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Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

Originally Posted by Mick
Wait a second… you left the stuff on for two hours?! How long did it take for the stinging to go away?

Right now I have a bit of a problem… I just did a burn but only left the stuff on for about five minutes. Some of it peeled away fine… but other areas seem to have just gotten dry and aren’t really peeling… and the colour isn’t that good either. I’m going to wait a few days and see what happens… if it’s still bad then I’m going to do it again. How long do you recommend I leave it on for? I want to get a really good burn and really dry up some good layers of skin to get rid of the discolouration. Another problem is that I’m not that happy with the areas that did peel… the colour could be better.

Hey Mick, I found the stinging usually lasted from 3 - 7 minutes depending on how much I put on and most here recommend you leave it on for around 10 minutes or so. Maybe you applied too little of the wart remover or you peeled it off too early (both of these may explain why you couldn’t get the wart remover off well). I got a fairly thick white coat when I did mine. I find that the color after you peel the white coat off is a greyish color. The actual peeling of the skin takes a few days to start happening. For me it took a full 8 days to peel and heal fully.

What kind of wart remover did you use?

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No no… it’s the SKIN that isn’t peeling away well. Some of it really dried up and came right of… some of it just sort of looked dry and really didn’t peel… so I kind of scrubbed it and really tried to get it off.

I think the problem is that I peeled in this area before and the skin there is kind of used to it… so you need to burn it more to get it to peel. I used Compound W wart remover.

So exactly how long did you leave the stuff on for?

Its hard to tell how long I left it on for. The first areas I burned were left on longer than the last. I would burn a section, wait ten minutes and burn another, wait ten minutes and burn another and so on until I was done with the entire shaft. At that point I peeled the white coat off. The first areas I burned had the stuff on for at least 2 hours, the last section had it on for about 15 minutes.

It took around 5 days from application to being completely peeled, if that helps.

Start (Aug.05): 6.6 BPEL x 4.375" EG

Now (Feb.2011): 8.6" BPEL x 6.0" EG...

Gains: 2.0" EL x 1.625" EG Way more than doubled my erect volume! PE for life. Anything is possible!


So I have decided to document my SECOND attempt to burn the discoloration off of my dick using 17% salicyclic acid Wart remover and the methods described in this thread.

My first attempt was done 4-5 months ago. Basically, I painted the entire shaft over once, did a few touch ups, waited 10-15 minutes, and showered off. The penis got pink and noticeably irritated but never peeled or shed any skin or color. It may have lighted a very slight fraction, but nothing seriously notable. In conclusion, I initially believed my penis skin was too strong and needed a stronger solution. So I scoured the web for a cheap source of pure S-acid at a higher concentration, but couldn’t find anything cheap enough for me to afford…so I tried a different route.

My GF at the time worked at a plastic surgeons office in Beverly Hills, and had access to some free samples of high end skin bleaching products. I tried those on the dick for about another month before giving up because it, too, seemed to do nothing at all. Since then, I put the discoloration removal idea on the back burner until a week ago, when I decided again to try and re-do the wart remover method, but this time more aggressively.

This brings me to today, and the documented start of my second peel attempt.


First, to start things out, I prepped my penis by scrubbing the discolored area with a good facial skin toner solution ( applied with a cotton swab) to try and reduce any oil on the skin. After that, I rinsed one more time and dried the skin with a towel, making sure to keep any and all visible lint off as well.

Next, I began the application of WR ( Wart Remover ) by painting vertically down my shaft in medium sized sections, using stem of the hard plastic part of the applicator like a brush. Having already experienced the level of pain, as well as risk involved with the endeavor, I made no reservations about using A LOT of WR and repainting the sections several times over on the first coat. Also, I completed the entire coat of the discolored portion of my shaft rather quickly - in about 1 minute. I have a high tolerance for pain, so this is something I could manage, but it did sting pretty badly.

After about 5 minutes of holding my penis out straight to dry, the stinging began to subside, so I decided to apply a second coating over the first. Of course, by then, the effected area is already covered with a white coat of congealed WR, but the second coat seemed to do something because the stinging all over the area started anew.

Again I waited in the bathroom for about 5 minutes, holding my dick, until the stinging starts to subside,and once it did, I actually put on my shorts and lounged around the couch for another 5 minutes. At that point, my thinking was to keep the stuff on for at least one hour, so I try to distract myself by watching TV, but after about 10 minutes I went back to the bathroom to do a checkup and see how everything was going.

Everything was looking good by that point - the white coat was getting thicker and less blotchy - but there were still some spots that didnt look quite white enough, so I decided then to do a third application of WR, but this time I only spot dabbed the suspect areas. I then sat and waited again, holding my dick out stretched as it dried, until the pain subsided again, and then I went back to the couch where I began to write this post.

As I look at the clock now, it appears as though I have crossed the 1 hour mark, and my penis feels perfectly fine.

As I look at it now, I do notice something encouraging that I did not notice before when I tried to burn my dick 5 months ago. The penis skin, coated in the white congealed WR, has an odd quality to it that suggests it has been burned properly. It folds and wrinkles oddly under the weight of the coat, like severly weakend skin without usual elasticity. I am certain the skin under there must be fairly brittle and burned somewhat deeply, but only time will tell.

I think I am going to wait until just after the 2 hour mark before removing the stuff completely, but will take it off earlier if I feel any odd sensations (or lose any feeling for that matter) hehe

As I close this first part of my progress report, I want to also share an experience I have had that might be of particular interest to the people following this thread:

Starting about 8 months ago, I began laser hair removal on my legs and brazillian area, and during that time something very interesting happened. During the first treatment, I asked the nurse to laser up the shaft on my penis about halfway (just to be thorough) and when she reached the very dark discolored portion of my dick, she only got off 3 zaps before I had to ask her to stop. Aside from the fact that I really didn’t need her to go that high ( My pubes only grew to the base of the shaft anyhow ), the searing and intense pain that I endured was far beyond my limit, and I had to ask her to stop.

Now…for those of you who don’t know how laser hair removal works, it basically goes like this: The laser is fired in pulses and focuses only dark melanin pigment, while ignoring lack of pigment - i.e light skin color. It homes in on the dark hair follicles embedded within the lighter colored skin, and burns it to death. If you have dark skin, or pigment in any area zapped, your skin will burn. The darker pigment, the hotter and more intense the heat.

When she fired those three shots on my discolored shaft, she left three very black burned scabs that looked EXACTLY like the post-burn skin described in all of the success stories in this thread, and whats more, they followed the exact same development! After 7 or so days, they sloughed off naturally and the resulting skin was my natural penis skin tone (embedded within a sea of surrounding discoloration).

Now, here is the interesting part I want everyone to consider:

Weeks after that burned area regained its natural tone, I went back to PE ( doing an off on routine of hanging, clamping, and sometimes pumping) and the skin that was burned back to it original coloration ( via those laser pulses) never regained its discoloration again!!!! To this day, it is still a trio of normal color skin surrounded surrounded by dark dick!

So this has made me wonder for quite some time, could our post shed dicks’ dermis be resistant to being re-discolored if we eventually go back to a rigorous PE routine? Im not sure if the guys who have had success here have tried going back to things like clamps, bends, pumping, etc. ( after waiting a reasonable amount of time ). If you have, I would like to know your story.

I may have been the first person to inadvertantly test a return to PE after shedding, and I think this prompts some further testing and discussion. I certainly would like to hear different hypothesis about why my spots did not re-darken.

Anyhow, it is late now and the second hour approaches. I am going to finish posting this and clean up and go to bed, and you will all hear from me again in the ensuing days.



Quick follow up notes and some questions:

I just went to the bathroom and washed my penis off with warm water to remove the while coat entirely. As I washed it off, I wondered to myself If I was making a mistake. The success stories Ive read in this thread said they “picked if off” and it it seems they did it dry. I guess Id like to ask now, out of concern, if any of the shedding vets, who have had success, washed their compound off after the burn session? Picking the stuff off seemed risky and too tedious for me to do on this much lack of sleep.

Already, Im a little bit concerned because I dont see the skin exhibiting many of the common signs Ive heard about regarding successful burns. My skin doesnt really appear any darker than it was going into the operation. It seems about as as dark as usual, only with a slightly redder hue… and the treated skin is VERY soft. There is no palpable pain or increased sensitivity ( although that might be because I have an extremely high tolerance for pain. When looked at carefully in the light, it seems to have a very slight white glaze over the treated area… maybe that glaze dampens the darkness perceptually? I dunno…

All I do know is that I’m worried my skin might have shrugged off this treatment again. I considered doing a second consecutive re-burn… but figured I would err on the side of caution and consult you guys first. As an additional experiment, however, I did just apply Tretinoin (retin-A?) to the treated area. No pain experienced whatsoever so far. Im interested in seeing how this pans out and what your initial thoughts are.

Please share your thoughts and advice with me as I move forward. I WILL not fail this time!


PS: Keep in mind my skin type. I am 1/4 Japanese 1/4 Brazillian and 1/2 white. I have fair (white) skin on most of my body (that can tan extremely well - without burning) but my genitals (nipples, penis etc) are dark (tan/brownish) skinned.

Sunny. My advice is to err on the side of caution. I’ve done a total of about 5 or 6 peels. I can recall that some of them didn’t produce very noticeable effects at first. Give it 2 or 3 days and see if the skin starts to darken.

If it doesn’t, and the wart remover just doesn’t cut it for you, I think you’ve already discovered your solution—laser treatment.

I still have quite a bit of discoloration on my glans, which I am hesitant to treat with acid. Maybe laser is the way to go.

As for the laser preventing discoloration from returning, I don’t think it works that way. At least it didn’t for me. I found that I got some new discoloration in some areas that I had previously peeled successfully. It was very odd. The skin was thin and I could actually see it happening. Very small dark dots appeared. Later, the dots diffused and blended together, and the overall area became slightly more brownish. I removed some of it with another peel, but still have a little more to go.

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Very interesting stuff sunnykubotani… let us know how it goes. I also wasn’t satisfied with my last burn and I’m gonna try leaving the stuff on longer next time I do it.

I wouldn’t worry about what’s going to happen to your dick next. If you left the stuff on for that long there’s no way it won’t peel. The white area is a good sign… that’s how mine looked right after. The skin won’t really get dark and dry up for at least a day or two… so wait and see what happens.

Give it 2 or 3 days and see if the skin starts to darken.

If it doesn’t, and the wart remover just doesn’t cut it for you, I think you’ve already discovered your solution—laser treatment.

The pain that I experienced when zapping my penis with a laser was way over the top. I dont think I could bear to shoot my whole penis like that unless I was knocked out hehe.


So far (almost two days later) I still dont notice any increase in sensitivity of the treated area, or color change. Im going to try and bite the bullet and order some 25% solution tomorrow, as that seems to be the more realistic next step for me. By the time it arrives, it should be pretty safe to try a re-burn if this isnt working out.

Also, Modesto Man, I wasnt hypothesizing that the laser burn was directly responsible for my discoloration not returning - as I believe that a burn is a burn and should provide essentially the same result. I was more so curious about the possibility that discoloration may not return from deep burns in general. It is a little discouraging to hear that yours seemed to return, although I must ask how long after your last burn was that experience?

You must have hellaciously tough skin if wart remover doesn’t cause some kind of peel after that treatment. Give it a couple more days to determine the extent of the burn. What brand of wart remover did you use?

Chemical peeling isn’t a permanent cure for discoloration. The darkening will return with continued PE. I’m not sure what to make of your laser burned spots. Scar tissue?

I just got some wart remover and It dries up creating a white film. Walmart was out of the equate brand, does yours get this white film too? Also, has anyone had any developments with soap and peeling skin? I read some of your guys posts about having peeled skin from soap. I experienced this a long time ago as well and would like to do it again that way, however i tried wanking with soap a couple times but nothing happend.

Originally Posted by sunnykubotani

The pain that I experienced when zapping my penis with a laser was way over the top. I dont think I could bear to shoot my whole penis like that unless I was knocked out hehe.

The frequency and intensity of the laser was tuned for hair removal. Maybe they could tune it down a bit to treat discoloration.

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Ive used three different brands of Wart Remover in the past. One was Dr Sholls, another was Target generic brand, and the most recent is Compound W brand. All had the same 17% S-acid concentration and exact same ingredients. I think I do have an extremely tough set of skin, as even when I get laser zapped for hair removal, the nurses marvel at how fast the irritation goes away on my skin. I also dont think Im the only one who has experienced failure to burn at 17%, as I beleive another poster in this thread had some strugles as well.

As far as the possibility of my zapped spots being scar tissue, I dont believe that is the case. I have scar tissue on my body in other places, from other experiences, and it appears to be nothing of the sort. Also, the parts of my penis that got zapped by that laser followed the exact same process as described by those who have had successful chemical burns - irritation,color change, shedding, after shedding etc. Also the color is exactly like my natural penis color and not colored differently. Maybe I am an exception to the rule, hehe, or maybe more experimentation needs to be done with post shedding returns to PE. Maybe what has occurred in my body is a sign of capillary conditioning - in which my capillaries and penis tissue cells have become more used to the applied stress and are less prone now to rupturing and leaking into the dermis?


All wart remover contains an ingredient that causes a white film to form shortly after contact, so dont worry. I believe others have described that ingredient as the “collodion.” About soap peeling your skin: it certainly could be possible if you have delicate skin. Soap, in general, is essentially a very gentle base acid and could cause drying or skin flaking in some skin types. I also know that Salycylic acid ( the stuff in our wart remover ) is an ingredient in some soaps.


The nurse had already adjusted down the power on the laser when she was doing my penis, as she noted the darkness of the discolored skin and told me she was turning it down. Despite that, it was one of the most painful experiences I have ever experienced in my life… Compared to that pain, burning my penis with wart remover was taking a gentle warm bath, and that is after having numbing cream numbing me up for over an hour. Still though, you are right in that there might have been a possibility to tone the laser down even more for burning out the hemosiderin. Only question is, how low can ya go before it doesnt work? Also, I’m sure they will have charged me for that sepcific service, if I ask for it, and it will cost A LOT. hehe

For those of you with money though, laser treatment, is an extremely viable alternative to chem peeling… an alternative that might even have better long term effects ( like how my discoloration has not returned after a return to PE)

I see where TCA (trichloroacetic acid) was mentioned when this thread was first started and
nothing more was said about it since.

This seems to be a good chemical peel compound but no one appears to have experimented with it.
Is it not strong enough? The site below lists an ounce of 50% solution for about $25. I’m sure it
can be diluted to match ones sensitivity.

Is it worth trying??



That might be my next step if 25% S-Acid doesnt work out… hehe

This may already be somewhere in the thread, but did anyone try peeling the circumcision scar? I’m curious if it’s possible to lighten that up.


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