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Sleeve jelqing

Sleeve jelqing

Does anyone Jelq with a sleeve? I’ve always thought it would be a good idea yet never heard it mentioned. The turkey neck and excessive skin stretch(mainly an issue for uncut guys) from jelqing decrease the aesthetics of the penis. Would it be worth gaining an inch of turkey neck from a 0.25” length gain on an already adequate penis?

Why wouldn’t this be a good idea? It seems it will allow the pressure to be applied(which expands the penis) without any skin stretch/movement(which does not contribute to gains). I feel like there is something I must be missing.

I shall explain what I mean by a “sleeve”. The sleeve will be like a reusable condom with no end. It needs to be very stretchy and offer very little resistance/compression to the penis. I’m sure this could be done, the wrap material used by autoextender might fit the bill, materials like theraband won’t.

Let me know what you all think.

I use a Wonderwave Fleshlight frequently. It has a vagina section followed by a tube section 6” long. Using it out of the plastic housing is my favorite. I often enter it from the tube section rather than the vagina. It is super strectchy, feels like real flesh, just right diameter for good gripping and is ideal for squeezing/jelking. One could of course cut the tube section from the vagina but not necessary. Use a very minor amount of K-Y and no re-wetting required.

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The “turkey neck” is actually more likely to occur with cut guys, since it’s caused by insufficient skin. The tension pulls the scrotum skin forward along the bottom of the shaft. It can be countered by stretching the skin on the bottom of the shaft.

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