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Advice for son to start PE

Advice for son to start PE

Hello I have a son who is turning 16,

And I was going to introduce him into pe, i was just wondering if there are any supplements of any kind that could help his growth at this age of puberty? Thanks!


I also have a 16 yr old, but I’m going to hold off. I think that’s a little young. And what if your son injured his penis doing the exercises you taught him? How would you deal with that?

At 16 he’s still a kid - just like my son. Let him be a kid. When he’s 18 or so, it’s a lot different than 16, in my opinion. Also, at 16 his penis should only be used as a pisspipe anyway (not trying to sound like a hypocrite - I was a father that young - but I don’t want my son to do those things).

Encouraging him at 16 to enlarge his penis is very close to encouraging him to use it (on girls).

I am about 18. If my dad told me about PE at 16 i would be freaked out, mabye wadzilla is right about not telling him yet, you might cause him to be inconfident about his size and then all other sorts of psychological problems may occur.

I’m not telling you to do anything just offering you my advice.

anyway goodluck.


I agree, wait till he’s 18. Then he should be fully grown. Also, it could probably be more than a little awkward having your old man telling you how to get a bigger dick… especially when you’re a teen.

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Who are you guys kidding. LOL Any sexually curious 16 year old (meaning ALL of them) who has been near the Internet has both encountered and jerked off to porn, and has read about Penis Enlargement. My Ex has an 80 year old aunt that gets PE spam.

You might casually ask him in an off hand way: “Did you see all that Penis Enlargemet stuff on the Internet. You think it works?”

His response will give you clues as to whether you and he can have a talk about all that stuff. And by 16, IMO he will be better off if you and he have an open channel about sex. Thinking that not mentioning and/or not condoning is will somehow delay his interest is making the same denial based mistake that parents have made for millennia. If you think a don’t ask don’t tell policy is appropriate, that’s your business.

But its assured that your kid has already been spending most of his free time jerking off and trying to figure out those impossible female creatures so he can get one to let him put his dick in her. And its probably been going on for at least three years and is now at a fevered pitch cause he has little or no reliable way to release/learn/experience/balance it. Ask his mother if she finds stains on his sheets, if she’ll admit it. He’has also atarted to feel those exhilirating funny feelings we call infatuation and love for members of the opposite sex.

Our society drips with sex. Drips. TV, movies, music, and The Net but lacks the fortitude to deal with it honestly. That’s where all the trouble comes from.

Let me say it again.

Your sixteen year old knows about, and pursues sexual experiences.
His dick gets hard and he masturbates it.
He has seen PORN.
He would FUCK if given half a chance.
There is better than a one in three chance he has already fucked.
And a great chance that if he has he didn’t use a rubber.
Young girls these days consider sucking dick to not be nearly as big a deal as in the past, so he may have already had that to.
He may be completely confused and insecure about the whole business already.
He could probably use a Dad to talk to, but probably never would.

It’s your business, but at least deal with the reality. …Nawwww not MY KID!!! Famous last words. Should we tackle drinking and drugs next? All this doesn’t make them bad kids. Just young people with curiosity growing into their independence. To this day I still don’t trust the kids from my adolescence who didn’t try some of this stuff and waited for marriage to have sex. But, man, there were real casualties. Wishing won’t make it go away, and applying force and threats just drives it into the dark where the real bad shit happens. Whats neede is the middle road. An open door and the eyes of a hawk. and if the dialogue is going to open up without the embarrasment you have to lead by not being embarrassed himself. you old fart dads already embarrass him just being you. You have to cross the chasm. The game is very much afoot by Sixteen.

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Wait ‘till he’s 18. You should leave him that choice, in case he doesn’t know PE exists by then - or doesn’t think it works, if he wants to change his dick. At the age of 16 he might be far from his “real” size too, since he’s growing. I’m 18, and I would never have wanted anyone to tell me about PE at the age of 16.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

As I’ve said before: teenagers, especially those recently through puberty, have body image problems as it is. Even a slight suggestion that he might benefit from PE could make him think there’s something wrong with his size as it is. IMO it’s never a good idea to talk about PE to anyone under 18 and even then let him bring it up. Then, if you have a good relationship with him and have open communication about most things, perhaps you could ask “do you think this works?” Otherwise, you might cause a problem where none existed before.

I was into PE way early.

Around 16 when I first found out about it, I believe that I personally was ‘ready’ for it. I only wish I’d taken it more seriously at the time!
I would probably have hit my goals by now if I had!

I think puberty could increase the potential growth. According to a survey, the greatest period of growth is between a boy’s 15th and 16th birthdays.
(from a survey I believe)
You could probably boost the natural growth by an inch or two in this period of rapid development.

Unfortunately, most boys at this age would be unable to mentally cope with the whole idea, from experience. People I knew/know at that age are usually still growing out of their punk-ass brat larval stage. A conversation of this nature could make or break a father son relationship, depending on the existing strength/openness of the relationship, and the kid’s maturity level.

As has been pointed out, he could freak out and develop a complex based on existing emotions, or worse, get a completely distorted view on these things. Men already put alot of emphasis on their penis’s and size. How distorted a view do you think he’d have if his own father basically told him that he was too small and needed to beef it up a bit, otherwise women wouldn’t like him?! (you might not actually say that to him, but he would probably interpret it that way)

I know I had a lot of problems because my own dad told me I was (physically) weak at an early teenage age. He wasn’t trying to be hurtful, but it damaged me for quite a while.

Hello Funkman
In the Arab culture they teach the boy about PE when he is close to pubecy and thats around 13-14 years old, so the boy do PE for 2-3 years and he is a very big boy when he is 17-18 years old.

You can introduce it to him in very friendly way, and in the end is his choice.

I agree with what everybody has said in your thread, even though some differ.

It probably comes down to how well you two communicate about sexual issues. If you’ve always kept that line open and not emotionally laden, he’ll just take the PE info in stride: Dad is just telling him something else he thinks might be useful information.

On the other hand, if talking about sex is awkward between you, what WestLA said is important: The kid starts thinking, What’s wrong with my dick?



Thats a good point in you post,Avocet8. I have twin sons and at difference stages in their growth, you discuss certain information and leave the door open for them to ask and come to you for answers to their questions. I felt the most important thing would be telling your son about monthly self examinations for lumps in their sac. I would let them find out about PE on their own when they are older. You don’t want to make your son or our sons feel that there are not perfect the way they are natural developing.

You may have seen my post in the main forum, but I’ll repeat it. I really wish my father had talked to me about PE when I was younger. A simple, frank, no-pressure conversation about that (and a lot of other things) would have been appreciated.

Given adolescents’ general reticence to discuss these issues with their fathers I think the best approach would be a simple discussion. Begin with YOU and why YOU decided to do it. Explain why you felt PE was right for you, that if done properly it works, and that IF he has any interest in it, you could point him in the right direction. That’s all. Tell him the truth straight off, that no matter what he has it’s adequate for the job, you’re not implying he does need it, and that you’re telling him because you don’t want him going through what you did. For all you know he doesn’t have a problem with it and if he’s happy with what he’s got then he’s a better adjusted young man than you were.

Shoot straight and honest. It’s amazing how well kids react to plain honesty.

I would further echo rakishly’s comments. Teen age guys are, well, horndogs. I know because I was once one (hehe). I went down on my sister’s babysitter (she was 13) when I was 12. So….. don’t assume he hasn’t done anything or isn’t planning to do anything. Further, the fact that you fathered a kid at 16 can stand as a strong incentive to have sex at that age even if it isn’t a conscious decision to emulate you. I hope you told him what a huge mistake it was and, though you wouldn’t trade him for the world and that you ended-up on your feet, the vast majority don’t and you wish you would have waited to have him because YOU weren’t ready<—- said exactly like that it doesn’t make him sound unwanted.

The final consideration is something here no one knows but you and that’s how you relate to your son. If you have a close, open relationship with him then I would say, hell yes tell him about PE. How you have handled sex issues throughout his entire life will set the stage for how appropriate this discussion is now. Think about it and then decide after reflecting on how you’ve treated issues like this in the past. If you’ve been silent or avoidant about sex then it would probably sound strange. If you’ve been open and honest then it wont. Only you can answer that one.

If my father had done that it would have saved me years of misery.

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