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I just posted this post on the 7 by 6 thread. But since I’d put up the same post on here, I’ll just copy and paste it.

Hey my girth I posted on here was before I was completely healed. Well I’m healed from my surgery and my 6 week point I just measured at 6.8 base, 6.5 base/mid-shaft, 6.35 mid-shaft and 5.8 glans. I haven’t lost anything but have gained since I came off the medications, especially the 2 erection medication that was restricting my blood flow. I feel great!

I just would like to add for all that are either chosing to get alloederm or a graft from the back, I’ve had them both done. The alloederm shrinks down to the size of a quarter in the middle of your penis after four years and the back graft becomes thinner and thinner. If you are lucky enough to get past the surgery without longterm complications, then you can spend the next four years having a jolly old time. But have a lot of fun, because no matter what you get, it goes away. Which is why it’s such a great money maker. Cause you’ll have to redo it every four years(if you’re lucky). I am going to really give p.e a try now that I’m almost back to normal

Who did your surgeries? The reason I ask is because I know a few people who have had results that have lasted far longer than four years. I am not one of them or am I doubting your claims, but I do believe there is something to be said for surgical technique.

It was rheinschild. I mean after I got over the initial problems things looked and felt great for a few years, but then it was thinning. Who do you know who’s lasted over four and who did their surgeries?

The people I know used primarily Rosenthal and Giunta. One guy I know used Rosenthal for Alloderm in 1999 and he has retained the entire graft. Rheinschild is a butcher and is responsible for a number of botched surgeries. He did a number on a few members of this board. It’s no wonder you had a bad experience. I’m sorry you had a negative experience as I know how it feels.

It’s pathetic that Rheinschild is butchering everyone! I almost went to him when I was talked into Giunta. Personally I don’t know which result would have been worse, but I do know that a surgeon shouldn’t do these surgeries anymore if these are the results that they are poorly achieving!

Even the friend I made the same day that I went to Giunta (1st surgery out of 4) had the fat clump up and absorb in 2 months.

I’ve been successful with my Dr. Krakovsky surgery, and I really hope that I’ll be this happy with the surgery for the rest of my life!

That’s what makes me not want to waste the money on getting one again. I mean it was stable for three years. It obviously “took” to the blood supply and was vascular. I don’t think bad technique has anything to do with it right. I mean bad technique would have made it not take or dissappear real soon. Damn I wish they would stay longer

First of all, I said in a previous post that I would be looking into getting the length/girth procedure done in the future and I hope, as it goes for the girth, that thinning of the dermal graft doesn’t occur in 100 % of the people who have the procedure done. The unfortunate thing is that there doesn’t seem to be long term studies done on satisfaction and this type of thing ( I could be wrong about there not being a study of it). As far as the length procedure, it seems from what I understand about the cutting of the suspensitory ligament is that cutting this ligament doesn’t usually “release the inner penis”,it merely allows more localized force to be applied on the tunica and other internal structure which facilitates actual shaft growth as you do the post-op stretching such as traction devices or hanging. Correct me if this seems wrong

Gary Alter says right up front that the lengthening surgery releases the suspensory ligament thereby allowing the penis to be more easily stretched and therefore lengthened. There is no immediate post surgery gain. The gains come after stretching.

I just spoke to a Guinta patient and somehow Guinta is making guys longer right after surgery and in fact has pics on his site showing the immediate gain. I don’t know why Alter would delivering no immediate post op gain and Guinta would be.

The bottom line is that lengthening surgery is an enabler and that you don’t gain (for the most part) post op without stretching.

The question is whether releasing the ligament allows the internal structure’s cells to multiply and hence grow or if it allows the the penis to just move forward

It just allows the penis to move forward. In fact I’m not sure I buy the whole cell multiplication theory. I think length gains are all in the ligs.

Anyone else wanna chime in and say what they think?

I’m fairly sure all the lig cutting does is allow the penis the hange lower in the flaccid state. The other thing it does is encourage peopel to actively hang on a consistent basis. I don’t believe the lig cutting aids erect length gains other that motivating the patients to hang, believing it is a necessary part of the surgical process. Next time you get an erection, feel how the penis expands and grows in length, then think how what effect lig cutting is going to have on that process (none). I believe all length gains come from stecthing the tunica. If two groups of 1000 men who had the surgery and 1000 men who hadn’t, hung for an hour a day for 6 months, and before and after measurements were taken, I’d be amazed if there was any real difference in the results between the two goups.

Well I can’t speak for the 1000 men, but for me I hope that the lengthening procedure is not going to necessary. That is because of the money.

Cutting the ligs does make it easier to gain length. It’s not just for motivation. Think about it: there would be far less resistance if your ligs were cut. Hanging would produce faster results after such a surgery. Most people can gain length without having surgery so I would go this route first. I’ve known a few people who were hangers for a few years and had stopped gaining. They went and had the surgery and were able to gain again. Not a bunch, but anywhere from a half inch to just over an inch. This is on top of the gains the received from natural pe.


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