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should you tell your son about PE

probably not

Until he is old enough to truely understand the issues behind PE.

Personally my parents IMO shared a little to much with me. The end result is that I’m still dealing with certain issues even today.

So IMHO the bottom line is not until he is comfortable with his own sexuality. Definitely 5-10 years old is to young, 17-21 sounds good. And the delivery will be from a parent child standpoint not a buddy to buddy one.

Just my opinion and each situation is different for sure. As far as my daughter same guidelines but why would she really need to know?

Confidence and self-esteem

Like DLD, I don’t want my boys to face any self-esteem issues in the boys’ locker room due to penis size. I suffered a little of that in high school. The boys with the big peckers (the showers and the naturally endowed) acted like they were superior to the rest of us, and I think it effected how we viewed ourselves to some extent, too (especially when it came to dealing with the hot chicks at school).

I have two sons (the oldest is 3 or 4 years away from puberty yet). So, I have a little time to think on all of this. One son is naturally strong and athletic, but has (at best) an average penis size for his age. The other son is almost frail, by comparison, but is hung like a horse. Go figure. The boys share a bedroom, and I’m sure they have noticed the discrepancy in their endowment. The one with the great body has less personal confidence than the one with the less-than-Adonis physique. I have to wonder if it has anything to do with tool size?

When the time comes, I think I will make the information about PE available to them and let them take it from there (or not). Like others who posted above, I wish I had known about PE many years ago!



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Re: Telling your daughters

Originally posted by Priapos
How about telling your daughters about PE? I mean, when they decide to stick with one guy, they may pass on the information to him.


That is theoritically a good idea, but I don’t think that her boyfriend would be too delighted if she told him something like that… You know what I mean… ;) She could also turn into cockmaniac/nymfo who just wants a bigger cock allthetime. As someone stated before it’ll be up to one finding PE if he’s concerned about his cock size, cuz eventually he will, unless he’s not one of our sons ;)

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

A live-at-home, 18 year old son’s perspective.

My dad is hung (at least in terms of flaccid), something which, to my great disappointment, I have not inherited (although a few tongue-in-cheek jokes from him publically suggested otherwise). I spent a great many hours worrying about my penis from about the age of 12 when I became more sexually aware. Whilst my family isn’t exactly puritan, it is hardly liberal when regarding sex and my education in the subject at home was limited, forced and embarrased. I don’t hold anything against my parents for this. Thankfully, I discovered this wonderful concept of PE about 8 weeks ago (1.75” length gains so far :D ) and my complex has been completely alleviated.

To be perfectly honest, I would had loved to have known about PE at the age of 12. It must be considered that I did have an innate concern about penis size. This may not be true for other youths, but I imagine, from talking frankly to those within my social circle, that it is more common than is perceived.

In retrospect, I matured in thought quite early in my teens and would have been able to cope with the concept of PE. This may not be true elsewhere. The greatest things that were instilled into me were an openess to embrace new ideas, to pursue my goals and to become self-sufficient. Whilst this teenager thinks PE knowledge in teenage years would have been of benefit to him, it is far more important to encourage youngsters to the point where, if they have bodily concerns, they are more likely to research them themselves and find their own solutions.

Just my two English pennies.

It’s a neat topic, for sure.

I can relate, but the other way around. I’m the one who told my father about PE, and now he does it.

The topic originally came up when he was over for the day, a few months ago.

He had seen the printouts of some jelqing exercises I forgot to stash before he came over, and asked me about em.

After I explained what they were, he asked me “does it work?”.

Gave him the printouts to take home, and he’s told me he’s been doing them ever since.

I think it’s kinda cool. Not sure what kinda gains he’s gotten, as I think calling and asking “So. Pop. How big is your dick today?” is just a few steps over the “allowed weirdness” line. ;)

All in all, I think it’s a good idea to tell your son about. Do it when sex becomes the topic of conversation.

I know it would be weird for me, if I was watching TV when I was 15, and he busted in the room with a “Wanna make your dick bigger?”.

I’d recommend you bring it up when the topic of conversation is somewhere in that area.

Something simple as “If you’re feeling a bit insecure in that department, there are exercises that help. Myself, and a lot of other guys do it.”

Kinda takes the “Alright. Dad thinks I’m a freak.” out of the message.

Just my two cents anyways.


Your post made me remember a boy in my eighth grade class who was hung like we would all like to be. After gym, it swung on his way to and from the showers.

He never once alluded to the size of any of us peanuts or entered into the general derision that the average guys dumped on us. He remained aloofly away from any form of abuse and earned my unending respect for having behaved in that way. Decades later, he is still my model of what I want to be, flaccid and how to behave when I get there.



Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
I have an 8 year old and I plan on telling him at around puberty…Hell he will love going into the shower rooms in high school ;)

…and for all the right reasons too ;)

(No offence to our gay members of course, just kidding around)

Originally posted by nm156
Not sure what kinda gains he's gotten, as I think calling and asking “So. Pop. How big is your dick today?” is just a few steps over the “allowed weirdness” line. ;)

LOL! It´s great to have a close relationship to your parents but somewhere you have to draw the line…:-)

Anyway, this is a topic I´ve been thinking about quite a bit lately because I´ll become a father in a the beginning of next year. Don´t know the sex of the baby though, but if it´s boy I´d probably try to tell him about PE when he is old enough.

Take care,


I thought about this one, and there is two sides.

I mean of course being a PE-er one can easily say “ya I wish I knew about it sooner blah blah blah.” But I mean let’s face it, most of us here already have some self-image issues and I don’t think If my dad told me uh “hey son, you know there is a way to get your dick bigger” wold really help. (Great, my dad thinks I have a little dick) too.

Obviously, he would not say it just as cut and dry like that, but we have to realize how much the things people tell us, influence our lives, especially in the adolescent stage, and especially from our parents. Some people may continue to be greatly affected by what people tell them, and never learn to form their own opinions or beliefs. I think parents contribute to this somewhat, and try to force their beliefs and values on to their children sometimes a little to much.

We have to realize, if your son, or if your dad , or whoever really wants a big dick, then he will get out there and do some research, and put in the necessary work to get it. Live and let live. There is a fine line between parenting and living through your kids. Just because you might be a PE-er, your kid might not even care…even if he is average, or below average. I keep seeing the reoccuring theme of I don’t wan’t my kid to go through what I had to…who do you know he even will, or if he does even acknowledge it? You might be opening up a whole new can of worms.

People will become to come into their own, if you let them…For example, me and my brother are extremely different, almost night and day, belief systems, values, etc. but we have the exact same parents, grew up together etc. Live and let live.

I would think the best situation would be if your kid came to you, approached you about it first, and was displaying some anxiety or issues about size, then I would introduce it, otherwise leave it alone. So you know he is the one who is initiating it.

Just my thoughts on it…

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I’m not thinking of having kids anytime soon but this is something that I’ve thought about. I figured that I would somehow manage to have him find out about it in a way that seems like he found it all his own. I just don’t know exactly how I would do that.

The thing is that I would hate for him to think that this is something that he “should” be doing.

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very good point. The way I think considering passing on the family secret, is that you should not be your son´s personal PE-coach or push it in any way. Don´t fix it if it´s not broken, kind of.

But the great thing about telling (if, and when there is a need for that) is that you, as a father is a living proof that PE works. When it comes to PE, I belive most of us has been skeptics and that´s nothing strange about that. I mean, really, why would a thinking person belive what some anonymous dick stretcher says on the internet? On the other hand, if someone you know and trust (like a parent, brother or a good friend) says it can be done, it´s a completely different thing.

Showing them that it works (preferably without pulling down your pants!) and showing them HOW it works is different things. I´d just tell them it can be done, then it´s up to them to find out how.

Take care,


Originally posted by bigblackstick
There is a fine line between parenting and living through your kids.

This is so true. For me - this is the line that is the center of this whole thread. I’m struggling with this line every day with my son, there is just so much I want to give him, you see..


I’m glad you agree with that line…and I thank you for sharing.

I’ll share a little with you. As a son of my parents, I felt I had to routinely establish my own belief systems and even had to break alot of shit that my parents but on me…now don’t get me wrong, I love and respect my parents to death, but I just feel that on some things we differ drastically, and it took me to figure this out on my own.

No, my dad never forced me to play sports to fulfill his unfulfilled dreams, or my mother never made me play with dolls because she might have wanted a girl but there was still a lot of thought systems and “life attitudes” etc. that I disagree with and I could have done with out.

For me my parents would always make decisions for me. It took me to speak out and voice my opinions on things instead of taking a back seat on my life. It is probably why I am very opinionated with some topics.

I think some parents have a hard time with the fact that your kids might be smarter than you, or more outgoing, or whatever it is that makes you unique.

I think some family cycles have to be broken if that makes sense. Sorry to get a little off topic. Its good to share though.

"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

Breaking the cycle

bbs - I fully understand what you’re saying. I feel the same with my parents, especially my mother. I feel the systems that she imprinted on me and which I want to break free from are very powerful, so powerful that it’s hard for me to even talk with her sometimes..

With my son, he’s so young, only 5 and a half years old, I want to give him so much, he has a great capacity to understand and appreciate things, and I give him what I can - I just hope it’s not too much and that I’m not forcing. This is the line - between forcing and giving. But I have to assume that when he’s my age he will probably have big issues with me too, like I have with my parents.

Makes you think.. how much our parents wanted to give us, how good might have been their intents, and still - in some ways - they screwed up.

A couple years ago I told my then 14 year old son about PE. He was a bit moritifed and all he could utter was, “Umm, I’m ok dad”, then he walked away.

A few weeks later my exwife phoned me and asked why I was talking to him about this sort of thing. She was rather angry and was ready to have me arrested. I calmed her down and explained to her what it was. I likened it to breast augmentation for women and she understood completely.

I don’t think I’ll ever bring up the subject again with my sons, (I have three). It complicated things a little more than I cared for.


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