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Starting the Noob routine today


Starting the Noob routine today

Well after much research I am starting my noob routine today. I will be doing my regular exercise routine and then following with the routine. My starting measurements are:

FL: 3.5”
BPEL: 6.5”
FG: 4.25”
EG: 4.75”

My starting goals are:

BPEL: 6.75”
EG: 5”

I really want to work on girth but I know that for the best results I should start with the routine and then alter my routine as I grow experience. Do those goals sound reasonable for a short term goal. I don’t really know what I want to have as a long term goal quite yet. This is something that I’m starting while my girlfriend is out of town and she returns in three weeks. I know that dramatic effects will not yet be achieved but I am hoping for improve EQ and that it will be noticeable and then I’ll go from there with her reaction. What is a good variance to measure I know that measuring everyday would drive someone crazy not noticing any gains so what does most people here do weekly or monthly. I would think monthly because you get that “Hey look what I’ve done” effect more than you would in a week. Any guidance or starter tips is welcomed and I am looking forward to HEADing towards good gains.

Just be consistent and warm up and follow the newbie routine. It’ll be interesting to see if your girl notices!

Good luck! :)

Thanks, and yes it will be I’m hoping so. I’m still hesitant in a way though especially after reading the warning about possible irreversible damage. I have been trying to do some more research about it but can’t find anything on medical sites or anything. Ill just make sure that I take it easy and pay attention to what my body tells me.

Niice:) My girlfriend is leaving in September for 5 months.. Hope I can give her a big surprise when she comes back.;)

Started 15-07-2011 NBPEL 6" (15cm) x MSEG: 5,25" (13,5cm)

01-02-2012 NBPEL 6,4" (16cm) x MSEG: 5,75" (14,5cm)

GOAL: NBPEL 7" x EG: 6" (17,5cmx15cm)

Does she know that you do PE, mine doesn’t. She knew that a long time ago I was going to try it, I don’t remember what she thought. That’s why I’m hoping for a little improvement before she returns to be like whoa what happened lol.

Ok well I did my first newbie routine today. I only did 10, 10 mins stretches because I wasn’t thinking lol. I did a wet jelq and didn’t really care for it too much so I think ill do dry from now on. Will that make a difference since I haven’t yet built up resistance yet. I didn’t do them as long as I should have I don’t think, I know when I read about the jelq you should usually appear fuller afterwards for a little bit. It could possible be because I took a shower afterwards? I’m hoping tomorrows session ends up going better.

Well today was day two of the newbie routine. I did the five minutes of heat wrap while doing kegels. Then I did 10, 30 sec stretches and I did them as follows, two sets up two sets down two sets up two sets down then one set right and one set left. I then did a little over 10 minutes of a dry jelq followed by a hot shower and kegels. Once again I didn’t notice anything different afterwards such as hanging or usual after signs. I’m wondering if it is just because I’m taking a shower afterwards, I mean is it actually possible to not be jelqing right, I know that pressure can make a difference but I was going pretty tight and didn’t want to go any tighter. Now with dry jelqs I’m not actually going up the shaft per se correct, I’m just moving with the skin right. Tomorrow will be my off day and I was wondering if doing kegels on my off day as well would hurt at all? How about light stretching?


Good luck!

Is it possible to overwork the BC muscle from too many kegels. I have found that a good time for me is driving to work I have a thirty minute drive each way so I can get good time in, but I just want to make sure that I don’t over do it. Now I do notice after awhile it becomes more difficult like I’m getting worn out then I’ve stopped but other than that can you over work it? Also about stretching on days off, if I keep a light stretch can I still prevent injury?

Ok day three and I started the same was as last time, but this time I did a wet jelq instead of dry. I went a little longer and a little harder than last time. My biggest problem is staying consistent with my strokes and I found the easiest way for me to stay consistent is to do a downward overhand stroke. I took a warm shower afterwards again and am still having the same results. After the shower I go back to flaccid, about the same as I always do. Now since I’m not noticing any negative or positive signals yet that means to go ahead and increase my routine a little bit right that I might not be doing it enough now?

Thats a routine I never did for being such a stubborn son of a bitch.

But don’t follow my example. Do it!
good luck.

I’ve been looking for the thread with the positive/neutral/negative signals of PE. I can’t seem to find it can anyone point me in the right direction.

Never mind found it

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Well I changed the intensity of my routine today. I jelqed for about 13 minutes and I did longer strokes with more intensity. I also threw in a few jelq squeezes as well, and I definitely noticed the increase in pressure while doing them. This is the first time I have actually been sore after my routine and tomorrow is my off day so it will give me time to pay attention and see if I have any negative PI’s. If I don’t notice any negatives I think Ill stick with this routine for some time.

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