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should you tell your son about PE


should you tell your son about PE

I have just been reading the thread upon telling your wife about PE and the thought of telling other members of the family popped into my head. Telling your son about PE could be the most precious gift you ever give him- improved confidence, success in life etc etc. This simple act could completely alter the kind of man he grows into- for the better!! Of course you have to weigh this up against the embarrasment factor and the very real danger that he will think you are a freak. Thoughts??

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Well that was interesting, as I have been thinking about that also.

My son is still a bit too young to approach this with, but the time will come and I’m not exactly sure what I will do.

My guess is I will broach the subject, show him what PE is and what it is about, and leave him to his own decision. At least, if he chooses not to pursue it right away, he’ll know something like PE exists and can be taken up later on.

This is a real tough one. If I could determine whether he had issues there or not it would be easier to answer. For all I know he might be hung like a horse. he’s 4 inches taller than me at 5’11”. I don’t want to give him a complex he doesn’t already have.

However I do recognize that if I can find out if he has a concern there and that he does indeed, sharing this information would be a great favor. I certainly wish someone shared it with me when I was 20 years old.

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I don’t have a son yet, but when/if I do I’ll definitely tell him about PE, if it isn’t in and pop by then. His decision whether to start or not, I won’t be forcing him doing it ;) . 14-18 could be a good age to start PE when your cock has grown naturally to physical maximum. I don’t see any reasons why not to tell, even if I don’t have any experience being a father. Actually I wish my dad would’ve told me when I was 14 or 15.

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Telling your daughters

How about telling your daughters about PE? I mean, when they decide to stick with one guy, they may pass on the information to him. Then they would have one problem less to worry about ;) . By the way, do you think that there is a greater risk of a daughter considering you nuts than a son?

I told my son about PE. I decided he might find it useful so I waited for the right opportunity and one day as I was browsing this forum he approached the computer and asked me what this site was - he noticed that I have been spending quite a lot of time here. So I told him what it was all about. At the first moment he was surprised, then he listened carefully and said nothing. This was a year ago and we never spoke about it since. I know he does not practice PE, but at least he knows about it and has access to this forum should he decide to check it out.

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My son is only 5 and a half years old. But I was thinking about it too. Thinking about what will I do when he’s 15 or something. luvdadus point about not giving him a complex he doesn’t already have is important.

Actually, I think he probably didn’t get my genes because by comparing him to other kids his age he seems to me above average. Especially in girth which was what I was missing before PE. It might sound strange that I think about it when he’s so young, but you do notice these things, especially after starting PE.

Anyway, there is no doubt in my mind that telling him about PE *could* be an wonderful present, so what I think I’ll do is try to find out in a very subtle way if he’d be interested, and if he is then point him to the right place (you think there will still be a Thunder’s Place in 2012? :) )

It´s a good question, I have thought about this too, though I don´t have kids yet.

I think I would tell, the question is how and when. On one hand you want to tell him as early as possible and on the other he has to be mature and secure enough not to go overboard too.

I mean, grown men obsess over this, imagine being a teenager.

As for the how part, whenever there´s a penissize joke on TV or whatever, seems like a good opening.


I think there´s a great chance a daughter would consider you a freak for talking about PE with them, they would be very uncomfortable at the least. Unfortunatly these are sensetive matters, especially if they´re in their teens. Grown daughters might be a different matter, though it would be better coming from their mother than their father in most cases.

Most guys are uncomfortable talking about their dicks, even if they´re interested, girls are even worse. Unless they´re talking among themself, then they´re worse in a whole different way!

Here's the other side of the spectrum

While it may be true that PE can be a wonderful gift, there are some negative things about PE as well.

It feels good to have the knowledge and power to change yourself into something you want, but sometimes I wish that I never found out about PE.

Pre-PE days, I occasionally thought about the size of my dick. Now, I think about my size constantly.

Then there’s the obsessiveness of it all. Take a month off from PE and see what happens. It’s there in the front of your mind the entire time, and you can help but think about it. Especially if you have trouble gaining and take time off: You’ll think “What would my dick be like if I didn’t have to take time off?”

What about five years from now? Ten years from now? PE will most likely be a part of our life, and we’ll keep thinking about it.

Most people have enough to worry about as it is and having this kind of knowledge is just something else to worry about.


Then again, I enjoyed the mornings when I would wake up, do my session, and go throughout my day knowing that I was working towards a goal. I was motivated. Motivation feels good.

And those who gained more than an inch would say that it was all worth it. I know I would.

I just thought that the other side of PE should have some light shown on it. All things should be considered.


SuperStroker -

What can I say?

You are right - I often ask myself am I hooked for life?? And it scares me to think I might be. I try to calm myself down by thinking that in about a year or two years time I might go to maintenance routine that could be 2 sessions a week, which actually doesn’t have to be that bad even for the rest of my life.

Regarding the obsessive thoughts - again I totally agree, I sometimes wonder: did I really need this? Then I think that also this problem can be solved by training your mind to think differently, after all - our minds are very flexible and open to auto-suggestion, so with the right approach I believe that when we do (hopefully!) go to maintenance routine - we can reduce this obsession.

I can only hope that by 2012 when I’ll have to make this decision with my son I’ll have enough perspective to make the right choice :)

I have 4 children, all boys ranging in ages from 20 to 27. Three of the four boys know about PE from 403 and myself. Two of the three are registered members here on the forum. One of the boys best friends we told is also a member here.

So, do I think you should tell your sons and or daughters about this place and what it can do for them. One word YES!!!!!!!!!!

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I’ll go with SuperStroker. Also, you found out about PE on your own.

If your son thinks his dick is too small he’ll eventually stumble upon the happy hunting grounds that is Thunder’s.

It seems to me that if a father has already an open door with his son about sex education, talking about PE cannot be very traumatic for either.

Kids today go through the same shit we all went through, starting in junior high school, maybe worse. The snied comments; the boasts, the put-downs. Being able to talk easily about sex is probably the key. PE is a part of sex, ergo……..



PE doesn’t have to sound that strange or wierd, it depends how you handle it. It’s just one more body part. Some people spend an hour at the gym every day, others spend 30 minutes a day working on their abs. Is the penis all that much different?

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I have an 8 year old and I plan on telling him at around puberty…Hell he will love going into the shower rooms in high school ;)

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