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Suggestions for New Prog.

Suggestions for New Prog.

Ok, so, once I get a pump, (which is very soon, still searching for the right pump), I am going to be basically doing every single one of the PE exercises.

Heres my current routine :

400 secs of DLD Blasters (manual stretching)
2-3 sets of 20 mins on the bib hanger
20 mins powerjelqing.

Heres what I was thinking of doing when I start to pump

400 secs of Blasters
2 sets of 15 mins on the bib
15 mins PJing
Pumping (following adcot8’s pumping routine)

The reason why I shortened the hanging is because I already have a very low LOT (7 o’clock) and dont think hanging will show the greatest amount of gains. I also shortened PJing because it is basically the same thing as pumping, but I kept it to help in circulation and there will still most likely be benefits from it.

Also, what do you think about this pump?

I want the lengthmaster because I really want to focus on length first. Im pretty satisfied with my 6” girth, I can wait to work on that. Would you suggest this or something else?

Thanks a lot guys…

PS : One last thing! I was also thinking about going on pills. I have read reviews and it seems that VigRX pills always seem to get one of the best(always in the Top5) from just about every site i’ve visited. What are your guys thoughts?

From my experience Vig-RX does not work. If it did it would probably take you around 2 years to gain 1/4 an inch in length. If you’re going to take Vig-RX only use it if you have a problem keeping an erection whilst jelqing. I highly recommend you doing stretching only if since you need to work on your tunica. Girth exercises will only strengthen the tunica and make length gains much harder. Besides, you’re 6” already (bastard). I think your stretching routine is good enough. Lay low on the girth exercises. Hope I helped.

LoL….but I only have 5.5” EL =\ Hmm, so I guess the one thing that I thought was essential was really what could have been holding me back….MY LIFE IS A LIE!! *SOB* LoL…well, ill try this stretching only routine. And does pumping strengthen the tunica? I dont know, they supposedly say that this tube is specifically designed to increase length and give very little girth gains….crock of bull or real? Should I go ahead and start pumping with this pump?

Wanna 7.5

I think you can go ahead and start incorporating pumping into your routine. Having it at the end of your routine is a good way to go. The vacutech model you linked to seems to be a quality product. Skip the pills, they don’t really work. Good luck.


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