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Stretch/jelq help for a hard gainer

Stretch/jelq help for a hard gainer

I’m sorry for the long post and I realise that many of you will not read it due to this, but if anyone does get through it I’d really appreciate your advice.

I recently pm’d one of Thunders members about this but I thought if I just started a thread to get the question out to the community as oppose to one person, it would be more beneficial and also remove some of the pressure he might of felt after I laid quite a long question on him. Plus, I hope that others will gain something from this.

I’ve been jelqing roughly 2 years now (as some of you may know) with next to nothing gains except a small gain(length) which I am over the moon about but then they stopped, (I also gained girth in the upper half of my shaft which is better than nothing, right?). I started off slow with the newbie routine but gained nothing, then I read up a little and was told that the sessions had to be intense and that because I had a low lot I would have to jelq SU. So I did this, again with no results, I even did jelqing SU for an hour 5 on 2 off for a month and saw nothing gained. I realised that I must have overtrained and all that work for nothing naturally disheartened me a lot.

I then read something else about a theory that less can be more and so I took a month off and did about 50 jelqs a day but saw no gain. Now I jelq 50 a day sometimes using ‘ok’ grip and recently (past few days) I have been trying the U grip but its too soon to see any results. I tried the C grip but my hands tired too easily so I switched back. I also read that heat could be the missing link for a hard gainer, which I obviously am, so I stretch with a rice sock wrapped around it now, SU, SO, SD, to the left and right aswell, but I only stretch it to slightly more that my erect length for 1 minute each way 3 times a day.

Do you think that this is too much/ little or should I be pulling harder on it.

Do you think that I should do two sets of 30 secs instead of 1 minute?

I would also,if possible, like to find out what grip produces potential optimum length gains, as I have been reading up a lot and I’m getting mixed messages. Looking at the anatomy of the penis, the CC seems to be the length inhibitor so I figured that a U grip would target this, but then I read a post by Modesto and he said that he gained 0.9inch in girth which I thought made sense after looking at it again. I would appreciate it so much if someone could just clarify these things for me because it is not like I’m not motivated, i’ve tried pretty much everything in the 2 year period except pumping and I was unwilling to try hanging again but if thats what is going to break this thing then I’ll do it.Granted that my first attempt at hanging was a kind of DIY take on it.

Sorry for all the questions but I don’t want to be set back any further, I want to get this right.

You need to find what works for you and stick with it. That being the case, you have not found it yet. What was your maximal jelq routine? How many days on and off did you give yourself? How many days did you not PE per month?

You stretched SO, SD, and SU with no results? Me either. Those stretches were nothing more than an annoyance for me. I was lost for a few months back when I began PEing, until I read this: DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains

That stretch, coupled with a reverse kegel really made all the difference and I felt a nice burning stretch deep within my dick at the base and into my body. That drove me to stretch even more forceful and for longer amounts of time, and gains came.

As for jelqing… you might not be doing it correctly. You want to be semi-erect, but not to the point where your penis is hard. Basically, feel like a squishy water balloon (JUST BEFORE you are at the ‘hard’). Make the OK grip (minding not to compress the nerve running down the top side of the penis), and you should feel your penis expanding, like squeezing the water in a water balloon from one end to the other. If you do not feel the blood being squished and pressed up towards the head on each stroke, you are not doing it correctly.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

I like to jelq with the C-grip as I find I can move the blood in my penis better that way. It varies person to person. 2 sets of 30 seconds should be enough, as long as you feel pressure along your penis when you stretch.

Thanks guys, Wt282: how many stretches did you do with reverse kegels and how long did you hold the stretch for? Did you pull as hard as you could? How long until you saw results? Well I did jelq for one on one off for a while, then 5 on 2 off and I’m currently trying 6 on 1 off as I read a few posts from the good gainers that do 7 on 0 off. I made sure that I stuck to these routines when I was doing them, and I stayed with them for at least 1-2 months to make sure it had enought time to react. I think I know how to jelq properly now, although I can’t remember if I was doing it correctly at the start. Did you make any gains from jelqing? I try to jelq when my penis looks full of blood, but not hard- like you said.


Okish6er: have you seen any gains from jelqing with the C grip?

Yes, I have been jelqing with the C-grip throughout my whole PE’ing. I have made some awesome girth gains in 4 months. Went from 4.5-4.7” to around 5.2-5.5” last time I measured.

I’ll definitely start using a C grip after I get a little more length. I’ve heard that most girth exercises have a bonus of added length, did this happen in your case?

Yes, Jelqing both increased my length and gain. Plus the stretching for the length gains have also contributed to my length gains. :)

okay thanks!

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