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Stretching and heat.

Stretching and heat.

Okay I have a heater and maybe I can put it in to use.

Does stretching or hanging under heat help in any way?

What kind of heater?

I’m playing around with this idea for a while now, doing my stretching solely under hot water (shower) with the stream directed right at the ligs. But I’m thinking about buying a good UV lamp and direct the heat (deep tissue) right towards my dick during the entire workout, not just during the stretching part.

Any ideas or comments on that?

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I think they are discussion that in the MoS forum.

Sounds like an interesting idea and there are people who did do it.

But I’m worried that you need some moisture.

Using heat just by itself might dry out your skin. But so does water if you don’t put a moisturizer on afterwards.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Yep they have a discussion on this over at MOS, I have tryed using a rice sock during streching but i become erect to quickley.


I think the thread at MOS is about an infrared heat lamp. If I had the patience and money to do it I definately would.

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