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Problems working tunica

Problems working tunica

I am having problems. My flaccid dick is small and it means inorder to get a good grip I have to grip as far back as possible so that I am not gripping and pulling the head. The problem is that the ligs seem to get gripped or pulled on when I hold this far back at the base and when I try stretching the tunica, all I feel is a somewhat painful lig stretch. I can’t grip further forward without pulling on the head. My tunica doesn’t feel worked because I can’t pull hard enough as my ligs feel really uncomfortable at the amount of tug needed to stretch the tunica fully. Also, if the ligs are taking the strain, the tunica won’t get worked hardly, or so I have heard.

The only solution I can think of is gaining more flaccid length so that I can grip further forward without pulling on the head. My LOT is 8, so I don’t know how much extra flaccid length I can get out of my ligs before they are spent. I think I need another inch in flaccid length inorder not to pull on the head when I grip further forward to avoid pulling on the ligs. I don’t think being uncut at such a small flaccid size is helping, as the skin just rolls forward taking your hand with it and onto the head, so you have to grip further back to counter that. But if you are as 2-3” flaccid you can’t grip further back without grasping the very base where the ligs are, or the surrounding tissue that connects to them is.

I basically can’t work the tunica because no.1 all I feel is my ligs hurting with the tug needed for the tunica and no.2 the ligs must surely be taking the strain off the tunica and giving them little work? I am talking about pulling towards my chin and feeling almost nothing but my ligs, and an unpleasant feeling at that, at a force the tunica would need but the ligs would hate.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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Hi GUY: Have you ever tried the wench hanger, you can custom fit to you size. How old are you and current sizes Get back Steel

Do you use a grip aid such as a piece of Theraband or a latex glove? You might try that with the foreskin pulled back and see if you can improve your grip just behind the glans.

Thanks for the idea westla, but I seem to have sorted the problem now. I made sure to drink lots of water before my PE to increase the flaccid size slightly, helping me to grip a touch further forward. That alone only makes a small difference, as I have gripped further forward at the expense of my head before, as an experiment, which lessened the lig tug but it was still there. What has made the lig tug almost non exsistant, but not quite, is switching my routine around so that I stretch my tunica first and my ligs afterwards. For some reason this makes all the difference. Before I did ligs first, then tunica.

By the way, I use an old pair of cotton boxer shorts to grip with.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Using wrap and butt cheeks for flaccid length


I’m fairly new here and I may not know what the hell I talking about, and what I propose may be unhealthy or possible even dangerous, and anyone who tries this should keep that in mind, but I do know what has worked for me more than anything I’ve tried yet for flaccid length. I know these are not new ideas, but maybe forgotten ones. I can sum it up in two words, Fowfers, and wrapping. Creative wrapping with Thereban and cotton gauze if you’re in the UK or Ace Sports Wrap if in the US. (Wal-Marts)

Do the Fowfers day and night. I sit on my dick constantly, at work in front of the tube, in the car, even on my Honda Goldwing riding to work and you can bet I’m setting on it as I type this. Sit on you dick and work kegals and reverse Kegals constantly and STAY WRAPPED. Wrap just like you are going to hang only instead of pulling the access skin back behind the wrap; leave it forward puffed out like a mushroom between the folded back under wrap and your head. Then, (and this is where others may disagree) leave it wrapped indefinitely. Except for sensible checks and changing for sanitation reasons and to ensure proper circulation, there is really no reason to be without it ever if you do the wrap right. Sleep in it, work in it, and heal in it. That puffed up head and CS will hug the end of the soft edge where you’ve folded the cotton under wrap back a little over the rougher edge of the Sports Wrap. Wrapping like this makes it impossible for your penis to do what it so badly wants to do, shrink back inside your fat pad like a wounded animal to lick its wounds and heal. Don’t let it. Make it lick those wounds stretched out like a big old squash. The squash shape will quickly dissipate once the wrap is off, but your shrink back will be less, much less I only remove the wrap occasionally for sex or doing PE. Of course it really means you have to pay close attention for signs of low circulation.

DO NOT TRY TO HANG with that access skin between the wrap and head or you will be in a world of hurt, wrap the conventional way for hanging, but for the rest of the time especially during rest periods and while sleeping, (This is probably the dangerous part) stay wrapped. Do it in the day for a while until you get a good feel for just how tight and how long you can go without loosening the wrap. Rub Vit E or Neosporin on the shaft between the edge of the wrap and the base of the shaft to soothe chaffing, also rubbing some on the glands is a good idea, but try to keep ointments off the wrap itself. Keep it dry and clean. Make sure the wrap is not too tight to pee or cause numbness, but keep it wrapped, Sports Wrap over cotton gauze or Ace under wrap. I’ll guarantee you will see a lot of flaccid gain quick.

I thought I had the smallest turtling dick in history until I discovered this lazy assed passive approach. I am cut and my dick use to retract completely inside my body to escape trauma or cold water, or if it saw me getting ready to attach a hanger. Now, because I have increased flaccid hang it only retracts a little inside itself looking fat and uncut, not pretty, but better than no dick I can assure you.

I’m one of these who feel we have to use aggressive tactics and attack PE with everything available, but during the times we can’t, when we are asleep and when we are on our rest period, this is the way to go. Hell, it may have even been you that told me about Fowfers, can’t remember I’ve talk to so many. Are these gains permanent? Probably not. Will this help with erect length or girth gains? I doubt it. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. But what this will do is help us get through our rest period without feeling that we are doing nothing productive, and it will make your retracting flaccid dick long enough to get a hold of for the real workouts when we are not resting.

For what it is worth

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Big Girtha, I have considered using wrap ADS before but haven’t so far. I don’t like doing fowfers. I was thinking about using a girth wrap ADS, which also aparantly increases flaccid hang. I am not so sure about a traction wrap like you use as it means the whole shaft is compressed and might possibly make it hard to gain girth, having most of the shaft in a compressed state for so long. Thanks for the ideas though, always apreciated.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Could be right


You may be right. While letting micro-tears heal in a stretched out penis might give length gains it certainly seems possible healing that way might also cement the healed tissue into a smaller girth that might be hard to undo later. I’ve seen no evidence of this yet, but then I’ve always had a kind of short fat dick even before PE. The girth gains came pretty easy for me, where length seems stalled out. Wearing an ADS pulling up toward the chin over a girth wrap might be better for low LOTers like us. Have you tried the neonatal blood pressure cuff as an ADS yet? It seems to have some interesting possibilities.


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