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Oh, you took out both bags. I only did one.

Originally Posted by djk, theswan, chitownstud4u and whatever other names he has used
…and also from the cash flow they see from products that some people on here sell.

Thanks. I’ll take this opportunity to advertise.

Please buy the official Thunder’s Place PE Program. Or the Thunderjelq device. Or the Thunderclamp. Or the Thunderhanger, Thunderzinger or Thundersurgery. Maybe a DVD will come out soon.


I love watchin’ you guys work!

I can’t believe I missed all the fun. Where did he pull Peforeal’s name out from? Wasn’t that out of the blue?

I knew something was wierd when he said he was from MOS, then accuses us of trying to sell something. What a joke!

Originally Posted by XLmagnum
Wasn’t that out of the blue?

He pulled that out of nowhere in another thread also.

I saw Peforeal’s penis in another thread I believe, and it looked pretty big. I don’t know why he said his claims were unsubstatiated. That’s why he carries that ex-member tag….plain ignorance.

This has been a great thread, shame about all the deviations. Hopefully Crashhex will keep posting.

Damn….missed a chance to vent!

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Who’s stoppin’ you? I can find a valid target if you’d like? :D

Their Photos/FAQ’s section contains two interesting pages:

Non Surgical Solutions

Physiotherapy Products

The first basically says PE works and points you to the site.

The second pushes some vacuum attached hangers, claiming:

This is the same technique used by many cultures throughout history, with recorded penis lengths of up to 18 inches. Used regularly, the results often become permanent.

Then it pushes some penis pills and Horny Goat Weed. Again, all this being sold through

Who owns malebridge? Yep, Total Life Enhancement.

Looks like they have most of the moneymaking bases in PE covered. They sell a hanger, pills and surgery. The pill hawking is troubling, leading me to believe they either don’t know as much about PE as one would hope, or they do but are unethical.

Just for reference Total Male Enhancement uses Gary Rheinschild’s stuff, but he is not affiliated with them anymore. They are just using his stuff when he worked for them awhile back


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