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Advice on routine

Advice on routine

Hi, this is my first post ever in Thunders place, so it might be a bit shaky .hehe.. But I’ll try to go to point right away.

I’ve been peeing on and off for about 6 months now and recently with the inspiration of this site, I’ve maintained PEing for about 2 months now.
My Current stats are Lenght: 5.5” and Girth: 4.75”. I’ve been following this routine:

Routine 1
5 minutes warmup (immersed in warm water jug)
30 sec Stretches in all directions x 2 times
3 sex concentrated wet jelqs x 60
5 minute warmdown ((immersed in warm water jug)

About two weeks ago I started Routine 2

5 minutes warmup (immersed in warm water jug)
AutoXleeve (ADS) -
Erect cable clamps x 5 mins - performed with caution, really concentrating for any uneasy tingling, etc
Rest 2 mins
Erect cable clamps x 5 mins
5 minutes warmup (immersed in warm water jug)

Currently I’ve been PEing every other day and I’m alternating between routine 1 and routine 2. I also take multi-vitamin with ginseng.
I would really appreciate advice with regard to this routine and/or any other thing from members.

Hi bluesinep

If I were you I would stick with the newbie routine!

No clamping for another few months, I say this is because you may not be conditioned.
Also if you want more length gains, clamping may possibly hinder you progress in this area.

Up to you though good luck!!

Thanks mansun2008..

Appreciate your feedback.

I also have seen from somewhere here that clamping might hinder lenght gains.
I wonder whether anyone has some solid experience on this matter Or is it just a theory.

There is a theory that girth gains can get in the way of length gains. There is also a theory that girth gains can contribute to length gains.

To my knowledge, clamping is considered an advanced exercise and is not recommended for newbies as it can easily result in injury.

My suggestion: keep to jelqing and manual stretches for at least the first 2 or 3 months.

Thanks gjurob

Appreciate your feedback.

I’ve been Peing for sometime now and been regular for 2 months. Lets hope the theory that states - clamping contributes to lenght - works for me. Since I’ve started clamping, although I’ve not measured, it surely looks a bit bigger around the mid shaft.

Will stick to this workout and see how it goes.

Whats a sex concentrated wet jelq?


I actually meant second.. Pressed ‘x’ instead of ‘c’
It sounds like a very conplicated technique with the ‘x’ .. :)

I co-sign mansun’ post.

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