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Small Glans and Foreskin Restoration

I would love to restore my foreskin, I just dont know the safest most natural way to go about doing it…

Originally posted by SwingerNYC

OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been mutilated :( WTF!!!!

So basically they dried out my sex organ that was meant to be wet. Son of a bitches… and I still have my baby pics with my dick in full tact.

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Damn, that is really crazy to be honest. I am not sure why circumcision is still happening today at all.

Anyway, anyone know of natural ways to restore your foreskin without taping it or using rubberbands, etc.

Originally posted by WannaBeHung
Damn, that is really crazy to be honest. I am not sure why circumcision is still happening today at all.

Anyway, anyone know of natural ways to restore your foreskin without taping it or using rubberbands, etc.

The only way I can think of is just stretching as you would your ligs/tunica, but focus on the foreskin. It might take longer but EVENTUALLY it will expand.

Another thing I’ve noticed on that site (BESIDES THE FACT THAT BEING CUT LOSES 80% OF EROGENOUS ZONES- no wonder they say women supposedly have more pleasure to stimulation… guys who are cut are playing with a dried up rasin) is that all the glans or heads of the uncut penises were a LOT fuller and larger than those of the cut ones. Hmmmmmmm I wonder. I’m thinking to those who want a larger and more fuller glans, their being cut is a good part of the problem.

I am cringing still.

But last night I found out I still have like 2 little web pieces of my frenulum! No wonder it feels so sensitive on that underside of my dick. So according to that website- I still have a part of my “G-spot” yaaaaaaaaaay!!!

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

Restoration of foreskin methoods provided? I did not read through the site but looks like there are a whole lot of men have done it or doing it and they are even organized. Hope this can help a little.

This link is in on that website (“Mutilated Nation”) at the very bottom of it.

The original poster talked about orgasm - well I do have full body orgasms most of the time and if not full body orgasm the sex seems incomplete.

I was circumcised age 4 because my foreskin was too tight and I have to say that whoever the doctor was did an excellent job of it. My doctor was kind enough to leave the skin from my frendulum there. I always wondered what that little bundle of flesh that feels so good under my glans was. When I was younger It always looked a bit odd and I was really paranoid about it, when I got older though, I realised that alot of circumcised guys didnt have this, so all in all im pretty glad.

Im reading this post and thinking “what? that doesnt happen to me”. I wake up every morning with a dick as hard as granite. Im as horney as any next man, When Im fully aroused the glans is always bigger than the shaft, when I cum, I cum with the thunder and when Im having sex, its always the girl that goes off before I do. Plus there I have the extra cleanlyness that most girls I have spoken too prefer.


I’m glad to hear that you escaped major sexual side effects from your circumcision, however, this isn’t the case for every man. You are fortunate to have been cut at four years old verses being cut as an infant. That extra time gave your penis the chance to develop more fully and also by then your foreskin had probably already separated from the glans. This being the case, the doctor was able to do a more accurate job without the worry of skin adhesions or skin bridges. Also, after the mid seventies (at least in the mid-west) circumcisions seem to be less drastic they were in 1969 when I was born. Right now you are probably young with a good functioning dink. Although, report back to us when you are forty or fifty years old. Intact men enjoy good sexual function until the grave. In good health, there is no reason why viagara should ever be needed unless you are a middle aged or older circumcised man.


In response to WannaBeHung’s question “Wow, some GREAT info r0ad_h0gg. My concern is a little bit different though. Let me try and explain my situation, and you can tell me how you would assess the problem…”


I have had the exact same problem as you describe - the cc gets hard but the cs stays soft. My penis was this way from as early as I can remember as a result of my circumcision. In this state the sex isn’t nearly as good for the woman as it could be - you can screw the heck out of her like this and it won’t make her come. I know how to help you with this - you will be able to get an extremely engorged mushroom head with out a ring.

The way nature works is quite simple to understand. When you have a sexual dysfunction, would it make sense for the glans to become hard first without a hard shaft or the opposite? The glans is the last thing to erect. You aren’t getting to the full stages of an erection. Although, you can still penetrate a female for reproduction - right?

Your problem is insufficient blood flow to your genitals. This problem will never correct itself if you smoke or chew snuff. Somehow you have inadvertently narrowed your penile arteries (circumcision, smoking, etc.) which prevents a full erection. If you can get the blood to flow down there, you will be able to have an amazing erection that will lock itself up and stand straight up on end. In this state, the whole penis along with the glans will also become larger than you are used to seeing. You won’t believe your eyes if you ever get this to occur. Don’t buy into the crap about having a congenital venous leak. This is most definetely a problem caused by circumcision but the medical industry claims that some males are born with a congenital venous leak. Bullshit!

The way I was able to achieve a full glans was to quit smoking for two months and wear an ads for half hour wearings as many times as I could everyday. With in two weeks, the ads opened up my penile arteries and I got an erection bigger then I have ever had in my life. Also, just jelqing alone can help this if done correctly. Circumcision has a natural tendency to reduce blood flow to the penis and if you combine this with smoking you’re screwed.

It doesn’t look as though you have any extra skin when erect. Foreskin restoration will also help your penile/genital blood flow. The t-tapes act as an ads. Unfortunately, there’s no real easy way to do restoration. Do a search for “pill tube method foreskin restoration” on the web. To me, this would be an easier way, but I prefer t-taping. What ever you do, don’t waste your money on any of the foreskin restoration devices - I think they are all a waste of money as you can easily make what ever it is that you will need. Also, some of the devices are very dangerous to wear.


Originally posted by Ike
I guess we have to wait until Friday, but your posts are certainly thought provoking.


If you are serious about foreskin restoration, I could maybe post some pictures (when I get the time) of my t-tapes so that you will see what they look like and also for you to see how to make them yourself.

You will be astounded at how sensitive you will become. Your sex life will become very meaningful. You will realize how beautiful your wife is and also that any sexual problems from the past were because of you, not her. Also Ike, be prepared for some serious emotions. You will possibly cry and become enraged because of what has been done to you and you’ll wonder why and how your mother allowed part of your sexual being to be taken from you. Alot of emotions may surface that you never knew were there such as hatred, anger, resentment, frustration, jealousy, sadness, distrust of people, thoughts of retaliation, and also hope.

You will realize that your whole life was totally altered because of what has been done to you. Honestly Ike, you may be better off to not know what you have been missing all of these years. It caused a divorce for me. If you have a supportive wife and a strong marriage then maybe you should go ahead and do it, otherwise, leave well enough alone.

Many men like you and I look to penis enlargement for replacing what was taken from us. Before I knew any better, I would have went for surgery to have a larger penis. Guess what the urologist told me when I asked about it? He said that the genitals should never be operated on! What the hell is a circumcision then? To them (doctors, hospitals, the medical industry), that isn’t really an operation, it’s just something that’s done to correct a birth defect.

You see, circumcision (especially at birth) reduces the penis not only in size (sometimes drastically), but also in how well it functions and satisfies (common sense one would think). It’s true Ike, our dinks would have been longer by atleast an inch and also more full if they would have been allowed to remain intact. How many intact men do you know of that are really serious about PE? My guess is that there aren’t too many of them that actually need it.

My girlfriend used to be some sort of a nurse. She has told me that the older intact men that she cared for were always much larger than the cut ones. I’m talking huge in some cases (eight or nine inches erect). Oh yes, the older intact men did become erect in the nursing home. Also, as I have mentioned earlier in this thread, she has been intimately involved with an intact man that of coarse was “huge”. On top of that, my sister has taken care of elderly men (she was a nurse’s aid) and she has also reaffirmed my beliefs about size and circumcision. In all reality circumcision should be called penile reduction surgery. Do you really think that all of these men suffering with four and five inch dinks are small because of heredity? Look at what you see the next time you you see a large dink. It will either be intact or moderately circumcised. Then notice what a small dink looks like. It will most likely be tightly circumcised, although sometimes they retract (buried penis) from the infantile circumcision which makes them appear to be intact or moderately cut.

Erections support the size of a penis and in some cases they can make them larger. Intact men have this very ability, to have many forceful erections during sex and also while sleeping. Fortunate cut men may have this ability also in their younger years, but most likely not after middle age. Therefore, in my opinion if you want to enlarge your penis painlessly and easily or just maintain it’s current size throughout life, foreskin restoration is of great importance.

Anyway, I’m thankful for this site and also for PE and foreskin restoration. Someday I plan to make her scream. I asked her what she will do when I become my goal size. Do you know what that beautiful little wench told me? She said that I would have to cover her mouth so the neighbors won’t know (how big I am). Being that I’m currently 7.5” BP (measured properly from a standing position with dink level to the floor) by 6.5” around mid-shaft, I don’t think that a goal of 9.5” BP by 7.5” girth is too far fetched is it? Hopefully that’ll make her scream for awhile (or at least until she gets used to it).


It pisses me off being cut, especially because they fucked up and I had to have two skin bridges corrected. It doesn’t look as good as it could have, and now I have to find out i’m missing all kinds of sensation. I have some frenelum left over luckily, and it can feel pretty good rubbing a certain spot on it sometimes. I have a bit of obsessive thinking, this will bug me for a while.

Seriously tho, when you restore you’re missing that ring thing that keeps the foreskin in place, wouldn’t it get really bad and saggy when you got older? Also, you’d be missing a few nerves. Would the chicks be able to notice you restored? Also, would there be any benefit just lossening up the skin a bit and not doing a full restoration. I wonder if modern medicine will someday be able to regenerate stuff like that and wire it in to the nervous system, that would be the best way.


A good goal in foreskin restoration would be to restore enough tissue so that at least half of your glans naturally stays covered when flaccid. You will regain all of the feeling that you will need for great sex if you accomplish this, although some men aren’t happy (like myself) until they have lots of extra skin for the gliding motion on their erect dinks.

You are correct about the restored foreskin being loose (and without all of it’s nerves). Intact men have what’s called ridged bands (a very sensitive muscled tissue) combined with the frenulum to hold the foreskin in place. If you restore with care as to not cause lateral tissue growth, your new foreskin will contract around your glans very tightly, although it won’t be as fast acting as a normal foreskin is. If you do end up with too much bagginess, one solution is to resort to a surgeon (not the one that butchered you though) who will be able to tighten it up a bit for you.

If I were you I wouldn’t worry too much about what the chicks think because they really don’t know anything about the penis or how it’s supposed to look (except for maybe how big it is). If chicks new anything at all they wouldn’t end up being mothers who circumcise their sons. Also, for surely I wouldn’t count on modern medicine for anything (look where “modern medicine” got you today). Sorry, but when it comes to the medical industry I’m always a skeptic.


I just found an interesting product here that’s fairly cheap. I might have to give it a try once the dissolvable stitches on the shaft skin are completely gone (operation a few months ago, they’ve been shrinking slowly).

and in the FAQ section, it has an item that addresses me concern about losseness:

Will my new foreskin be loose and baggy as I have seen in some tape restoration photos ?
With this method, as lengthening occurs, the gathered skin beyond the CUT / UNCUT ring is not under tension and will tend to gradually contract. This results in a very natural finished look.

Hey r0ad_h0gg, for my glans circulation problem you feel that restoring my foreskin alone would help to solve this problem? I dont smoke, drink, or anything of the sort at all man. Do nothing that should impair my penis circulation. What do you recommend man? Thanks.

And these:

Are looking quite tempting.

Im2 and WannaBeHung,

The cut-uncut rings are a scam. You can go to the auto parts store and buy several different sized o-rings to do exactly the same thing. The only difference is the price, $.50 cents verses however much cut-uncut rings are. They do work to some extent if you have alot of skin to start out with, but also they may impair circulation so don’t leave them on for too long with out checking. Good luck.


Originally posted by WannaBeHung
Hey r0ad_h0gg, for my glans circulation problem you feel that restoring my foreskin alone would help to solve this problem?


Yes is definitely my answer to your question. Beyond any shadow of a doubt it has helped me with this problem. The very first time I noticed major glans expansion (I could feel it), I pulled out of my gal so that I could actually see how big it had become. Holy moly - I couldn’t believe my eyes! At first, I thought it was because of her, but later I realized that it was due to my sensitized and growing foreskin.

There are several reasons why, that with a sensitized foreskin your dink will complete it’s erectile process. Some are physical and believe it or not, some are also in your head WannaBeHung. I’m not talking about conscious thought here, I’m talking about what your brain does automatically to generate a full erection for you. You need to have the right kind of stimuli to lock it in. Also, you can jelq and do what ever else you want with your dink regarding PE (with in reason), but be careful not to ejaculate. I’m not saying that you do, but in case you aren’t aware, I strongly believe that masturbating/PE with ejaculation too often will weaken your sexual ability. Then it becomes a vicious cycle because with a weakened erection you will definitely ejaculate much more uncontrollably and quickly verses with a hard full erection. The full erection puts a pressure on your pc/bc muscle which prevents it from contracting (contracting it will cause ejaculation) and also with a high pressure in your dink, your dink it will become numbed to a degree (from the higher pressure on the nerves) so that you won’t have the urge to ejaculate as quickly. With this added time during sex, your dink may go into a more advanced fuller type of erection.

I would advise you to stop using the ring for sex (use it for pe if you like though). For right now, here’s what to do WannaBeHung - just before sex, go into the bathroom and jelq in a sitting position for a good half hour with out any ring (she’ll be more understanding about this once you screw her). Once you are done you will come out of the bathroom with a larger than normal glans and you will be able to give her an improved sexual experience. Eventually (it may take several weeks of trying) you will feel a powerful blood supply come up into your dink from below. Training your body to do this will enable you to have a much better, bigger, and longer lasting erection for sex. Do steady non-stop light to medium palms up jelqs starting at the base working up to the glans in an erect state (use petroleum jelly), but focus on the task rather than on sexual thoughts to prevent ejaculation. Also if you can stay erect with out stimulation near the glans, jelq more towards the base to prevent from becoming too sexually stimulated and try to relax your pc/bc muscle as much as you can. If you see precum on the end of your dink, that is a good indication that you should end your session or else you may suffer an unwanted ejaculation.

If you want a quick temporary fix with out doing foreskin restoration, try using an ads. You can use the penis-stretcher if you like, but it’s expensive. As an alternative, try a captain wench device as an ads. I’ve made one already (it’s easy and cheap - thanks captain wench) but I haven’t tested it for it’s effectiveness as an ads yet. With your penis constantly being pulled under a controlled amount of traction (no need for too much), it will have an opening effect on your penile arteries (something that your brain is supposed to do for you during sex with neurochemicals). With an increase of blood flow going into your dink you will be able to have a full glans without a ring.

Well WannaBeHung, I hope some of this helps. Also. I forgot to mention that herbs and penis pills would probably help with your problem but unfortunately, once your body becomes used to them, their effect will wear off in short order. Also, viagra in my opinion doesn’t increase blood supply to the glans, it only works with the blood supply that you have at the time. For me, it didn’t do anything for the small glans problem, but it does make it easier to become erect to what ever potential your body will support due to less outflow of blood. Unfortunately, for a big glans you need a massive inflow of blood which only occurs in the advanced stages of an erection.

I could be wrong about certain things, but based on my personal experience I believe all of the above to be correct. Good luck to you with becoming the lady pleaser that you (and also to all of us here) are striving to become. Just remember that there’s a lot more to it than just being big.


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