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Stretching questions

Stretching questions

With my stretching routines I usually just pull and stretch for about 2 minutes in each desired point then stop and start back up going down for two minutes then up etc.. Is it better to do shorter stretches retract then pull back out? Basically I’m saying pull up for 30 seconds, stop, then being again for another 30 seconds instead of just going all out for two minutes?

The question is, how long do hold every stretch? For 2 mins straight?

30 secs at a time sounds good to me, even 45 secs to a min is okay. Make sure you give your ligs a break before you hear and feel that unwanted “popping” sound.

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Why is the poping sound ‘unwanted’? I thought that was considered a good sign?

Thanks guys

30 sec… 45 sec… one or even two minute stretches are great. I have experimented with all these times and think a minimum of 30 is best for me… in the beginning I did 10 second stretches… but think holding the stretch longer is better.

Currenty holding for one minute and think it’s appropriate.

Also, sometimes i hear a mild popping sound when i stretch and don’t think it’s anything to worry about at all.


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I believe you holding a stretch longer is better, at least to a certain point. 1 min stretches are great for me. 10 second stretches won’t do anything for me. Holding a stretch for a longer period of time will help stretch the fibers in the penis more efficient.

IMO it is important to be able to feel the stretch in your penis. If I hold a stretch for 1min I really feel the tension in my ligs and tunica, especially towards the last 20 seconds or so. If you feel the stretch burn, it is working. If you don’t feel it, most likely it is not working.

I like to hold my unit stretched while changing the position of the stretch for a total of 10 minutes. I read somewhere in another thread from a vet his theory on the different fibers being targeted while they’re already at their ‘limit.’ I found this to work for me somewhat as my flaccid hang is about half an inch longer since starting my stretching routine a few weeks ago.

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My hand wears out at around the 30 second mark, and only goes down hill from there..

I need some sorta device, but I’m to lazy to make a hanger.. I guess I’ll just have to strengthen my hand muscles!

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