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Question regarding stretching gains

Question regarding stretching gains

If you’re stretching where do you get your gains from ? From stretching out the ligs/tunica or by stretching the shaft ? If the answer is from both what would be the ratio between the two ?

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I imagine most manual stretching exercises put most of the stress on the ligaments.

on a similar note.

will you loose girth by just stretching without any girth exercise?

IMO, stretching will not decrease your girth, I don’t do any girth exercise but my girth seems better when only performing stretching exercises. I guess at least 80% of length gains come from ligament release and the rest comes from the penis itself (the tunica part). In fact, I am calling this penis enlargement staff as ligament enlargement staff. Because unless you are specifically targeting the tunica tissue, you are enlarging your ligaments, not the penis. You are just changing the inner penis/outer penis ratio. But if you target tunicae that’s a different story. That’s why I am proposing the term LE (Ligament Enlargement) instead of PE. :)

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Ligaments enlargment doesn’t give you a bigger dick. It is the pulling of the internal penis which enlarges it. Lengthening the ligs allows you to pull on the internal dick and therfore pull it forwards and also make it grow.

If, magically, over night, your ligs suddenly lengthened to twice the length they were before, without ever having pulled on your penis, you would not have a longer dick. It is the stretching of the ligs which allows them to have enough slack in them so that you can pull on the internal penis instead of the ligs taking all the strain, which causes lengthening.

This is demonstrated by the fact that during penile lengthening surgery, they have to cut the ligs so that they can pull the internal penis further forward, to give extra external length. If they just cut the ligs and did nothing else, the penis would not be any longer externally.

If during surgery, they didn’t cut the ligs, the internal penis could not be pulled out because the ligs would be anchoring the penis to the body.

In PE, we stretch the ligs instead, which creates the same effect, only at a slower rate. The ligs are something which are in the way of lengthening the penis, they are not what cause the lengthening. If you lengthen them, the penis will take the strain from the pulls more and grow more. The lengthened ligs will also be slack enough to stop any internal growth(pulled forwards penis or actual penis growth) from being restrained from becoming external.

Lengthening the ligs without lengthening or pulling the penis forwards will do nothing for length.

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Gottagrow, I couldn’t see the difference between what I said and what you are saying. With ligament stretching, you are not significantly changing the inner penis+outer penis sum. Looser ligaments just allow more inner penis to get out in case of an erection. But the overall length is the same (almost the same, cause some tunica enlargement may also occur indirectly).

Note: Referring to your surgery example, doctors do not cut all the ligs due to stability issues, and that’s why they recommend the patients to use external stretching devices for those uncut ligs. But in natural PE, you are stretching all the ligs. So, if it was possible to cut ALL the ligs during surgery, then you would immediatley gain some inches.

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teoman, understood. We are on the same page.

I am aware of the surgeons recommending the patients to stretch their penises after surgery. They cut the suspensory ligaments so that the penis can be pulled forwards and then after surgery, the stretching is important so that the penis does not heal back into it’s original place. The remaining ligs aren’t suspensory and do not stop the penis from being pulled forwards, although they are stretched during the surgery. The penis is often reported to be unstable after surgery as the hollow left behind the penis gives room to rock back and forth during sex a little and the supsensory ligaments aren’t there to stop it. The remaining ligs help keep the penis somewhat stable and fixed in position once they heal from being pulled forwards from surgery, but they are not strong enough to stop the penis rocking back and forth somewhat.

>So, if it was possible to cut ALL the ligs during surgery, then you would immediatley gain some inches.<

Some inches yes, but only if the penis was pulled forwards in the surgery, aswel. The gains would dissapear gradually, as there would be no ligaments what so ever to stop the penis being pushed back into the cavity whilst heavily thrusting during sex. The skin of the penis would also limit the amount the penis could be pulled forwards. Unless the person Dedicated themselves to stretching on their penis every day for the rest of their life, the penis would eventually get pushed back into the cavity from sexual intercourse. The penis would be incredibly unstable.

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Does anyone know what angles should be used during JAI stretches? I’m assuming you pull SO, but do some of you pull at different angles? BTW I have a very low LOT

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