Stretching Question

Okay, I think I need to understand some of the “finer points” of stretching. I am in the middle of week two of the newbie routine, keeping all my details in the progress reports forum.

After stretching, I feel more of a “pull” going on up and down along the shaft, a little soreness if you will, but nothing much up in the ligs. Is that normal? AM I supposed to feel sore up into the ligs?

What’s the “lowdown” on lig pops? I’ve had two of these in ten days. (All the “gory details” are in the progress forum.) The first one felt like it went all the way through the penis, and up to the top of the CC’s, just below the head. Like there was a “cord” running lengthwise through the penis from the base to the top, almost. Now it gets a little sore after stretching in that same area, no sharp pain or anything, I just “feel” it more than elsewhere after a session. Like that cord that stretched hurts a little, if that makes sense. Any ideas on this?

Do ligs just attach to the base, or do they run all the way up? Was this pehaps a tunica stretch I experienced? Is it possible to “pull” something, that goes pretty much through the middle all the way lengthwise, like the middle “seam” that separates the two CC’s? Sorry If this sounds vague, it’s weird describing these things sometimes. I just want to be sure I’m not stretching too much, or too little. I don’t know whether to be scared or concerned about this, or not. Thanks.

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