The importance psychology plays in PE

So how much importance does ones psychology play in a successful PE outcome?

I love quoting the famous Henry Ford saying “those that think they can and those that think they can’t are both right”. If we were to use that analogy across the wider PE community I wonder what would be the result?

Will newbies coming in with determination to succeed and are prepared to do the work patiently and consistently (working up from Newbie exercises before graduating into the harder stuff later) have exponentially more success than those who come in with a negative mindset, but who still do the same work?

I suppose the real question is rather, will the negative / skeptical mindset newbies ever be as dedicated to do the work as their positive mindset brothers?

Perhaps some of the senior members who have been around PE for more than a couple of years could share with us their views. If your PE journey has been successful, either through the good fortune of being an easy gainer or by sheer hard work and consistency, how much of that success can you attribute to a positive psychology?

Please tell us also if you have carried a negative mindset through your journey but have still managed to gain well anyway.

Conversely, if you do truly believe you are absolutely positive, but have gained nothing please share your story. I suspect that the negative mindset members who gained nothing over a longer period of time have simply gone away but if you are still around, please tell us.

I will share my own journey thus far. When I first discovered Thunders, I was highly skeptical (this can’t be true; what’s the catch?) but I would say that lasted all of 2 days. As soon as I could assimilate the reality in my mind that PE can and does actually work, I was fully committed and absolutely positive that I would make this work for me and grow my little guy into a bigger guy.

I am only 8 months into my journey but i have grown consistently through what I believe is consistent hard work backed up by a burning belief that I AM getting bigger and that I WILL reach my goals.


“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”
- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca