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Questions about reverse kegels and DLD stretch

Questions about reverse kegels and DLD stretch

The first part of the DLD is fine, where I actually pull the head, while doing a kegel, and with my wrist pushing up (towards chin if lying down). After than initial 5 sec hold…I release the kegel and try to do a reverse kegel doing what it said (what u would do to urinate fast) What exactly is it supposed to feel like? Ultimately I end up contracting my abs and sphincter but I feel nothing in the penis area, especially compared to the definitive pulling feeling of a kegel.Anybody have any tips on how to do a reverse kegel and/or how to tell if your doing it? Also, am I doing the DLD stretch correct (particurally the A stretch) pulling the penis away from the body, while pushing up at the base with the wrist? Thanks for your time.

yeah, i know what you mean, im not really feeling anything when i reverse kegal. basically i just release the kegal after the first 5 seconds and the second 5 seconds, i try to reverse kegal but it dosent really feel like anything, so i just relax him pretty much.


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