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Advanced PE

Advanced PE

Advanced PE:

This thread is certainly not for newbes, but may be of interests to those members who utilize all aspects of PE, primarily, Pumping, Hanging and Jelqing. In the world of writing it is often said, that there is nothing new under the sun, and even that is plagiarized. Everything has been done; the only hope any writer has for originality is to put a new twist on an existing idea. That premise is even more relevant here at Thunders Place.

The collective mind we have evolved into here is awesome, to say the least. With so many members striving toward the same goal, there is not much that hasn’t been tried or suggested. I’m not claiming any of the ideas here to be of my own design, but merely an amalgamation of all those bits and pieces of knowledge I have gathered from the wisdom of this forum. I’m sure all these ideas have been discussed here at one time or another.

Neither is my purpose to undermine or dispute any advice posted by the vets or to impugn the fine work that has been done thus far by the Digest Project. Nor am I suggesting advanced PE for the novis; newbies be warned. The procedures described here are very likely risky and possibly even dangerous. I am not a doctor.

The roots of PE may be ancient, however the methods we evoke here are new, and quite experimental; the long-term effects are completely unknown. Therefore as with any new science, we should enter cautiously, setting high margins for safety especially in the beginning.

It has been my observation that whenever anyone suggests anything in a thread that pushes the limits of safety and common sense, the response if often, “Just how many penis do you have?” and that may very well be the first response to this thread, so I’ll give my answer in advance. Collectively speaking, I have about 18000 at last count, and it is precisely this fact that allows PE to advance, learning and evolving on the successes of the fortunate, and learning what not to do from those who injure themselves and report those injuries.

So for those of us willing to push the envelope (within reason) and those who have conditioned their tissues to a point that they can withstand a somewhat more aggressive program, I’d like to share a few thoughts.

For the purpose of this thread, I will assume all are familiar with the safe and approved basic routines endorsed by our various vets concerning, hanging, pumping and jelqing. I will also assume everyone is familiar with the following equipment and supplements:

1. The Bib hanger, (or reasonable facsimile)
2. A good quality vacuum pump (hand or electric pump and cylinder of the appropriate size) see pumping 101: see The Digest Project
3. Cable Clamps: (see Wal-Mart’s)
4. Golf weights: (Wal-Mart’s)
5. Homedics TheraP Magnetic Wrist wrap: (Wal-Mart’s)
6. Egg timer (Wal-Mart’s)
7. The Amino acid, L-Arginine (and/or NOX2) Viagra or Cialis (local apothecary)


The extreme Uli has been considered an advanced form of PE never recommended for the beginner. I agree. Newbies should never attempt this procedure, and those of us with more experience should use them with caution. However proper clamping between hanging and pumping sets can be used as a safety measure as well as for advanced PE when done correctly?

CLAMPING IN CONJUNTION WITH HANGING: During the suggested ten minute rest period in between 20 minute hanging sets, securing a cable clamp at the base of the penis in the following described manor, will accomplish two things. First and foremost, the trapped engorgement will saturate the oxygen-starved cells that have been depleted during the 20-minute hang. Over time this simple exercise will also add a little upper shaft girth and some girth to the glands as well. Very little base shaft girth will be gained this way because the TheraP wrap at the base, and the Hanger’s wrap applied med to upper shaft will impede the integrity of the Uli by restricting the engorgement. However, it is the common belief of most of the hanging vets here that hanging itself promotes base girth, so this should not be a concern, do it anyway. Do not remove Hanger’s wrap between sets, just wrap the TheraP below the TheraBand. Depending on the length of your penis, some overlapping may occur. This doesn’t matter, the thicker the wrapping beneath the cable clamp the better. Clamping off a Uli between hanging sets is an effective and safe way to work length while doing some light to moderate girth work within the same session.

Set the egg timer for the 10-minute Uli as well as the 20 hang. Don’t rely on memory or feeling, keeping track of time during the hang as well as the Uli is equally important. Never more than 20 minutes in the hanger or 10 minutes in the clamp.

You will encounter quite a bit of discoloration toward the end of the ten-minute Uli, a very dark purple is common. If you experience tingling or severe numbness before the ten minutes is up the trapped engorgement has become depleted or oxygen starved and fresh blood needs to be pumped in immediately. At the end of the ten-minute period, or at the onset of tingling and/or numbness (don’t wait for numbness) whichever comes first; pop the clamp and kegel in fresh blood. Try to obtain a full erection if possible. (Hence supplements) Once penis is engorged with freshly oxygenated blood, squeeze out all the blood from the head and once the erection has subsided reattach the hanger. Repeat this for three 20-minute hang sets with the 10-minute Uli between each set for a one-hour session. Two one-hour sessions a day five days a week is a pretty aggressive schedule and will result in gains.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: The instant you remove the hanger after the last set of a hanging session remove the TheraBand and slip on three golf weights.
The secret to wearing golf weights comfortably and safely for extended periods is to wear them without any kind of wrap to keep them on. The lymphatic fluid build up that occurs with all forms of PE will help you do this. The post session swelling that comes from hanging, pumping and even jelqing is caused by lymphatic fluid which gathers in the softer areas of the penis, primarily just below the glands and around the frenulum. This gathering of fluids will yield the classical baseball bat shape and in more abusive sessions, the dreaded DOUGHNUT. This condition is unsightly but fades pretty quickly with vigorous massage and/or jelqing. However, you can use this slightly undesirable effect to your advantage to help you keep the golf weights on without wrap.

DO NOT USE LUBE FOR THIS: Get in the shower, lather up with warm soap and water and put the weights on by slipping them one at a time back snuggly against the body, pulling all foreskin or excess PE skin forward through the rings toward the glands bunching up skin between the last golf weight and the head, then rinse soap off from under the weights. Dry excess water with a hair dryer to prevent skin irritation. The excess skin bunched up at the tip will do two things: it will cushion the glands from the pressure of the weights and it will keep the penis extended while micro-tears heal with a pretty amazing amount of comfort. It also keeps a slight weight tugging constantly downward on the ligs and tunica as they heal. Wear these weights as long as possible while you are awake as ADS. If they become uncomfortable or tiresome replace them with the more comfortable TheraP wrap. When you are ready for bed take the golf weights off the same way you put them on, In The Shower.

Then wrap snuggly at the base with the TheraP wrap for sleeping. Only wrap the penis, not the scrotum. NEVER EVER AT ANY TIME allows your penis to retract inside the fat-pad to heal. If you do the micro-tears will heal into a shortened tougher state toughening the tunica and making it harder to stretch. In fact you may even lose length.

THEN REST: two days 48 hours minimum, no exceptions. During this two-day rest period perform absolutely no PE other than the wearing either the golf weights while awake and the TheraP while sleeping.

During the deep RIM sleep that occurs while we dream is the time tissue is doing its most effective healing. The TheraP is made of neoprene so it keeps tissues warm, the magnets promote better blood flow (quicker healing) and the soft wrap is sturdy enough to keep you extended yet soft enough to allow nocturnal erections and to let you sleep without restricting blood flow.


For those who pump, staying stimulated is the key. Use every method available: porno, PE partner, supplements (L-arginine- NOX2- Viagra- Cialis) Doesn’t matter if you suffer from ED or you are just a senor member that has a hard time maintaining an erection or for whatever the reason, productive pumping requires a semi to a totally hard penis. Even the younger members who normally never have a problem maintaining an erection may find it difficult to stay hard at times due the beating we give our penises during PE. So take whatever measures you feel is appropriate, but STAY STIMULATED.
STAY WARM. Wrap the tube with a heating pad; hold a vibrator to it and JELQ that tube continuously. It is very tempting to just pump up, release the pump and run about the house, multi-tasking wearing the tube like a hood ornament. Or it is also a temptation to pump up, disconnect and get lost in a movie, or browsing the forums. If you do this what happens is your blood pumped erection will wither inside the tube and lymph will build. So instead of swelling the cavernosum with healing, life giving, girth building oxygenated blood from the inside, you only swell the skin with fluid from the outside.

By jelqing the tube continually during your sets and by keeping stimulated you can withstand more pressure for longer periods with less fluid build up.

Dr. Kaplan recommends never more than 15 minutes in the tube at below 10 inhg. As I recall Avocet 8 recommends even shorter sets, 6 or 7 minutes at low to moderate pressure. I have worked up to three ten minute sets keeping it less than 10”inhg or going slightly into the red on the out pull while jelqing the tube. I alternate each day between a 3” scrotum and penis cylinder and a 2” penis cylinder. Kaplan’s theory is that the smaller tube gives you girth and the bigger tube gives you length, by pulling out the inner penis and pulling the ligs from beneath and around the scrotum. I’m not sure I agree with this. I only use the bigger cylinder every other day because it seems to enlarge the scrotum and gives the entire package a nice pumped look. I feel, however the 2” tube is what is giving me my girth. But here lately I have been experimenting with some pretty unreal pressures and long sessions with little or no doughnut by simply staying hard in the tube, jelqing the tube continuously and by clamping on a Cable Clamp after each set and wearing it for the standard ten minutes. The blood-rich engorgement seems to dissipate the fluid buildup quicker and better than anything else I’ve tried or read about on this forum. After the last set I clamp off a good Uli and jump into our swimming pool and swim laps letting the tissues cool down in the engorged state, after which I wear either the golf weights or the wrap. If you have no access to a pool use an ice pack. I try to spend at least an hour at the tube five nights a week after the last hour of hanging. So that’s three hours of aggressive PE five days a week with a 48-hour rest period weekly. Never am I without either the weights on or the wrap while healing.

Seems to be working guys, at least for me. See my new stats below.


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No Nukes

Congratulations on your gains. You increased your girth by nearly 2 inches. Quite impressive needless to say.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Mr B. Dog finds that if he whacks his dick with a hammer, it turns purple, and shrinks up for a week.

Originally Posted by Smallja
Mary was a dirty slut and that's why she got pregnant. She loved God's giant, holy penis.


Congrats on the remarkable gains, BG. You have, indeed, a new penis!! And you have earned every centimeter, by as you have termed it, “aggressive PE five days a week.”

I wish you continued success. With your attitude and commitment, I’m sure it will happen.



"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Obviously from your gains what you do works well, but I was just thinking about how you clamp in between hanging, wouldn’t this keep the cells starved of fresh blood rather than giving them a constant flow of fresh blood by jelqing?

And congrats on the gains dude, very impressive! ;)

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Thanks. I may be catching up with you in girth soon. Tell me, do you miss a good blow job with that thick of a dick?


Good point. Actually, I do both. I’m 51 years old and had a pretty nasty case of ED before I began PE a little over a year ago. Now under normal circumstances my ED is completely gone. However, during the ten minute breaks between hanging 20 pounds for 20 minutes I find it a little difficult to pump up a good erection, even with the clamps. So I dry jelq for several minutes to get hard enough to apply the clamp. Also since I no longer need the pills for sex, I hoard my prescriptions of Viagra and Cialis just for these marathon sessons. This dry jelq I do between sets does two things: It gets fresh blood flowing and also helps me get hard enough for the Uli. Sometimes it takes me as long as ten minutes just to get hard enough to apply the 10 minute Uli even with the pills, thus stretching an hour’s hang session to almost two hours, but once the maximum engorgement is achieved, I believe trapping the fresh blood in the glands without any outflow really saturates the cells better than just the jelqs alone.

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No Nukes

Yes, BG. Indeed I do!! This I have shared with several others on this forum. I guess you can’t have it both ways!!

BTW, now that my own ED has gone, I too, hoard the Viagra for my marathon PE sessions. :chuckle:


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Hey BG!
I don’t know if you are still checking this thread, but I finally got around to reading it. I’ve been real busy the past several weeks moving. I still don’t have the internet up at home yet, so my on line time is limited.

Looks like a very comprehensive program, and impressive results. Please tell me what you feel contributed the most to your girth gains. I am primarily interested in increased girth.

I have decided to take another run at water pumping, in that nothing seems to expand my girth in the tube like pumping in water. I am also clamping, and would love to get some of your feed back on what you feel are the key elements to successful clamping.

Gotta run now, and if you don’t see this I will PM you.

Thanks and congrats,

Big G

Great gains but I would think clamping between hanging sets would be dangerous. I usually massage my dick to get the blood flowing again I would never clamp it and cut off fresh blood flow to a already starved head. You have gotten good results so it works for you but I have to caution others that this could be dangerous.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Dino and sparkyx: I haven’t checked this thread for a while so I missed you input: First, Dino: You are absolutely right; this is why my thread is laced with warnings. Aggressive PE and the methods prescribed herein probably ARE dangerous or at least risky to some extent.

Sparkyx: The water pumping didn’t do much for me, but I don’t really have the right equipment yet. However, I honestly believe the X-Ulis are giving me the girth gains. I do them everywhere, at work in the mens’ room stall at the Olive Garden, while watching old reruns of I love Lucy. (Always had a thing for Ethel.) Inev in the hot tub of my favorite nudist camp. Ulis are easily done in stealth just about anywhere you can get your pants down long enough to get a hard on. It is much more dificult dragging out a hydro-pump in the mens’ room at Olive Garden.

I’ve also been seeing some pretty amazing flaccid length gains that are probably coming from some new routines I’ve worked up using heating pad fowfers followed up by wearing frozen lead golf weights. I fowfer sitting on the heating pad while the lead rings are in the freezer chilling on ice. After several ten minute sets with the heating pad fowfers with some dry jelqs and manual stretching I take the rings out of the freezer and put them on and go for a swim. I continue to wear them for the 100 hours it takes the micro-tears to heal, replacing the rings with the mag-wrap while sleeping. I believe the nearly frozen rings cement the elongated flaccid stretch length almost instantly. I’m pretty sure this routine is also dangerous or at the very least as risky as clamping between hanging sets or sleeping in the mag-wrap or some of the other radical routines I do as I’m always warned by the vets, and I respect there warnings, but as long as I’m seeing these results and the dick still works, I’ll probably continue. See more on these new lead weights here:

Wraps, Clamps And Golf Weights

Or PM me.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

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