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I'm Hanging Up My Bib (Semi Retiring From PE)


I'm Hanging Up My Bib (Semi Retiring From PE)

I’m Hanging Up My Bib
(Semi Retiring From PE]

I’ve decided to give up the hanger and the tube and all other aspects of PE except clamping. I feel that hanging and pumping have just become a waste of time for me. I seem to be gaining as much if not more with just manual stretches and clamping, and it’s a HELL of a lot less time consuming.

I’ve received several PMs in the last few days asking questions about clamping. I get these a lot, so in order to better deal with the same old issues, I’ve saved the links to my Clamping thread as well as remek’s Clamping 101 as an MS Word document onto my desktop so I can easily and quickly just copy and past the two links onto any PM reply rather than writing the same advice over and over, and I’m sure remek has done the same, if not he should. Answering PMs takes a lot of time, and almost any question that can be asked regarding Clamping can be found at one or the other of these two threads:

Clamping Thread
CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Clamping 101:
Clamping 101 - The clamping guide

But because the threads have gotten rather long it is getting hard to wade through them, and newbies (which have no business clamping anyway) just PM us rather than read through the threads. However, I’ve made a few new discoveries lately, so I’ll answer the latest PMs and address the new concepts all at once here to save time and so others can benefit as well.

A new wrinkle has come about in my life that has brought with it new insights. Because I’m speaking about things here other than just clamping I felt the need to make this a separate thread and post it in Main. However, it is probably a good idea from now on that we keep all the clamping stuff together, so if any mod or the boss feel this should be pasted onto my Clamping thread, please feel free to do so.


Due to a writing project and a social sex life that has become very busy lately I just haven’t had the time for any other forms of PE other than clamping, Fowfers and Piss-pulls. Not only has time been an issue, but I’ve been using my dick a lot more, and I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather have my dick in PUSSY than in a Bib Hanger or a Cylinder. Yet, because I’ve been doing so much clamping, I’ve gotten it down to a fine art, and it does not interfere with my sex-life, in fact it enhances it. Also, I’m rapidly becoming convinced that Clamping may be the only PE exercise we really need once we’ve reached a certain stage in our PE career, especially for those of us who are mostly concerned with girth and flaccid hang. However I think I’m seeing a little erect gain also, more on that later.

This part especially applies to all you younger guys who can get hard when the wind blows. If you don’t have any ED issues clamping is the best all round exercise for erect or flaccid girth and especially for flaccid hang, and possibly even for erect length once newbie gains have hit a plateau. Even if you do have ED, a little Calis, Viagra or NXO2 will keep you plump enough to clamp. I’m pretty much clamping exclusively now; it is the only PE I do anymore, but I do it almost continuously seven days a week. In fact I do it just about every waking moment that I’m not having sex.

That is the great thing about clamping, you can literally do it anywhere you can get a hard-on, at work at home in restaurants. Just go to the men’s room, slip into a stall and clamp off a Uli. If you don’t think you will be able to get back to the restroom within ten minutes, just clamp with a little less force. But applying the clamp is the only place you really need privacy, you can pop one loose almost anywhere. In fact, if you wear shorts or baggy pants you can pop a clamp loose without even unzipping. The clamp doesn’t have to come completely off; just loosened enough to release the blood flow. If you are wearing the Velcro, neoprene wrap you can just leave it on all the time, tightening and loosening the clamp when needed. I’ve popped them loose in some pretty crowded places such as underneath the table in restaurants, movie theaters, hot tubs pools etc.

The real secret to successful clamping is most definitely the wrap. Get the wrap right and you’ve got it made. Every dick is different so what is the correct amount of wrap for one, may be too thin or too thick for another. Neoprene seems to work best for me, but I’m sure there are as many different kinds of wrap out there that works well, as there are different kinds of dicks, so use your imagination, or wade through the Clamping threads to read some that have been suggested.

For the time being, I plan to do nothing but clamp, Fowfer and some Piss-pulls, and see how the gains go. Manual stretching can be done a lot at home, in fact if I’m not clamped; I’m always pulling on or sitting on my wanger. When you are at home watching TV do manual stretches. If you drive anywhere, do a Leg Fowfer in the car, very easy if you are wearing shorts. When you sleep do Bed Fowfers, and if you are not having sex your dick should either be in a clamp, pe weight or at least wrapped in neoprene firmly at the base. NEVER LET IT TURTLE. Anywhere you sit in private, sit on your dick. When I’m not clamping I’m in a nearly constant state of Fowfering one way or another.

I’m pretty much happy with my current size so this may simply turn into a semi-retired maintenance program for me. But I will keep everyone advised if there are any loss or gains to be had from clamping and Fowfering exclusively.

Lastly: I seem to have made some erect length gains here lately, and I honestly believe they’ve come from the excessive clamping I’ve been doing. So maybe aggressive clamping also brings erect gains. Time will tell. I won’t update my stats until I know these erect gains are permanent and not just from firmer erections.


I still feel obligated to warn all members that two different urologists I have spoken with on separate occasions about this are very much against clamping as well as some other forms of PE. One of the two doctors mentioned above has actually seen me clamped and has a good understanding of the exercise from first hand observations. She still feels the routine is dangerous, and although she cannot deny that I have gained considerable size in two years, she questions if the gains are worth the risks. Regretfully, neither doctor will take an official stand on any PE related issue at this time, nor will they endorse my book. (I’m still working on this)

Of course all newbies should stay with the newbie routine until their dicks are tough enough to hold up to these more advanced methods. Work length till you are pretty much satisfied with it. THEN CLAMP!!!

I had a very interesting time at one of our local nudist camps this weekend. I shared the company of two lovely ladies. There was a nice crowd at the dance and we expect a thousand more this coming weekend for a nudist bike rally. Saturday we saw quite a few dicks out there of every size and shape. We saw a couple that had a longer flaccid than mine, but no one had the girth. I can safely say I had the fattest dick at the camp, and I feel I owe it mostly all to the cheap little plastic clamps and the neoprene wrist wrap and the application of them diligently. Of course I never would have known about clamping if not for this forum. This is the part of the thread where I would normally say, Make a Donation But for some reason our beloved leader has declared that no more donations will be accepted. He has even removed the DONATE banners from the home page. Even if we can’t send money, we can continue to support this fine site with any knowledge we gain in our PE journey. I will continue to support Thundersplace, and long after I’m retired my loyalty will always reside with this forum.

I will probably write more on our Labor Day Nudist adventure at a later time, because it is really still happening till after the Bike Rally, but that will be a story for another thread.

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Wait a second I just need to catch my breath from laughing I thought BG who is a bigger pe whore than me is retiring…..oh wait a minute are you serious?

The only thing I do now is jelq/squeeze/clamp and I’m looking into all day stretchers. Actually I’m glad your cutting back I think you were way over the edge but it has always been fun to watch and wonder what you were going to do to your dick next.

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I hope you still stick around on the forums because I learned alot from your posts and threads. Good luck to whatever you do next.

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You truly are a PE champ. I too understand how it is to be too busy to PE. You are one of the greatest members this community has ever seen. Don’t run away too far. I expect to see you with a full-blown report next month ;)

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Hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave…..wait I mean….lol

You’re pretty much a girth gaining god BG, hopefully you’ll be around for some time to come, as even though nearly everything clamping related has been covered, you still have a lot to give man. At least you’re not fully retiring though! :)

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I always preferred hanging and tube over clamping, but your gains speak volumes…

I’ll have yo read your clamping 101 thread.

I completely understand where BG is coming from. It took me about 3 years (after beginning PE) to reach this point.

Time to get on with life, make some money and fuck as many women as you can :D


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

B.G I like a lot of people here have learned a good deal from your trials and tribulations,successes and failures.I wish you well in whatever you do.I also hope to see you on the board as your knowledge and dedication are inspiration to those of us still looking down the long side of the PE road.

BG. What du you wrap with when you clamp?

I have tryed to wrap with a pice of t-shirt when I clamp and it works ok, but today I found the thing that feels the best for me. I clamp without wrapping. But I do not just put the clamp on because then the clamp pinches my skin and it hurts. What I do is that I put on a lot of babyoil on my dick and then I clamp. Then it never piches my skin.

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A well deserved sabbatical BG, you deserve it…:thumbs:

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Another one bites the dust.

I’ll be there too soon, too soon.

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Originally Posted by skitola11

BG. What du you wrap with when you clamp?

I have tryed to wrap with a pice of t-shirt when I clamp and it works ok, but today I found the thing that feels the best for me. I clamp without wrapping. But I do not just put the clamp on because then the clamp pinches my skin and it hurts. What I do is that I put on a lot of babyoil on my dick and then I clamp. Then it never piches my skin.

You started PE in July, you shouldnt even be clamping yet!

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

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Man, I hate to see good people go. But then again were on here to get big penises. When we get them most people leave. Will you be sticking around as much? Or will you slowly dwindle away.

Hate to see you stop BG, you are a definite inspiration for me.

One day I hope to have your size.


Does this mean that you are departing us BG, or at least mostly so? Everyone here is bidding you farewell from Thunder’s, but I didn’t see you say this in your post. I certainly hope you stick around here, even if you are only clamping now. Please do make sure you’ve deposited all your knowledge and experience with us on clamping, and PE generally (as well as the wonderful nudest camp stories!).

Okay, I do have a couple of questions to ask, which I hope you’ll be able to answer before you slip away (if in fact you are slipping away). First, what is you current erect length and girth? And what is your current flaccid length and girth? In particular, I’d like to know what size the fattest dick at a nudist camp is!

But here are the two main questions I have:

(1) When I clamp I typically watch porn or whatever to sustain the arousal, to keep the clamped erection at its peak. Obviously, I could not do this all day, if I wanted to clamp regularly through out the day. So, when you are clamping throughout the day, do you simply bring yourself to an erection long enough to apply the clamp, and then go back to whatever you are doing (writing your book or whatever), leaving the clamp along to sustain the erection for however long it does this? If so, how long before your erections typically peter out? That is, how long are your “sets”? I just can’t imagine how else you could clamp regularly throughout the day (and get anything else done). I mean, how could you stay aroused while doing your taxes or watching the news?

(2) I have developed what I’ll call a “tan line” on my dick. My flaccid hang is about 5” (at its best). Most of my shaft is discolored slightly from clamping, pumping, and other PE activities. But the top 1” isn’t. Hence the “tan line.” When I am erect, this isn’t noticeable. But when I’m flaccid, it is. The slight discoloration (darkening) doesn’t bother me. In fact, I like it; I like the fact that my dick is a bit darker now. Anyhow, I used to think that this tan line was the result of the application of the clamp. This may be partly the case. But I also now think that I simply have more blood vessels in the middle area of my shaft, and that this region has darkened a bit more on account of this. If I stretch my penis when it’s flaccid, you can see that the darkening is indeed in the middle region. When it is not stretched, you can only see the “untanned” portion on the top part of the shaft (near the pubic area).

I figure that if anyone has experienced anything like this from PE it’s you. Have you? Any suggestions? As I said, I rather like the fact that my dick has darkened some. But I don’t like this tan line effect, whatever its cause. It just looks obvious, like regular tan lines.


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