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Reverse kegels as excerzise

Reverse kegels as excerzise

Hey guys…Is there a problem w/ doing 100 reverse kegels in one day much like you would do 100 kegels in one day? Would it not train my dick to expel cum/piss w/ much force??


No problems with it whatsoever. Some people seem to be able to use reverse kegels to stop themselves from cumming, but I don’t exactly understand how that happens since I’d imagine, like you, that it would help to shoot your load harder and farther.

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Dr. Kegel’s exercise, in men, is done by squeezing the bulbocavernosus muscle (see this article). A “reverse Kegel” is relaxing the BC muscle. Consciously relaxing a muscle won’t strengthen it, so doing reverse Kegels as an exercise seems pointless. The reason some guys can avoid ejaculation by doing them is because the BC muscle is the one that causes the forceful spurt of semen when a man ejaculates. There are other pulsing contractions of the different parts of the male reproductive system (see this article), but the BC is the one that gives that final big squeeze to eject the semen. With practice, some guys can forcefully relax the BC just before it starts to contract and thus avoid ejaculation while still having an orgasm.


so if I understand you right, to prevent ejaculation and cum later, I must reverse kegel, i.e. relax the BC, instead of kegeling, i.e. contracting it?

I always thought it was the opposite, that is that I must kegel to have sex longer :-)

Tell me if I’m right.


Both ways are effective with practice. Kegeling just before ejaculation puts the BC muscles into an already contracted state. By holding that squeeze you can prevent the contraction stimulus associated with orgasm from happening because the muscle is somewhat fatigued and already contracting. OR, some guys have enough control to totally relax the BC and prevent the pumping ejaculation. I’ve tried the second method and what happened was the contraction of the rest of the plumbing made my ejaculate “fountain” out of me (flow) rather than spurt. You have to time it just right and it takes considerable practice.

Guys, I ask if reverse kegel exercises are ok because I remember reading that someone here thought that using them as exercises could give you a hernia (or did he say hemorrhoid)…Does anyone know if there is truth to that claim??


Depends on how hard you push and involving what muscles. Some guys apparently involve their abs in the manuver, which can place a LOT of pressure on the lower abdominal cavity. All that’s really needed is the force you use when you pee really really hard. Next time you piss, try to pee as hard as you can and notice the muscles you are naturally using to do so. Those are the one’s you want to bring into play when RKing, not your abs.

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Thanks alot RB

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