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Starting at 7"+ ?


Starting at 7"+ ?

Hi! I’ve been doing PE for 1,5 months and i’m getting all the signs of PE except a larger weenie. Now, i’ve read that the larger you are the slower you’ll gain - i know a lot of you guys have reached 7”+ thanks to PE but how many have started there and gone upwards?

I’m 23 and so is my GF, i know she can take more than i’ve got. She’s satisfied but i’ve noticed that the days when i’m harder than usual things get really hot =)

thanks for a great forum!

Welcome to the forum! I don’t know where you read that, but I’d discount it for the most part. If you have more girth than average, your length gains might be slower, but there’s no sense in thinking that a longer penis has less potential for growth.

Good luck, and bigger is definitely better until it gets too big.

Yeah, I agree that girth may be a problem for gains, but not length.

I’ve gained very little in one plus years of PE. The gains are coming but they are at a snails pace.. What is your girth at now?

I started at 6.75” and have gained 0.5”, dunno if that counts.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

I started at 7.6” and gained almost an inch in 9 months. Not a big gain, but I haven’t worked aggressive enough to see more gains. But I believe that largers may have less potential.

Soon to be 9''.

I started at 7.6” and gained almost an inch in 9 months. Not a big gain,

You don’t think so? I think that’s pretty damn good!

I’ve read so many posts that bigger guys (starting) don’t have as much potential, but that seems so counter intuitive to me.

I would think, ‘more tissue to begin with, more to more to stretch out’. And as a percentage of growth, someone 4 inches growing 10% would get 4/10 of an inch someone 8 inches would get 8/10 of an inch.

I just don’t get that concept (not that it isn’t true, I just don’t understand why - physiologically)

I was gonna say something but Wadzillas avatar just gave me

a hard-on, I have to go now.

goingforit, you’re right but when I read people’s progress reports, not all of them, but many of them see larger gains than me within similar time frames, even some guys get one inch in just three months. But I should admit that I have never been a hard PE trainer, may be I could have more gain if I had been in a more intensive workout.

Soon to be 9''.

Originally posted by Peter Forsberg
I was gonna say something but Wadzillas avatar just gave me
a hard-on, I have to go now.

I gotta agree with that one! Do you have the full size picture?

The ravings of a madman...

I have gone from 8.25”x4.75 to 10”x6” in less then 17 months.


Hard gains because of girth?

Hey guys,

I have gained almost an inch in just over 2 months, so my starting girth of around 5 5/8 has not been a problem yet, and has been increasing also. But I do workout pretty intensly. All considering that you guys believe that 5 5/8 is above average… I don’t know yet what the consensus is.


-Raptor15 (7.5"X6")&Rising

Hey Raptor, mind telling me your routine? All I really want is about 1”, maybe 1 1/2” at most in length. Sorry if you have posted it before.

I gained about 0.75” with stretching and hanging over a few months. I started at 7.5”.

Hey deez,

Right now all my routine consists of is… hanging BTC as many hours a day as I possibly can, and when not hanging, I wear the penistretcher for as many hours a day as I can. Every once in a while i will light jelq.


-Raptor15 (7.5"X6")&Rising

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