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Veiny schlonger = unsafe to PE?

Veiny schlonger = unsafe to PE?

Hiya, I have 2 large veins on the top of my dick and they cross over each other just above midshaft. This means that when I jelq, the veins get squashed up right into the underside of the glans which not only feels slightly strange, it also makes them go pretty hard.

I started PE’ing with proper 5 min warm ups and stretches before starting to jelq but I burst a vein which took a week for the blood to go. The vein did come back bigger and still is to this day but when I restarted PE’ing about a week later, it burst again although to a lesser extent.

I was wondering if I had abnormally large and/or badly placed veins on my dick which could endanger my penile health if I restart PE.

I’ve done a search on the forums but as vein is kind of a vague term to search for, I couldnt find any relevant info.

I know bloodspots are to be expected but this was more like a blood pool :/

Could anyone give me some advice here pelase?

Large ruptures like you describe are not good and something has to change to avoid them.

What erection level are you at when you jelq? It would seem you must be jelqing quite hard with a lot of internal pressure build up. Is this the case?

If it turns out that for some reason you can’t find a safe way to jelq, perhaps pumping would be a way to go. Have you considered this method?

What is your current size and what are your goals?

One more question. Are you taking any kind of blood thinning medication or vitamin E?

Originally Posted by gprent101
If it turns out that for some reason you can’t find a safe way to jelq, perhaps pumping would be a way to go. Have you considered this method?

Do you think you can get the same results from pumping?

I remember a few weeks ago when I was reading the “newbie threads”, there was more than one occassion when I read that the jury was still out on pumping, and most felt gains were only temporary.

I am very interested in this because my preferred PE method is pumping. Hell, throw on some porn, pump her up, sit back and relax! (Except for doing some kegels and massage in between sets.) Hanging weights and even manually stretching my tool does not appeal to me… sounds dangerous and too labor-intensive…

So, I am asking, Do you think you can get the same results from pumping instead of jelqing/stretching?

Commander Blop

Could you just be jelqing to hard? I notice when I jelq to hard, my veins hurt.

Well, in my case it’s jelqing or nothing. I live in a pretty open household and I aint gettin caught with a pump, it’s not my bag, baby :)

When I jelq, it’s in the shower, and with no material so I find it really hard (‘scuse the pun) to stay at high levels of erection, like 70%+ so it’s probably around 50-60%.

I really don’t know if i’m jelqing too hard. I feel no pain when I do it apart from strange vein discomfort at the pressure point I mentioned. I do it pretty hard though yeh - I wanna see gains :)

I’m currently at 6.25 length by 4.75 mid-shaft. I think realisticly I want to get as much early growth as possible, once it became really difficult to gain I don’t think I could stick it out. Unless I get into it.

I would be happy getting to 7.25 length and maybe 5” girth, unless I kept gaining noticably, in which case the golden 8X6 would be my goal :)

Maybe I should try doing less and softer jelq’s for a while, this could get my bits used to it all and I could slowly ease the pressure up?

Has anyone else out there got big veins running across the top of their dick which build up with pressure under the head when jelqing? If so, how do you get by without popping the veins?

Oh, i’m not taking any blood thinning medication either, I smoke a bit of dope but I don’t think that affects the blood :]

It does affect your blood pressure if I remember correctly. Certainly at the time of taking and after anyway. Hence the ‘high’ or ‘low’ actually as its a depressant. Wont have a massive effect but then pulling on yer ding dong isnt supposed to either.

Never engage in any kind of PE excersise when you’re high as a kite!

Been there, done that… and it’s not a good thing. Your tolerance level for pain when you’re stoned is lower than normal and believe me, I had my share of bursted vessels. So, lay of the dope when you work out. Smoke afterwards ;)

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I got one of those big veins on top of my dick. It doesnt bother me, I jelk with most of my pressure on the sides. I gained about 2 inches jelking. It took some 2 years and now Im at a stall. Infact, I havent measured in about a year. I dont like measuring anymore. I feel like i gained some girth though. Will measure soon when I feel up to it.


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