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Clamping and Supplements from a PE Vet

Clamping and Supplements from a PE Vet

What’s up guys. I haven’t posted in a very long time. So here goes.

I am 32 years old. I’ve been a long time PEer (many years). This is what I have learned…..
I am blessed with good natural length and a large head 7 1/2 long bone press. 7 not bone pressed. I have to say that added weight takes away from length. When
I started PEing I was a lot younger and 20 pounds lighter. I use to be able to get 8 inches out of the ruler after a good clamping session but that was when I was at
145 lbs. Now I’m 165. My girth is only a little over 5 inches, which is why clamping is the natural choice for me.

I mainly just clamp. I have tried just about all the exercises and nothing equals clamping. PE for me never gave me any solid gains. If I stopped the gains
went away. It’s just like lifting weights. You can be a pretty big guy. But if you stop lifting weights for a year and sit on the couch…you’ll look like
you never even hit the gym. Clamping just makes me much fuller and bigger. I don’t measure much anymore. Its not important. As long as it feels bigger it is bigger.
I think there are a few key things for clamping. The first is that you must have a “good erection day”. If you can’t get that big solid boner, you’re not gonna
have a productive clamp session.

Now I have to talk about testosterone, because that is the key factor in your erection. If you have low testosterone (which for us older guys is natural) then
PEing isn’t gonna do anything. Sleep is a important factor in testosterone. Your body doesn’t release growth hormones in till 6 hours into a deep sleep. (Caffeine blocks deep sleep)
Your body won’t produce enough if you get 5 hours of sleep a night. Trust me I work close to 60 hours Monday-Friday with little sleep some nights. I do not smoke or drink caffeine. Both of these are negatives when it comes to sleep and blood flow.

Now for my supplements. Great supplement info right here. Great thread on penis health in general. I recommend you guys read at least the first page.…16944971&page=1

With all these I recommend the powder form or granules never pills. Its much cheaper and you’ll be able to take more.
Now be careful, these supplements not only get your dick working better, they will also make your sperm swim better, in other words baby making supplements.

The most important thing a man can take is Zinc (balance zinc with magnesium and copper). I can not stress the importance of Zinc in the male diet enough. And no your daily multi vitamin isn’t enough. A guy should get about 50mg of Zinc a day. Do you know what food has the most Zinc in it? Oysters! Which is why its consider to be a natural aphrodisiac. Just Google Zinc and
testosterone once. You’ll probably go buy Zinc supplements today. Do not take Zinc with any dairy product. You’re body will not absorb the Zinc. The second
thing I take is Lecithin. This helps with semen and the prostate. Don’t take Zinc with Lecithin. Soy protein also effects Zinc. I take Zinc by itself. The
third is L-Arginine. This helps with blood flow and growth hormones. And last I take Maca. A lot of Maca, this stuff is crazy for me. I think men on Viagra would be better taking Maca. About 3000mg a day. This in granules form taste like shit. So I get Maca pills. You can buy it in granules and cap it yourself. Only buy Maca root, the rest of the plant is useless for erections. I go to Swanson Supplements for everything. But bodybuilding forum has good prices to. Monster Maca is a very cheap brand also. I don’t eat celery but from what I understand I should. So Zinc, L-Arginine, Lecithin and Maca. Celery should be included in my stack…but its not.

Now for my routine. I use the classic Cable Clamp. Which I bought a bulk supply years ago. 50 of them. They break after about a year and in case the company
goes down I want to have them. I use Nexcare First Aid Tape for my wrap. I take two pieces 6-7 inches long and stick them together. This is the perfect wrap!
Nothing else compares to this wrap. I make sure I get a good plump erection before putting on the wrap and clamp. I have very very strong kegel/pc muscles.
I usually cross my legs and squeeze it as plump and big as i can, then wrap and clamp quickly. I use a lot Shave Cocoa Butter with Shea and put
it all over it, and gently, lightly stroke it while I’m clamped (this is turning into a penthouse letter) and of course I watch a good porn while clamped.

On a light erection day, I’ll only clamp for 4-5 mins just once. You can tell your dick is up for the challenge of clamping after you remove the clamp. Can
you stay hard? If not you’re done. Rinse off and take your supplements right after. If I can stay hard I continue to maintain a full erection for a few mins
then I go right back into the clamp for another 5 mins. I never exceed 5-6 mins at a time. You are cutting off blood supply and this is very bad. The goal
isn’t to kill tissue in your dick. You are simply “trying to blow the balloon up a little bigger” And never ejaculate after clamping. Its bad. If you get some pussy that is different. Get some. But don’t beat off.

After I’m done clamping I go to the sink and rinse with warm or hot water. I think warm/hot water helps get that fresh blood going in your dick again. Remember you just put your dick the hell. It’s not happy and it needs fresh blood to begin to heal. Yes you hurt it. I then take one of my supplements. Doesn’t matter which, they will all help. And that’s about it. I might
do this a few times through out the day. (I’m single live alone right now). Had a girl friend for a while. Just tell her about PE. Then you don’t gotta hide
it. I do 1 on 1 off. I think heal time is crucial.

In closing I’d like to say that to big of a dick isn’t good. I’m not huge but I’m above average. There were days my ex didn’t want it doggy style because I
“went to deep” she said. Anal just hurt her even with a lot of lube. Again to big. And I’ve been with smaller girls that I couldn’t push it all the way in.
But I’ve also been with girls where I felt like I as a hot dog down a hallway. Its true really really skinny girls have a big hole.
I know this was a long read. But I haven’t been on this site in a very long time. Just thought I’d post my knowledge.

Thanks for sharing. I also only clamp for my girth exercises so I am always welcoming more information. One question though…I take zinc (not as often as I should) but I also drink two cups of milk a day mixed with my protein powder for my workout routines…if I drink milk how long should one generally wait before taking zinc? I never knew that it get absorbed in dairy and want to make sure that I am not negating anything.

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I would say an hour, two is better. When I take it, I take it before bed on a (relatively) empty stomach.

Yea I’d say an hour or so. Best thing is to take it first thing in the morning with water. Zinc is found in meat. But what do you eat with meat most of the time. Cheese a glass of milk. The dairy nerfs the Zinc from getting in your body. Same thing with cereal.

Zinc not only aids in testosterone production, it also stop your body from turning testosterone into estrogen.

I think guys that experience ED should try supplements before Viagra. I think Maca, Zinc, proper sleep and diet can get the wood back in the bedroom. A lot of body builders take ZMA.

Originally Posted by thal
Yea I’d say an hour or so. Best thing is to take it first thing in the morning with water. Zinc is found in meat. But what do you eat with meat most of the time. Cheese a glass of milk. The dairy nerfs the Zinc from getting in your body. Same thing with cereal.

Zinc not only aids in testosterone production, it also stop your body from turning testosterone into estrogen.

I think guys that experience ED should try supplements before Viagra. I think Maca, Zinc, proper sleep and diet can get the wood back in the bedroom. A lot of body builders take ZMA.

Since this is my first post, I’d like to note that:
I know the body very well and how things interact in & with it.
I am very holistic and live a natural lifestyle.
I am also a pretty exceptional natural lifter.
That all said..

Avoid dairy to begin. The industry is disgusting. Google “the truth about milk” or something along those lines.
The reason to avoid dairy when taking zinc is because it is rather high in calcium, and zinc & calcium compete for absorption.

Zinc is something everyone should be taking. Fact: an average male’s “load’ releases 15mg of zinc.
The DV (by the way, the DV numbers are complete BS and horribly low—but I don’t want to get into that right now) for zinc is 15mg.
Zinc is essential in sexual health regulation (note: zinc doesn’t raise already healthy test levels, but low levels may be caused by low zinc intake) and many things, including cell regrowth (from what I’ve read on PE, cell repair is a pretty damn important thing, so connect the dots).

Magnesium has synergistic effects with zinc. In other words, take some magnesium with your zinc.
Magnesium has health benefits of its own as well.

ZMA products are a waste of money—they are VERY expensive for a very small amount of what is in the serving.
Simple buy your zinc and magnesium separately; you can usually find 200x capsules of each for around $6 each at a local Rite-Aid or grocery store.

At stores, you’ll mostly find zinc gluconate/chelate. This form is fine; it absorbs well, but zinc picolinate is noted to absorb 3x as well.
Unless you’re buying online, you’ll probably only find magnesium oxide, but this form is fine as well.

I see you take Maca.. A good choice. You may also want to take/try out some Long Jack Extract (try to find it at a 100:1) and some quality Epimedium (aka horny goat weed extract). I’ve read some good things about a product called Men’s Advantage, from MuscleFeast—a very reputable, though smaller, company that sells quality supplements.
If you have a little extra cash to spend, you may want to check it out.

Diet is extremely important—it’s no coincidence that I’m frequently told by chicks “your cum tastes really good” after they go down on me..
But, we’re not talking about that part of our diets—we’re talking about testosterone! Fact: 30% of your calories should come from fats (healthy fats—no trans fat—and it should, to the best of your ability, a mix of different fats) in order for a male to have peak natural testosterone levels.

Being active and exercising keeps your natural test levels up.

Sex keeps your test levels up.

Yea I research a lot on testosterone. One of the best sites I’ve found is a site called Peak Testosterone

A good link is this…40 ways to increase testosterone…-Naturally.aspx

“The bottom line is that it’s easy for most of us to increase testosterone 10%-30% by having more frequent sex, sleeping more, lowering stress levels by life style changes (and 1500 mg of Vit C on a Low Fat Diet) and adopting a winning attitude (assuming you’re not doing one of the deadly hormonal sins of drinking too much, being overweight or over training)”

That is from his site. I would like to add smoking weed to that. As weed is well known to increase estrogen.

But click on there home page and read more. This site has a lot of compiled info. Not all solid fact…Just seems like someone who has read everything on men’s health. I do take a Magnesium supplement daily 200mg. This is a very cheap pill also. I take Vitamin C in a mega-dose 1500mg. Because its shown to lower cortisol responses to heavy exercise.

For me sleep is what I am robbed of Monday-Friday. So I do my best to help my body produce testosterone.

Morning wood is the “canary in the coal mine” if you wake up with a wood it means your body produced a significant amount of testosterone. No wood means your body didn’t produce much. So if you get 7-8 hours of sleep on average with no morning wood, then its time for a change. When I manage to get more then 6 hours of sleep I get very strong morning wood. No surprise there because I take so much to help my body produce testosterone.

On a side note that web page has a very scary write up on Propecia. Here

Nice thread, definitely bookmarking/favoriting

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

” Don’t take Zinc with Lecithin. Soy protein also effects Zinc. Take zinc by itself. “

Does this statement mean that it is wrong to take a lecithin capsule and a zinc tablet one after another?

I take zinc after lunch. The right time to take lecithin would be after breakfast or after supper?

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