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taking a day off from PE

taking a day off from PE

Man, it’s been rough.

Yesterday I wore my PM for about 6-7 hours. In between I wrapped in a thera-p wrist strap. Later at night did about 120 wet jelqs with my left hand (not right hand, for a change). AFter that, had sex with Mr. Rambone.

She’s definitely acting different now that I’ve grown since June from 6.25 to 7BPEL. When asked, she said my unit didn’t really look any different to her, but she noticed my erections were harder and my girth was greater.

WE went at it for a while. She was feeling really good, but couldn’t come because she was sleepy and fighting a cold. She kept telling me to just have my orgasm and finish. But every time I started, she’d start feeling really close to coming. Finally, after nearly an hour of intercourse, she came and she came big time. She was really, really vocal about it too.

But man, my unit was SO exhausted and sore after nearly a whole day of stretching, jelqing, ballooning, wrapping and f_cking. So I’m taking a well deserved break today and only wrapping.

BTW, I upped my total L-Arginine dose to 6000mg a day and last night I blew a really big load. Almost double my last output about 72 hours before. That was pretty decent too and it was after 48 hours.

Must rest today.

PS- been getting a lot more morning wood recently. Is it L-arginine? Jelqing? wrapping? all of the above?

I’m also kegeling every time I wrap and stretch. Unit gets pretty plump when kegeling and squeezing after taking a 2000MG dose of L-ARg. (I take that 3x a day now totaling 6000MG)

I’m really glad I found Thunders! I’ve learned so much and have gained a lot more than just knowledge here.

Thanks everyone!

Hey rambone I’ve read a lot of you posts and it seems that you and I are quite alike. Same starting measurements, same routine, almost same gains. I’m still .25 in short of 7. I’ve been taking arginine for about 2 months now and I love it. I’m getting those morning woodys that remind me of the good old days. My question to you is, have you added any more extensions to your PM? I recently changed out 2 of the steel rods and it feels like I was using PM for the first time. Ouch.. It took me3 months to be able to screw the tension thing out all the way. I’m thinking it’s gonna take me the same about of time to get use to the new PM length. What are your thoughts?

Hi Tizz,

Yes, I changed out two short extensions for one longer one. I don’t know how that measures, but the first time I did it, it was just too much. Overdoing it caused my unit to shrink back in pain. So I went back with the shorter rod extensions and screwed the screws out as much as possible. After a few more weeks I was able to change to a longer extension but with the screws almost at the lowest. Little by little I was able to start adding more tension. The secret is to do it gradually. My best gains came when the tension was intense, but not so intense that I couldn’t last the first 2 or 3 hours.

One thing I’ve learned- you have to be patient.

I’ve added jelqing and stretching with a 2 minute hot shower warm up (detachable shower head is great for that).

The Thera-P is great at keeping me fluffed. I hate when it shrinks and even turtles back inward!

Keep up your work and do it gradually. Listen to your body, if it’s too painful, stop. I also found that taking long breaks now and then seem to work well. Try a couple of months on, then a couple of weeks off, then back at it again.

Thanks for you insight rambone. Tonight I wore the PM with the longer extensions and it wasn’t as bad. I wore it for 3 hours took a break and put it back on for 3 more hours. This time I used some heat and I was able to get some spring action. I screwed the tension thing out a little bit and there was still some slack in the spring which is pretty good cus I wasn’t able to do that before.

You’re probably right that I need a break. I’ve been PE’ing for almost 4 months now and I haven’t taken a break. I’m kinda OCD in some ways. I recover really quickly though.

Haven’t tried thera p yet can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks again

Not to get off of the PM loving but I think a lot of your “enhancement’ may be from the Arginine. I just started taking 1000mg a day and WOAH! I suddenly have a NASA rocket in my pants looking for interplanetary discovery.

Jelqing and a willing woman help (I’ll take either), but if you are popping 6000mg just be careful and have fun.

-Tom “The Concerned Citizen” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

Rambone are you wearing the PM upwards or downwards? I wear it upwards because I experience it as more comfortable but the main reason is my LOT.

I got a bottle of Nox2 but I only take it occasionally, I’m still young and I’m scared it could affect my brain’s activities.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


You guys are starting to scare me about taking 6000MG of L-Arginine. I thought I read that this was the safe limit. Maybe I’d better be careful.

I wear the PM up, mostly. It’s difficult to wear it down and not look obscene at work. Also it’s difficult to sit or walk when I wear it down. I like wearing it down but I get more slippage that way. My LOT also calls for wearing it up.

Today, I did about 3 minutes of HOT showerhead warmup (detachable showerhead right on top of my unit) and 200 wet jelqs (mostly at 40% erect). Afterwards I did about 5 minutes of stretching (I did some fulcrum stretches in the hopes of straightening my upward and leftward curve). Now I’m back on the PM with a 180 twist to the right. I should give that a name like…. the PM Twist!

KingXXXize, at 8BPEL and 5.2 eg, you are pretty much at my first goal. My ultimate would be 9x6 and fantasy would be 10x6, but I’ll be happy to hit 8x5.5.

7 BPELx5-5.25EG

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