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Routine advice

Routine advice

Ive be involved in PE consistantly for one yr (never took anytime off since I’ve started). I gained about 1/4 girth and 1/2 length but nothing lately. Right now I’m at 7 bp and 4 3/4 girth. Problem is my girth which is barely average were length is now above avg, I’m a competative Bobybuilder with pretty big legs which makes it worse, Is there any Vets out there who at one yr was stuck at this size and what do I need to get past this sticking point to my final goal of 8 x 6 (immediate goal is to get that girth to about 5 1/4.

Here is my routine now:
Am 30 stretches at 10 sec each mostly downward(everyday)

PM pick one of these: (about 5 X a week)

1. 50 jelq, 1 30 sec sqeeze (uli, horse,etc) 6 x for a tolal of 300 jelq and 6 sqeezes

2 100 jelq, about 5 min pumping for 3 sets (just started this one) total of 300 jelq

Any advice? Hope to here something cause I’ve posted a couple times and I haven’t really gotten alot of responces. I know from bodybuilding there is no magic formular just looking for some experienced answer of people who were in my boat and are were I want to be now. Thanks!

First I’d like to say that I’m no expert by any means. That being said, I have noticed small differences in the short time I’ve been PEing.

I would probably intensify the routine till the point where you feel comfortably sore after each workout. I find that Ulis are great for pushing outwards on my penile walls, but I make sure that I bring myself to the limit each and every time I do them. Depending on the day, that could mean 20 mins or 1 hr.

As always, don’t push yourself too far! Read your body and be careful!

Hopefully someone with more experience can offer additional words of wisdom.

Good luck!


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

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