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Have small cuts in the foreskin under glans in the frenulum renulum preputii penis

Have small cuts in the foreskin under glans in the frenulum renulum preputii penis


I have small cuts in the foreskin under the glans in the frenulum (renulum preputii penis), they are 2 small cuts but they kinda hurt sometimes if I pull down the skin in the glans (I’m uncircumcised), so It’s not very comfortable for sex or PE, also hurts when I do the warm exercise a little at the beginning. This cuts kinda heals sometimes if I do proper care but not heal 100% because they get open again if a little stretch is applied, so they seems to be there forever.

Have this problem for about 6 months or more. I even have stopped PE or any activity like sex or masturbate for a month to give a time to heal and rest, but the injuries open once again.

I want to go see a urologist, but right now I can’t, so I wanna know If I can heal it myself, anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

I actually ripped my foreskin when I was much younger. Long and uncomfortable recovery ahead of you!

Apply vitamin e oil to the cuts and get plenty of sleep. Be careful when pulling back the foreskin so you do not reopen old wounds. It may be uncomfortable but it’s not a big deal.


Topical vitamin A and E might help. Is your thyroid gland o.k. Do you have similar problems in hands and feet? i.e. extreme dryness there? Cracks in hands?

If you go to a doctor, tell him other things, not just your penis problem.

I think you should make sure your multi-vitamin is sufficient in A, B3, D3, E and maybe Biorutin. Also your hemoglobin A1c should be less than 6.0 if you take blood tests.
IMO you should not have that kind of problem for that long. And if it persists, go to a skin doctor or internist.

I have a condition similar but not in the frenulum where you have described. The portion of my foreskin that reduces in circumference once forward of my glans is always tight when pulled back. Once my foreskin is pulled back I have a tight ring of foreskin just back of my glans. I have experienced the splitting of this skin as it stretches but usually this heals within a day or two. I have been applying coconut oil to this area daily and stretching it also as part of my PE routine. It is slowly getting better and now I have less pain when pulling back my foreskin. Maybe something similar may help you out. I’m looking for more of a solution also and I was thinking about a cap or something to put on my glans and stretch my foreskin over top of so it doesn’t reduce in diameter again while it heals.

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Hi, Thanks a lot guys.

I’m relieved now, I’m going to follow your advices, I kinda feel like an improve over time for sure, the wounds don’t hurt that much as in the beginning, so I think just need more vitamins and some cares for a complete recovery. I don’t have similar problems in other parts of the body. I also have a small cut near the tip of the glans, but that doesn’t bother me, though It never closed. I think cuts in this place of the body, never really heal at 100% somehow. It’s odd that something that simple as a small cut there can cause lot of pain.

Thanks again.

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