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should you tell your son about PE



This makes me sad to read.

So take the opportunity, (not PE, just in general), to instill change. You remark with disdain about having “distanced negative and put-down” types of interaction. Your son will not profit by that. Would be a terrible waste to see you just give in and approach such an important issue with such a mindset. I have read many of your posts, and there’s much more to you than that.

Guess it'll have to stay like it is with my father and like past generations
It does not. Your relationship will be what you make it. Few things in your life will be more important, and nothing will be more important to your son.

I write this respectfully, don’t take offense.


I will tell my son (I don’t have a son yet) about PE at the age of 14 to 18. So that he can start at the prime developing age. I will guide him through and share all I have done in PE. I use an ADS designed by me. I will consider presenting him one.

For sure i will tell my son when he is about 12 years old. I dont think it will give him issues it will give him confidence. I will talk to him about all sorts of sex topics as well as life in general. My father was great but one thing he did poorly was talk to me about life. Every experience i had to have myself and there certainly would have been things i would have loved to have some coaching or a source of info on.


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