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My flacid gain from the lengthening surgery was 1.5 inches. It just doesn’t hang lower, it’s actually longer. I had a scar on my dick from a childhood accident that was down towards the base of my flacid penis. After the surgery, it was much farther up my penis.

I did PE for a while with shitty gains. After my surgery I did some more PE and I made much better gains. I don’t believe I would have the NBPEL I have no with having had my ligs cut.

Originally Posted by baywatch
I did PE for a while with shitty gains. After my surgery I did some more PE and I made much better gains. I don’t believe I would have the NBPEL I have no with having had my ligs cut.

But did you actively hang on a more regular and consistent basis post surgery? I’d be amazed if the answer to this question was no.

I did hang on a more regular and consistent basis post surgery. However, only about a third of my entire NBPEL gains were achieved by hanging. The rest I got from manual stretching and Jelqing or wearing my static stretching traction device.

In other words, hanging for nearly a year delivered less results than the combined manual stretch/Jelq and traction device wearing during a shorter period of combined time.

There will never be a long term study done by docs who do the dermal grafts. It’s a great business decision. The success stories are really happy for a few years and give two year positive testimonials. Notice you don’t see any 10 year ones. I remember before I got mine, I was sitting in the waiting room talking to a guy who had his dermal a year previous. I asked him why he was back and he said because it was almost completely gone. He had this sad look of despair in his eyes. And he was a guy that had a good amount of bodyfat. I have a more athletic build, probably 8 percent bodyfat. If your level of activity and bodyfat has anything to do with you losing your graft then I should of lost mine before he did. If there is anyone out there who has bad a graft for 10 plus years and it is not shrinking, please let me know where you got it done.

I’m not an advocate of the surgery, but I’ve personally spoke with people who have almost 8 years with their dermal grafts and are still fine. I would never get a dermal graft as I don’t want the scars on my body. I think it depends on the person’s body. I also know of people who’ve had long term success with FFT.

Finally had it done. After all these years, I finally had my girth touched up. Only four days post op but so far so good. We’ll see how it goes.

Originally Posted by xefon
Being Fat is not a choice. Being a Diabetic is not a choice, Some people have very slow metabolism some people use food as a security blanket. As I also used it that way, when I was depressed I ate more. And I was depressed because I was overweight. You know I went 7 days without eating In high school because people with your Ideas made fun of me and I ended up sick and even fatter. I have been skinny throughout my life BUT don’t put down overweight people. SOME of them can`t help it and society helped push them in that direction.

This is an interesting argument, similar to the argument that it’s not a persons fault if they maintain an alcoholic or drug addict life style because they use drugs, alcohol, and nicotine to feel better and as a “Security Blanket”. Some people have slow metabolisms, but most of those that claim they do have not maintained a decent diet and exercised an 5 hours a week.
If you have been to see a nutritionist and personal trainer for 4 months and not seen any fat loss, then I guess you can claim to have a slow metabolism.
And the whole skipping meals “I went 7 days without eating in High School because of people with your ideas” is probably the exact cause of your “Slow metabolism”.
Do a little research on how bodybuilders eat.. 5-7 meals a day..
I know it sounds like allot, but were not talking 800 calorie meals like most people eat 3x a day = 2400 calories of crap food.
Most of them do it like a 200-300 calorie snack/meal every 2 hours. = 1800-200 calories of good nutrition. (Metabolic rate raises after eating)

When I do this, I am never hungry, never go on a binge, eat healthy, and have a ton of energy.
This is why you always see thin people eating.. Because they don’t wait until they are so hungry that they eat 1400 calories in a moment of weakness.

Go to and do a little research instead of claiming the “slow metabolism”. Grab your self by the nuts and do something about it.
I promise you will feel sooooooo much better.

Sorry to bust your balls, but I think we all need a head check once in a while.. =D

Current stats 7.0 bpel 7.5 bpsfl 5.0 eg 4.5 fg Current goal 8.5 bpel 6.25eg (10-15-06)

So has anybody got any experience with Dr. Harold Reed I’m really going towards surgery

Any advice guys I’m only 4.7 erect and 4.5 width

If anyone has any penis enlargement stories regarding Dr Sava V Perovic, I’d love to hear about them. I’m considering using his services.

Anyone had Penis Enlargement Surgery w VY plasty technique

Sorry if this is the wrong thread. I couldn’t post in the main forum.

I had the lengthening VY plasty technique done.

I would like to ask a few questions only the VY plasty guys will know.

Please let me know.

Guys, I really need your help with this.

I know someone had to have this done.

Please PM me.

I read that procedure was put on hold. I could be wrong but I heard there were a number of complications. Anyone with more knowledge care to chime in?

Have you tried a search for VY plasy.

There are a few mentions in the forum search which might help, Or, you could try a Google search.

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