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Does anyone use any off the shelf suppliements to help their PE routines and has anyone had any noticalbe effects from such use.
If so what were the supplements used.


I don´t think anyone can say that this or that pill makes for better growth or recovery but…

If you use erect exercises and lack “libido” and/or motivation and it´s hard to get the kind of erection you need for a specific length of time, then some kind of suppliment can be helpful. I´m thinking of those that enhances levels of NO like Yohimbe, Viagra and L-arginin. There are more of them of course..



I myself have used L-Arginine. I was up to 7.5 grams a day. The effects that I noticed were an increase in hardness of erection, like a really full hard and heavy sensation, as well as an increase in cum load.

Mind you, supplementing with this L-Arginine has had no benefits along the lines of increasing length, although maybe temporarily for length as it seems to produce a more harder and fuller erection, which might lead to an increase of 1/16 or even 1/8 inch, but only temporary. Same with girth, albeit a very small difference.

But I don’t really count these as gains. I did like, however, the effects on my cum skills! :D

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

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