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Stop this arguing please. If anybody is pimping here, they will be exposed, sooner or later.

Myself, before I would take anybody’s word about having good results, I would want to see a whole shit load of before and after pics.

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I also took some video’s where it will be posted soon. Pictures will be coming in each chance I get. For example last night my other head incision has healed. Also the scabbing around the glans incision is starting to come off as planned by the 5th week point.

I also had a 70% erection last night which I measured at 6.7” at the base.

But I agree with you Thunder.. I’m telling everyone I’m talking to to wait a good 6 months to see if there will be any problems and see if I gained decent length. I’m just doing as instructed for my 6 weeks of healing. I haven’t showered but just sponge bathed, I’m putting on Betadine on the incisions twice a day, and I’m trying to prevent erection’s as well as I can. Although over night it’s pretty difficult to assure you won’t get an erection. I’ve had plenty of them since day 1. The 2 erection medications work well, but nothing is 100%. At least everything has held in place. No blood anywhere even though I was told to buy little cotton balls which I did. Fortunately they weren’t needed. I was most nervous about that too with incisions opening around the glans. But if there are any drawbacks down the line I will gladly acknowledge them.

Originally Posted by Rachmunas4life
So your telling my that the erect fat transfer picture that I have on my thread on the other site looks normal? I looked deformed! Dr. K was the only doctor I could find that did reconstructions to get rid of all the fat. I downed over $25,000 of my hard earned money and I’m only 24! I post on that site because it’s just a site. Would you care for me to move that thread all together on this site or matterofsize and praise Dr. K there? If so would you still call me a liar?

Do we really need to continue this? You know how I feel about it. I don’t believe your personal story and I’m not the only one. Let’s leave it at that.

Ok will just leave it at that. But if you ever want to see all my bills from Dr. Giunta, including before/after pics his staff personally took, I’d be glad to fax them over the you just to prove my innocence.

Or actually I’ll just post pictures on this thread of my before/afters that the surgical staff took and paperwork. Please let me know if this is ok first. I just want to prove I’m telling the truth and then we can drop the debate. Thanks guys!

Ok. I’ll try to get to it tonight.

- Proof of surgeries

Here’s the link to my before/after pics taken from Dr. Giunta and each 4 agreement statements for proof of each surgery I had with Dr. Giunta. I hope this will resolve everything!

Are we cool Big Dipper? I’d really like that! : )

I just posted on the other thread, but I will address it here as well. The last thing I want to do is fight with you. If you did go through the things you claimed, I am sorry. What you’ve posted proves nothing to me. I’m not trying to be stubborn or an ass in any way. When I have a mod from saying your story was BS combined with alleged inconsistencies and exaggerations in your story, I have a hard time believing it. Bottom line is I hope we can put this behind us and move on. I am looking forward to your continued updates on your recovery. It looks very good so far. I am looking to have a second go at surgery in the near future and am currently trying to decide who to use.

First off I just copy and pasted this post from my surgical thread.

I had another erection over night which I measured quickly. I did measure with an 80% erection (harder erection then before) I’d estimate, and my stats were 6.75 base, 6.4 (in between mid shaft and base) 6.25 mid-shaft and 5.6 glans. I used my usual tape measure and made sure it was tight enough to have an honest stat. I’ll post pictures when my remaining scabs heal within the next week or so of an erection with my tape measure. It still isn’t good for me to get an erection, but since I’m all medications (including 2 erection medications) I’m getting erections constantly. I’m so horny!!! Over 5 weeks with no play for a 24 year old sure is tough!

Those numbers compared to my original size is of no comparison. This obviously morphs my previous erect girth of 5” since it felt huge in my palm and when I looked in the mirror.

If my girth size stays when I stretch out the Dermal Graphs over time to add length, I might not even want the second Dermal Graph. If I did get a second it would obviously be for show and bragging rights in my gym locker room. But I’m big enough now to turn heads at my gym.

I know some of you don’t want me posting a thread of mynewsize, but I just put up some erect pictures that I’m sure you would like to see! I also just took my first shower in almost 6 weeks. Words can’t describe how good it felt!

Thunder, would you care for me to just post the pictures in the members area without me posting the thread? Posting the thread is easier but I wouldn’t mind putting up pictures… Thanks

Ok. I’ll post them up there. I’m in a real good mood since I took my first shower yesterday in 6 weeks and another one today, and half of the scabs on the glans came off. I also look completely healed where it came off. So once it’s all come off in a few days, then I’ll be healed and can start doing stretching.


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