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Split routine question

Split routine question

Hey, I’m not new to this forum, (going on 2 years now) but I have never started a thread and of course you have to post 20 in here before you can start threads anywhere else. The reason why I’ve never started a thread is because I chose to PM people with my questions instead of starting a new thread which has already been covered many times, as many of you often point out! This one has been covered, but I was hoping to gain some more knowledge from people who have gained since a similar thread was started a while back. My question is: how many people - amateur and Pro - have gained more easily or with better results buy splitting their routine into a morning-night time thing? E.g. 15 minute routine when they get up and 15 mins in the evening as oppose to a 30 minute routine at any one time? I ask this because, even though I have been going at it for nearly 2 years I am what you might call, a reluctant gainer as I have gained absolutely nothing bar a few veins.That was the story until recently when I started doing 5 minute dry jelq in the morning and 5 minute wet jelq before I got into the shower at night. Doing this for the past month and a half 6 on 1 off, I have gained, wait for it.2mm bone pressed length and 1-2mm girth at my midpoint but not at the base(?) which I guess is that baseball bat thingy. Now don’t get it twisted, I know these gains are nothing in comparison to most of the guys on here, but for me, after struggling for so long and to finally see a potential gains I had to tell someone (because I have told nobody about PE) and also see if anyone else had experienced this phenomenon!

I don’t split my workouts like you do, but we are all different and what works for me might not work for you. Since I started(3 months ago), I’ve gained some girth by just doing the normal routine so I will keep doing it until I see that there are no more increases. Looks like splitting up the workouts has helped you gain so just keep working on it.

I plan on eventually splitting my routine into two sessions once I finish reconditioning my dick with the newbie routine. I believe it’s better to do two 15 minute sessions with full concentration, than just one 30 minute session where the last 10 minutes you start drifting.

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