Stretch aid

Was bored so went scouting round the house to see if I could find a broom handle I could saw down to use as a fake arm for RB´s A-Stretch variation.

I can actually do the A-Stretch now, but would like to use a fake arm too.

There was nothing that I could use that wasn´t needed so I looked in the shed. All we had that I could use was normal pieces of wood, with squared edges.

I selected a fairly small one, the smallest that wouldn´t break if I put pressure on it (as in a fake arm stretch). I cut it down a bit, then sanded the ends and every edge on it until they were smooth.

Pleased with what I had made I tried it out. It was pretty good, but a little uncomfortable as the edges, although not sharp and quite well cambered, were still edges and dug in a bit.

Not a huge problem, I then thought about what I could use to make it more comfortable. I was looking around for fabric tape to wrap round it and happened to glance over at my Thera-P wrist support. I wrapped it round and it is ideal for the purpose.

I´ve been trying it out tonight and it seems to be a perfectly good stretch aid. It also comes in handy as a measuring stick, as I can mark off points on it to compare with after a month. Also, if it gets cluttered I can either get another inexpensive piece of wood and do it again, or just sand the marks off.

Cheap and works pretty well!