level.

I’d stumbled onto this recently and it’s really helped my sessions - so I thought I’d pass it along.

Nice. I do something similar in the hot tub. And it is very good for getting deep heat into the tissues. The only problem is that I ended up leaving alot of lube in the bath tub.

Your system definitely seems much cleaner and efficient.

Thanks man

Thanks for the tip. I had the same fluctuating erection percentage problem when doing Memento’s routine as well.

I’m trying out a clamping routine for a couple months.

If I ever go back to MRGM, I’ll definitely keep this in mind.

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