New routine and shower pumping question

When I first started PE about 4-5 months ago I was doing pumping only, but the last 2 months I’ve been doing jelqing and stretching primarily. I’m convinced, though, that the manual stretching kills my EQ stone cold dead for up to 48 hours and that’s not good. At first I thought I was doing it too hard, but it still gets me even after I scaled back and began doing it with what couldn’t possibly be too much force. So, I wanted to try a a new routine in which I basically will start out doing:
1. Pump 5 min
2. Come out and do 20 jelqs
3. Pump 3 mins
4. Come out and do 20 jelqs
Done for the day..

First question, if anyone here does a routine like this, what’s the natural progression? Would it be to add 30 seconds pumping to 1 and 3 and 5 jelqs to 2 and 4 every week? And how far to go with that; at some point leave 1-4 alone and add and another set each of pumping and jelqs? Or even at some point start splitting into morning and evening routines so that no specific set goes beyond a certain point?

Secondly, I’m missing too many workouts due to the need for stealth(and also due to dead EQ as mentioned above), but I can do this in the shower any time.question is, pump in the shower gets wet, is there a lot of danger of mildew on the main tube, the hose or the pump handle itself? Is it enough just to wad up a couple paper towels and jam them up through to the top of the tube to dry it out in there?

I don’t know, by the way, how much pumping and jelqing targets length, but I can say that I’m about 6.5(7 if I press painfully hard through the fat pad) BPFSL. BPEL seems to be about 6. I really only care about girth, so if this routine won’t stimulate much or any length, that’s OK.