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Routine Question

Routine Question

I have been looking at many routines that have been posted on the board and all of them stretch before they jelq. I understand about the part about restoring circulation after stretching, but I was wondering if anyone has tried jelqing before stretching just to change their routine. Of course I hot wrap and have a light warm up stretch so my member is warmed up. But for my workout I’m going to jelq then stretch and see if I can get into a growth spurt from a new routine. If anyone on the boards has tried this please reply and share your results. I’ll let all of you know about my results.


Although it is conventional to list stretching before jelqing in a routine, this is mainly for the circumstance when the whole workout is done at once. I on the other hand do my routine peicemeal throughout the day. I try to finish the requisite amout of jelqing by noon. Then in the afternoons I would switch to doing 3-5 min of stretching at bathroom breaks. The problem with following jelqing with stretches is that the pump interfers with getting an optimum stretch. In my case enough time had elapsed to make my afternoon stretches worthwhile.

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stretching post jelq

i have recently started stretching at the very end of my routine. i can’t really see or feel much of a difference except that i have noticed the glans seems to become more disfigured than it had when i was beginning my routine with stretching. by disfigured i mean that the actual grabbing of the penis seems a little harder on the glans following a workout than it does when beginning a workout. it almost seems more malleable.

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